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This is one of the funniest, smartest things I have ever read: “Famous world ideologies, as explained with reference to cows”.




Powers that be,

Please let the Internet be around forever.


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wakin-dreamYes, folks, India is a MAD place. And not just because of the crows, either. For one thing, we have a veritable assortment of poop on the ‘pavements’ (another Indianism for what you’d call the sidewalk) and streets- cowpoop, dogpoop, catpoop, ratpoop (OK, really beginning to enjoy myself, here) and a lovely scattering of bird droppings.

This all amuses me doubly when my cousins from abroad visit- they’re just so fascinated– and  by buffaloes and goats and things! It’s hilarious! The traffic is insane, as well (Don’t do things by halves, do we? *smirk*) and people are always crediting the crazy driving as being the original inspiration for car-race video games. No, really. If you are a cyclist/auto-driver anything goes. Oh, and the occupancy! Sometimes, you’ll see people in cars packed like sardines in a tin. Public buses are a menace, really, with tons of passengers hanging out so that the whole thing looks like it could topple over any moment. I’ve always though we should have three separate classes with different tickets and fares- sitting, standing and hanging. Just the ‘sitting’ class would be smartest, though, of course.

Nope, no kidding.

It’s also a place that’s home, at once, to abject poverty and, um, the opposite. People are crazy-orthodox and others are.. not-so-much. Sometimes, though, you’ll see things like this:

Only in India..
Only in India..

Bottom-line: SO worth it. 🙂

There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home..

– Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz

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null You know, I hate to agree with Xlucidinsanityx but being in 12th grade?Oh,it sucks big time.The 11th is about when things actually start getting hectic (causing the wisest of us to drop out of school) but a year from then, I can say no better.It’s not so much about the seriousness of it all (comic, really) and the ‘making decisions’ (because, let’s face it- the tea shop idea remains my best thought-out ) but the fact that school doesn’t seem to have legit, restricted hours anymore.Assignments, homework, ever-looming test papers..you name it,I haven’t done it we’ve got it To Do.Well that’s what we’re supposed to be doing anyway, not whining (constructive) writing..

I am going to have to figure out (sometime..) what the heck I’m going to be doing another year (oh, the agony!) from now since my mum believes the only alternative is to become a cowherd (and, of course, she ‘will not be buying me the cows!’). I mean, really, I don’t much fancy cows either,anyway..So I thought, ‘ Hey, why not just yell into the void a little about that and see what these non-existent readers you’re forever typing to have to say?’.Long thought, yeah?Well anyway, I was thinking.I don’t have anything much narrowed down for you to pick from (I wish!) so I don’t see how you can pick for me but hey,look at the bright side – I can pretend I did something towards those ends.That’s me , ever the,ah, Optimist (Not fooling anyone here, are we? Ah, well,that’s Pathological Liar by Profession out of the way for you.. 🙂 )

Things I like (doing) :

Eating dark chocolate a.k.a My Personal Haven


Writing.. only, not for Other People.Ehe.

Music..singing ..ditto.Ehehe.

Travel! (My mom is a mean hope-crusher, though(how does she sleep at night?!);she says too much     travel wont help when I need to,ah,settle and things. Travel = bad? What were these people taught at school ?! And ‘settle’? I thought that sort of things happened only in fairytales because, I mean, me? Riiight.And who wants to ‘settle’ when you can be out there traveling, right??Sigh.).

Art.Though judging from the snout-nosed people who will not be named (remember Curiosity killed the cat?)…

Literature.Language.That sort of thing.Although, if that’s what I’m going to be working on? Why in the blazes did I study 14 years of everything else,you tell me?


-ish. I mean, no, not really.I do like the subject but I mean, where’re we going with this one anyway?


Logan (Wolverine)


You know, for all that this is helping you could just..I dunno..do a lucky-draw, pull stuff out of a hat- at least it’s fun..


That being done with, I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn either.There were a couple of interesting theories based on the title last time I looked -mostly with Jacob-implications but,not any of them very likely.

The Sweet,Far Thing that I chose to mishear as the Sweet,Sour Thing (Like,why’re we reading that cookery book again?) I haven’t read yet.The former two were good so, looking forward to that, too.Oh,by the way- love all the covers.I don’t see how I can copy off this one, though.Hmm..The Lady Elizabeth? Brilliant.As a character, almost unreal- vivacious,fiery,extrordinarily intelligent..and,of course, there’s the intrigue and pacey-ness of court life..all of which make it a great read.I wish I was paid for this.

Update: “Serious” stuff.Not,ah,serious,you know?

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