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I wish we celebrated Halloween here. It would be fun, not just the candies part, but the dressing up bit as well.

I meant to post this sooner, but my modem decided to die and when it did come back to life, I forgot I had typed this out. Here goes!


So, Lucid here, went to the Hong Kong version of Disney Land and got us cute little  Mickey/Minnie Mouse ears as a souvenir. Look:

Now, you have to agree they’re cute. Right? Yeah, they’re cute as long as it isn’t attached to a shiny golden veil.



Last week, when we didn’t have college (Amen to that,) I was sitting at home, bored. Very bored that I decided to put the Minnie ears on.

That’s how I look with the ears on. It’s a pretty good representation of myself, if I do say so.And then, I decide to head to the store near my place for some chocolates and a bunchy of thing my mother needed.

That’s route I took. About 2 minutes of walking. See those grey circly things? They’re the random people staring at me which I didn’t notice.


I go all the way to the store, get the things I want, settle the bill with the shop keeper and return. I still did not notice the strange looks people were giving me. I did meet some neighbourly people on the way back and yes, I did wave to them.


I come home and this is what happens. (Yes, it’s blue because my room is blue.)



That’s what’s been happening to me.  I’ve been watching tons of Supernatural and Big Bang Theory these days. Because this month is when we have all those big-bad-uni exams.

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Well, you’re probably wondering what the heck is that title about. Yeah,  Chennai is  the capital of Tamil Nadu ( a state in India for all those illiterate about India.) 


The Red Circle In the second picture shows our  fave place to roam, sit, talk and not read!  That’s the Elliots Beach, named after a guy, Elliot, who died saving someone who was drowning. There’s even a memorial for him in the beach:


But, that’s not what I’m talking about. There was this article in the Chennai Times (Tuesday, May 6) that Chennai is the blogging capital of India.  So, we contributed to that too!! 🙂 It sez:

An online Blogger directory, ranked Chennai 1st in terms of number of bloggers… Chennai is also the home to many a blogger meet & ‘unconferences’ where bloggers of a blogosphere (an online community of bloggers) get together with experts to chat, have fun and carry discussions at length.


Rock On Chennai-ites!!

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Hello again..the blog’s been acting craZ all day! The three posts that were entered today by me,Laav and Adz kept disappearing and reappearing and the theme wouldn’t change and we couldn’t post anything new! Laav was over today so the both of us and Adzzie (over the phone) just about lost it that the posts we spent almost 45 mins each on had randomly decided to disappear! We then checked out the support thing hoping to drop in an email about the problem only to find that the support was closed! *headdesk* That ppl is the problem with living in India…U’re earlier than everybody else! Then we figured we’d check out the forums for help. It was there that we found out that everyone else was having the same problem and that the posts would suddenly appear and then disappear..It was a craZ morning. It seems to have stabilized now (Hopefully!)..phew!

In other news, we decided to make ourselves useful and make a video of all the fun times we’ve had all over the city…OK…Besant Nagar..Lolz! Adz,Laav and me went to the beach (our normal hangout) and filmed a lot of the places we normally visit and told all their stories. It was a lot of fun reminiscing. We were sooo craZ…still are.

We’re all alive and school is still a month away..

So yeah life is good..


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