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  1. You haven’t broken something in school (a tubelight or some lab equipment)
  2. You haven’t nicked something as a souvenir from the labs
  3. You haven’t eaten during class
  4. You haven’t given hell to your teacher
  5. You haven’t sent a teacher packing her bags
  6. You haven’t created cracks on the walls by talking too much
  7. You haven’t had feasts everyday in class, courtesy of ppl’s moms who are great chefs!
  8. You haven’t slept in class and the teacher finding it out
  9. You haven’t been suspended from school (even if it is for 1/2 a day)
  10. You haven’t bunked school (I’m really sad that I’ve never been able to do this but we have bunked tuition)
  11. You haven’t been made to to stand outside class until you finish eating ice-lolly and walk into the  class with coloured tongues
  12. You haven’t played pranks on “poor, unsuspecting people”
  13. You haven’t sung “Happy Birthday” for a teacher and been punished for it
  14. Your class decided to go for a movie when there was a special class scheduled
  15. You haven’t failed atleast one test
  16. You haven’t “mutually discussed” during tests
  17. You haven’t done crazy stuff during excursion

My first ever “board exam” was over today; we had biotech practicals, it was good! LOL, we had fun!!!

All those who read this, please add whatever you want!

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Exams, exams.

wakin-dreamWe at Oxymoronic Oxymorons have always given voice to our strongest convictions, our deepest opinions (OK, we have not but I’m on a roll here, so live with it.)..OK, I ‘rolled’ off.Anyway, what I was getting at is this:


For a snatch of rest,

A catching of breath

My body screams protest!

Indeed, the prospect of early death

Is more welcome than many.

Objects, once looked upon with distaste

Now have my unwavering heart.

I say,” Forgive me if I judged in haste!”.

And so you see, the exams do play their part

In painting everything else in better light.

So, yeah.They are finally DONE.Done! Until the Big Bad Boards, that is..But we’ll moan about those when they get here, right? No worries.

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I opened my eyes
And looked up at the rain,
And it dripped in my head
And flowed into my brain,
And all that I hear as I lie in my bed
Is the slishity-slosh of the rain in my head.

I step very softly,
I walk very slow,
I can’t do a handstand–
I might overflow,
So pardon the wild crazy thing I just said–
I’m just not the same since there’s rain in my head.

Shel Silverstein

Yes people, there’s rain in my head. Exams can do that to you. Thank You Mr. Siverstein. Thats exactly how I feel and now I have a name for it.


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My Mood Today…

display-mood-avatars00051 Thats right. I’m dead. May I rest in peace. Blame the exams. Also I’m going to flunk tomorrow, even though I’ve studied everything, because you know, that’s just so me. I will miss you. I will miss our 2 and a half readers. Bye world.


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ere Hi! No not dead yet, close enough though. The exams are getting closer and they’re pressing us harder than ever at school and I’m just sick of it all. I should stop whining or the 2 and a half people that actually read will run away too..

What I did last week;

Read The Host by Stephanie Meyer, which was a really good read actually. I liked the way she expressed the whole ‘getting stuck in your own head’ concept. Though I was disappointed with the diabetes inducing sweetness of Breaking Dawn, I thought I would give this book a try anyway. I really liked the characters and the plot but wasn’t such a big fan of the end.Not a bad way to spend an evening.I’m currently reading The Red Scarf by Kate Furnivall. Its very interesting so far. Its based in Russia during the revolution. I love reading about Russia, it sounds beautiful.

Listened to Katy Perry’s album, One Of The Boys. I love her at the moment! She has a pretty good voice but what I like the most are her lyrics. They are like nothing I’ve heard before. I really like Lost, Self Inflicted, Fingerprints and I’m Still Breathing. My favorite song though is Thinking Of You. I love the lyrics and the music. Hot N Cold is just fun!

Went to a Career Counseling exhibition thing at MOP Vaishnav College here. It was really interesting. I loved the movies they’d made. They were really good! If I can maybe find them on Youtube or something, I’ll post them here.

Got very bugged and yelled at a lot of people and surprised a few others because I’m usually a quiet person and never really shout or yell at people (other than my brother of course, but thats universal!). I figure that I shouldn’t waste my energy getting mad at inconsequential things. I only get mad when someone really does something to bug me.

hersheys-kisses-chocolateAte a ton of Hershey’s Kisses and chocolates. God knows what I would do without my chocolate!! Three Cheers For Hershey’s!!

In other news, my house got renovated and my wall is now Yellow. I call it my Happy Wall. Yay!

So thats what I did.

I’m bored still and have to study Chemistry, which I really don’t like, or I’ll flunk.

Yay for me..

L8r people..

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Heya ppl! So anyway, I was studying for my English exam tomorrow, we have a bunch of poems, one of which is Keeping Quiet by Pablo Neruda. Its a good poem and he’s a really good poet. So I was looking up the poem and I found an entire bunch of his other poems and I loved this one and figured that since I was bored ( Yes, I know I’m supposed to study! But seriously, when I have something to do, especially studying, I can think of a million other things to do but when I actually have nothing to do, I’ll be staring at the ceiling, thinking about how bored I am and how there’s nothing to do..), might as well blog..

Ode To Enchanted Light

Under the trees light

has dropped from the top of the sky,


like a green

latticework of branches,


on every leaf,

drifting down like clean

white sand.

A cicada sends

its sawing song

high into the empty air.

The world is

a glass overflowing

with water.

I love the imagery!

Bleh to English exams that make us dissect poems! But since its our last one, I’m so happy! Yay! Yay! Yay!

Exams are almost done!!

I really should get back to studying, I don’t wanna flunk in English of all things..

L8r, ppl!

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Yup, that’s me.

<Procrastination Flow Chart>

Seriously.Because The Exams are looming closer (they couldn’t get any closer, actually), what do I do? :

Hmm..Exams getting closer..Must study..Must pass all

Physics– Chapter1.Sigh.I’m hungry.

” The definition of..” Is that mum calling? I’d better go see what she wants.

Sigh.One day gone, nothing’s done.Ah well, tomorrow’s a new day!

Stray.I never did get around to reading that book…Maybe I should take a break.I deserve one.

Oh!Oh! I should go post something on the blog- belated birthday wishes to LucidInsanity and everything..

Dang.FuzzyLogic beat me to it.Okay, let’s write about the stress of coping with exams.

And that is exactly how not to spend your weekend when your exams are staring you in the face.Take it from me, folks, wizened old gal that I am..

And now? I’d better be off because otherwise I am honest-to-goodness-ly heading towards Flunk Land.Pray for me.


Update :

The upshot of it all? After writing this one I managed to finish devouring yet another book  ( Hurricane from the Silverfin series for anyone who’s interested).This should be impossible, right? I mean, seriously.How can one person read books like that unless she’s at it all day, right?Especially when she has %@#^$*..Funnily enough, I did eat and I had guests over and I did fit in a bit of physics there ( kudos to me!)..Since when does me ole’ nemesis,Time slow down for me, huh?Huh?

OK.Definitely cranky.I shall leave now.

Remember what I said about the power of prayer!

* Exams.Gasp! I said the E-word   O_o

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Here I am, stuck in school, just 2 days before the ever-so-dreaded 1st term exams. Why the hell did I come to school? The teachers didn’t do anything. All they sed was “Do  any thing u want ma” How infuriating!! Arrrghh.. I could’ve happpily stayed at home and done whatever i wanted to, instead of wasting time like this. Right now, it’s the last period (we have arts- free as usual) and I’m sitting in the biotech lab typing this. Yes, I was so damn bored that I decided to post something from school. Our biotech teacher’s (Shanti Ma’am) the sweetest u can get. She lets us on the comp and watch youtube vids and stuff. Today was Onam ( a festival ) and we asked her to sing for us . “The students are ragging a teacher” and “I’m a little shy” she sed.:D But finally she agreed. *yay!!* And she sings really well. I mean her voice is really realy good. So we told her that next time, we get a cam and record her singing.

So besides that,
We have our exams about to begin. *sigh*
I will not pass in physics *another sigh* (it means i will do very badly, i mean, i will pass, but figuratively fail…)
I may not pass in chem and math also *another another sigh*
I hate school ( just some months more and i’m outta school… *am waiting for that day*)

Exams mean that all the students have to sit up late into nights cramming stuff up their heads and try to understand the subject. If not, just “mug” and go. Why the hell do we have exams?? And we don’t even get enough time to study, while for the boards  (The dreaded CBSE Boards) we have like 3 days or more for each subject.

Besides that, it’s LucidInsanity’s B’day today.(Sep 12) HAPPY B’DAY AKKA!! (she’s older than me!)

All u ppls out there, say happy b’day!

Well then, bell just rang. Expect another post only after these frikkin exams are over..

*Sigh, again*

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