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See? SEE? SEE??!!

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We had this Chief Guest at a school function once who said ( Why was I listening? Possibly with some futile hope of it’s actually ending I suppose) there’s three kinds of people: (No, not The People That Agree With me; Those Who Will,Soon; and Myself but..) 1.Bystanders – people that watch and do nothing

2.People who watch for gossip-fuel

3.People who don’t care to watch

( His words were,ah,how do I say-‘nicer’? but in essence, the same)

To my observation, category #3 is non-existent,#1 is sparsely populated but #2! Ah. There we have something !

See, last afternoon while on the bus back from school, we heard an ear-splitting shriek.Natural curiosity took over and people stuck their heads out to see “what!”.From the conversations that followed I gather that some poor kid got his foot stuck in a bike-wheel (ouch!).And of course, every third person on the bus had a dead cousin from the same cause.Honestly, why do people just seem to thrive on gossip? Fifty morons (I exclude myself, obviously) immediately begin to dissect the details of every past injury they received, their heroism etc.OK, so they weren’t- all fifty-doctors but if they couldn’t do much (jumping off a moving bus does not count under ‘Help’), why not just,ohh..I don’t know…SHUT UP? Act -II took place when we also saw an auto skid, topple over onto it’s side.Fortunately, the man wasn’t hurt.But, like trainees for a Synchronized Pressing Your Noses To The Windows contest, the whole lot were drawn to peer and dramatize.Yeah, I’m sure that gossip gives him 50 points in the hospital.Yay you all! Jeez.

Then there was a cremation-party- and boy do I mean ‘party’ – of drunken-looking people yelling and dancing.This is a very Indian feature (or South Indian? I don’t really know).Just -why? It’s disrespectful, noisy, blocks traffic, and leaves a trail of litter – you know, just in case you might want to trace back where they came from…in case they get lost like Hansel and Gretel,maybe.

Bright little ray of friggin’ sunshine, aren’t I? Anyway, what was your day like?

P.S : In case you haven’t guessed : my religion? Narcissism ( ‘I thought I was an atheist, then I realized :I’m God.’ )


How many of you think I should switch my avatar to ‘Misfit’ here : ? Raise my hand!

Update : My religion is now officially Non-Conformity.

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No,I don’t need to be bundled off to an Institution- don’t want the psychiatrists themselves in straitjackets, do we? ‘Just what is that title all about?’, I hear you (or the Voices In My Head…well,one of the two ,anyway)ask. And the wise man says : patientez (Satan, I miss French!).

I am known for being Moste Benevolente ( Yeah,sis,I know it ain’t French,jeez..) and thusly I shall not send you to your grave prematurely.

Uh-huh.How many of you bought that? Say ‘aye! …Then smack your heads.Good kiddo.Take a cookie.

What I meant : I’m not turning it into a gallery (not now,at any rate), so no more antelope-phoenix hybrids.Do I hear a cheer? I’d better not hear a cheer!

SO.I was saying? The play.Yes.We- fuzzylogic,xmarthex,the self – watched Rumplestiltskin last evening, and with a twist to it, what with Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup and Rumple’s crazy rhyming.. it was fun.WIsh we had more theatre and a lot less cinema.*eyeroll. ‘Cinema’.Right.I mean,if you can call it that..

And on the way back? We were discussing TV shows (lack thereof, to be more precise) and I said something about -what was it? Okie, I’ll update when I remember- which translated itself-funnily enough- to xmarthex as Nach to the Groove, and what did my ear drum pick up but what I yelled indignantly at her, next: ‘I did not say Dance to the Loo ! What the- ?!’ At this point,fuzzylogic, being seated between us two deaf folks went into peals of laughter while we wondered- what the heck?


I also bought me one Kite Runner ( ).The reviews say a lot of mushy stuff about the book that I will majorly regret quoting for you,I know, and wish for a time turner.Or just come back here and erase it.Ha ha.Anyway, I have to say I can’t honestly disagree.So although I’m not paid for this either , “GO READ IT,THIS MEANS NOW!”

See ya!

Update : Fuzzylogic tells me it’s RumpELstiltskin, not Rumple like I spelled it.*Sigh* What has the world come to when a girl Navy Dude can’t misspell a little thing like that and get away with it,huh? Huh? (Not really)

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Normally,I’m not big on lists-that’s right down Pig Chinxster(xlucidsanityx)’s alley,though = you’ll be seeing a lot more of these.Patience.

Must-Reads (in no particular order):

Twilight-the series- by Stephenie Meyer (I cant wait for Breaking Dawn!)

Artemis Fowl series ,Eoin (pronounced ‘Owen’) Colfer

Just about anything by P.G. Wodehouse (honestly,he’s the King of Wit and Satire.King,i tell ya!) although the ‘Blandings’ series is my personal favorite and I absolutely love Jeeves !

I’m also crowning him My Most Favourite Author Ever.

The Lies of Locke-Lamora (Quite a mouthful,that.Still.Very refreshing and very very entertaining),Scott Lynch.*

Silverfin and the rest of the young James Bond series, author: Charles Higson

The Book Thief -one of those books with no real plot line that still manage to be addictive -by Markus Zusak

The Inheritance Cycle (formerly trilogy),Christopher paolini

Lewis Carrol‘s Alice In Wonderland

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Seer And The Sword, Victoria Hanley

HP-OotP (although it would make no sense if you read it by itself,it’s the best of the lot) , Rowling

Ingo, Helen Dunmore

The Five People You Meet In Heaven -again,refreshingly different-by Mitch Albom

Emma (for Jane Austen‘s observational humour and larger-than-life -characters)

Huck Finn,Tom Sawyer-Mark Twain

Yeah,I think those are my picks.Anything I missed out on? Hmmm..


Backstreet Boys, Breaking Benjamin, Bryan Adams, Clay Aiken, Chris Daughtry, ( David Cook-he’d better win!), The Eagles, Evanescence, Fall Out Boy, Flyleaf, The Fray, Godsmack, Green Day, Guns N’ Roses, Hinder, Hoobastank, Kelly Clarkson, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Metallica, My Chemical Romance, Nickelback, Seether, Switchfoot,Smile Empty Soul, Three Days Grace, Three Doors Down.

There.I’ve filtered as much as I can and tried to fit in a bunch of genres,too.Who thinks I deserve dark chocolate (my personal heaven ,before you can ask!)?

My Favourite Colours (not-so-helpful but still..) in order:

Black, Grey, Navy (-blue-that I call by first name only), White, Teal.Well,anything that aint pink.Or yellow-ugh! Lookit what I found while looking for that one shade of red I like (it’s Rust by the way) ! I mean,seriously.37 pages on ‘Red’ ?What has the world come to? On the bright side,this proves that there’s people out there that are bored-er than I am.Yay.

‘ These Are A Few of My Favourite Things'(to do):

Music, Art, Throwball, Reading, Writing, Annoying people, Walking.. well,actually as long as I’m somewhere with no Other People,I don’t really have issues.


There’s a bunch that I like but On Golden Pond sticks out.Go watch it NOW if you haven’t.If that wasn’t persuasive enough: the lead actors are Katerine Hepburn and Henry Fonda,so.


* I’m a Scorpio

* Everyone Agrees With Me In The End

‘S all I can come up with,now.See y’all next post.

Updates :

*I suppose I should issue a language-warning for that one.

* Additions:

Paulo Coelho‘s The Zahir.It’s beautiful.

We Need To Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver.It is featured on my list, therefore obviously brilliant.Go read.

Nuff said.

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That is a Law.Only third to the ‘ Shuttit When I’m Doing Da Talkin‘ ‘ one and ,foremost,the Fang is Mine (bold, italicized,underlined!) Law.For proof of this,see chinx’ entry on Cook(she was another David A. fan before I happened!).Hahh! That is officially (and otherwise,for the curious of you) my absolute favorite thing to say,no competition (‘hahh!’ ,i mean 4 the dumber of you..he he).

Although Laav beat me to this one-most unfairly,might I add- I have things to say. Firstly : The book was about global-freakin’-warming? And here I was thinking it revolved around Itex destroying the world as we know it,leaving only genetic superiors-the Flock among others.Silly me.Seriously.I mean,what next? Why don’t we just make them a title sequence and give them shiny,new Captain Planet outfits,huh? Why. Don’t even get me started on their newly-surfaced ‘powers’.A-s-i-n-i-n-e (read Laav’s post for details)with the possible exception of Fang.


Although we’re used to him being the quieter,background character and he seemed a smidge OOC* in book 3,I actually like how he’s grown ( I would..)Max is getting tiring ( this is good for me so this is one gal that wont complain!),though still true to her character.The rest of them,though?Are just …sitting there,developing insane,useless powers;dying,breaking bones (their own;not-so-helpful) so..yeah.

Let me tell you, J.P : I am disappointed.Very.It’s the cheesiest novel I have ever had the misfortune to read. I don’t even want to read the next one ! I must,though.For Fang’s sake.*sigh.. The things I do for love..

And on that happy note,I’m going to call it a night.

Fly On‘.

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