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Birthday things!

Birthdays are a big deal for us. We try to do mad/crazy/fun things every year. Of course, there’s no repetition. What’s the fun in that?! And we tend to scratch our brains through fluff and dust for ideas a month ahead. Besides, it’s something for us to do!

Anyway, if you follow our blog  (*coughcough*), you might have realized that there is fourth person we mention from time to time, Sanjana a.k.a., foreigner. With her not being in Chennai and us loving Chennai, we decided to be our super-awkward selves and take pictures around here. Places she ought to remember.

And hence; I give you this:


*drumroll and out, folks*

See you around!

P.S. BWC and Fuzzy are about to embark on grad school journeys while Lucid and Sanjana are working! Ohwowwhathappenedinthemiddle?!

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