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December’s here! Whoo! Yay!

So, I’m guessing you guessed that I love December. Why? Well, for one, it’s the birthday month. Then, there’s Christmas. Then, there’s Snowflakes on WordPress. And, it’s just a very happy time of the year. *insert wide, cheesy grin.*

Yesterday marked the end of third semester. And what better way to celebrate it, than heading to the Beach. It was beautiful yesterday. Really windy and the sand was shaped into pretty waves. And, the beach was clean. Yes, it’s a big deal. And the sun made it look even more beautiful. See?

And I’m glad this semester’s done. It’s been pretty eventful. There was the OMICS, in which we (Ax and me,) made this model (Forgive the missing arrow mark) :

And there was the time we bunked a math hour and sat on the terrace of the workshop block. And I clicked this dragonfly there. That blue-flowered thing is the aforementioned Ax’s bag.The terrace also had some broken toilets, which I shall take a picture of, the next time we go there.

You also have to know that dragoflies and I have had a history. Back in school (nooo, I’m not old!), we were the last ones walking out of the biotech classroom and toward the school ground. And then, in a few seconds a blur of green smashed into my forehead. I was half counfuse-half scared. And then, the others pointed out that I killed a dragonfly. (Yes dragonflies, beware. I have a strong forehead.) And we even gave this li’l feller a burial. In the school grounds. ( xD )

And then there were tons of ‘bunkings’ for some workshop or the other. Come to think of it, I could’ve blogged about all these. But, I didn’t.



Now, since this is the birthday month, I tend to get a little hyper-excited. Last year, BWC and Lucid got me this:

I mean, look at those titles. Would you consider reading them? Maybe I will. Just so I can write a hilarious Bookmark. Which reminds me, I have a half baked Bookmark on the Millennium series. So, expect a Bookmark or two.

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ICONATOR_d7c5aa76368eaba6e98d72f4a5db32a6Hola people! If you read stuff here regularly, you will probably know that we practiacally live on the beach here and if you didn’t, you know now anyway. So. Here are some pictures we took when we went on one of our early morning excursions to the beach.


Of course, The Monument!


The Sun

More Beach

The Sky...and some buldings

The Sky!

The Sky!

Yup! Its looks a lot nicer without the Others. Its really good weather in the mornings there though,but only till about 7 am before it goes back to its usual boiling hot status.

We went to the beach again today (You may groan) and it was really nice and breezy. That is, before it started raining. So, we ran into the nearest coffee shop and ordered stuff. But then, there was a blackout! Yes, that was an exclamation point because something happened to us! We nearly got stranded!

Can you sense the desperation there?

Anyway, that was our great Adventure of the day.

In other unrelated news, Fuzzy is now an honorary College student, with an ID and everything. Yay for her! Although she has to keep the ID safe for 4 years, which, in her case, is nearly impossible. Good Luck anyway! 😉

BWC and I on the other hand have to still be formally admitted into ours. Yup, soon we’ll be busy, busy college students.

We are doing something now though. We’ve decided to reread the Harry Potter books, which were a major part of our collective childhood(?) and also the thing we all had in common when we first met, and basically talk about and, to use a cliche (Beacuse I Want To :P) relive the magic!

That’s all for now I guess. Catch ya later!

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img_0261Hello my people!

So. How’ve you been? Our extremely long hiatus concludes today (hopefully) with this post. As per usual, blame the exams.

Anyone who was worried that we were dead can,rest assured, stop doing so.

Now, to the title of this post. During the holidays, we’ve taken to occasionally (read: twice) meeting in the morning at the beach, having breakfast at a local idli joint and then walking about Besant Nagar. The last time we did this, yesterday, We took a bunch of pictures and here they are, under the jump.

In other news, some of us (Fuzzy) are preparing for the various entrance exams we have to write in order to get ito a decent college while the rest of us are lazing about doing nothing and basically being annoyed about the stupid exams we have to write and are not studying for.

So life’s a bit crappy at the moment.

Here’s hoping for improvement in the future.

L8r dudes..img_0274


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Yes,Revenge is my middle name (they used my initials on Idol, if you noticed!).And if you are Xlucidsanityx’s brother Revenge is my first name and my last name, too.Especially if you’re the kind of moron that describes me as being bunny-like.Granted, most of what you read on here is.. tame but that’s because I’m not about to “spill already!” (for lack of better words) where you can read this -and I imagine you do- ,am I?.That’s not to say any of this is surface-talk;there’s nothing I loathe more.But it also doesn’t say the brainless lot (did i mention a certain brother of Xlucidsanityx’s? ) are better off, either.Also: this is a group blog, not a journal.You know, just in case you didn’t notice.I mean,you know, unless Dora The Explorer is ‘you’ or something.

The aforementioned, who will not be named here, henceforth (unless of course you want to send him hate mail-feel free to do so!) learned just what happens to little boys ,mentally deficient cows that mess with me.Tried to kick sand on me, this one (notice how I say tried– ‘and failed’ is implied..) And what did he get to take home? Why, a mouth -and a lot else, I suspect- full of sand, of course! He stumbled around, blind as the dingbat he is ,and he’s lucky I didn’t have my way (suffice it to say that that included his banging into walls and stepping on rabid dogs).

If I was entirely honest, though (let’s leave that to the boring folks,right?Nahh..we’ll make this exception)? This is volumes more than I generally speak.I mean that’s actually laugh out loud-funny — you’d have to be luckier than hallucinating on Valium or something to hear me ‘chatter’.Unless I’m riled..in which case you’re probably too busy running for cover (Smart choice.I need to shop for more cookies) to listen, anyway.

There.I’m convinced that’s enough material for any psychologist-convention’s frikkin’ field day so, that’ll be it.If this really is being read at a convention? Apart from being entirely shocked, I’ll just spare you the pain -I’ve already been told (‘just the day before, in fact!’,she adds proudly) that I,ah, “need to shed your ties and bonds”,was it? And also: “Do you have a ‘Groupism’ tendency?” ( I think the lady was referring to my ,ah,preference for corners,shall we say? And the people I know.Notice how I didn’t add ‘And love’.Very educational,this here blog..).Again, lol-worthy.Remarks like that have me torn between wanting to laugh hysterically and fling something at the speaker.Before I get Anger Management recommendations :

See yaz.

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This blog’s been quiet for quite a while now. That’s cuz I h8 school (all those who hate school, say aye)

Well, basically the much looked forward to summer vacation is over as of 5th. And so I have to finish all those crummy assignments, study for a physics test on the first day of school (YES, the teachers are insane to put us through this during the holz. Besides, we got only about a month of holz 😦 ) Why? Why? Why? (hehe – the melodrama!)Why do they torture us? It’s like going “back to hell” *sigh* (yes, I really hate school. Join the club, fellow school-haters)

Soz, besides the fact that I don’t wanna go back to “hell-hole” LucidInsanity is back from her trip to London.We went to the infamous beach today. Yay 4 the beach! And I learnt that Edinburgh is pronounced Edin-ba-ra :Weird. And also, that in Scotland, the bagpipes are from Persia and haggis from Greece. Major weirdo.

So I’m gonna leave u ppl, and go back to hating school (and finishing assignments. *sob*)

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What the title says.

Pondicherry was fun.It’s a real sleepy place so if you’re looking to get away from it all, Auroville is where to be.Although personally? My,ah,’dream vacation’ would run something more along the lines of trekking and rucksacks, so yeah.:( What with the very limited tourist sites and everything, we sort of lived on the beach for a whole half-day;pretty nice beach too.We clambered down the rocks you see there, managed not to die and my dad got thoroughly drenched (he was trying to pull off some of the moss that grew on them for examination-doctors!)

Oh!Oh!Guess who got their question answered on foreveramber?

This here is Rubinman(The Dawg Wid Da Blawg) for whom I’m almost ready to shed my canine-o-phobia :

Rawr!Ha ha.

And now for the much-awaited explanations for my,ah,slightly unconventional funeral:

1.The syntex tank( ) – I drew inspiration from some historic dead-guy (whatsisname?) ,although his was a very-how’d you say,’normal’ (?) sort of a tank.

2. Black-duh.The rest is because I am a Linkin Park fan (but Mike’s the artiste, hence the privilege.)

3.This one’s from the time we watched..? Peace Maker,I think and my wife noticed how only one of the coffins’ occupants thought to install a seat.. And I’m obviously too important to be left out.

4. ‘Used’? Used ?! Dear girl, it’s practically admittance fee!

5.If you knew Fuzzylogic, you’d want to be there for it, too.On second thought, Tutu-Princess (*straight face*) ? Meet you at my deathbed!

6.Well,if you knew her…! (In case she’s reading this: Ohh..ah, hi!! Just my little joke,hee?)

Xlucidsanityx is right about the haunting.Absconders will be persecuted (no, not prosecuted) and generally tortured.<insert cackle>



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Hello again..the blog’s been acting craZ all day! The three posts that were entered today by me,Laav and Adz kept disappearing and reappearing and the theme wouldn’t change and we couldn’t post anything new! Laav was over today so the both of us and Adzzie (over the phone) just about lost it that the posts we spent almost 45 mins each on had randomly decided to disappear! We then checked out the support thing hoping to drop in an email about the problem only to find that the support was closed! *headdesk* That ppl is the problem with living in India…U’re earlier than everybody else! Then we figured we’d check out the forums for help. It was there that we found out that everyone else was having the same problem and that the posts would suddenly appear and then disappear..It was a craZ morning. It seems to have stabilized now (Hopefully!)..phew!

In other news, we decided to make ourselves useful and make a video of all the fun times we’ve had all over the city…OK…Besant Nagar..Lolz! Adz,Laav and me went to the beach (our normal hangout) and filmed a lot of the places we normally visit and told all their stories. It was a lot of fun reminiscing. We were sooo craZ…still are.

We’re all alive and school is still a month away..

So yeah life is good..


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