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ICONATOR_d7c5aa76368eaba6e98d72f4a5db32a6Hola people! If you read stuff here regularly, you will probably know that we practiacally live on the beach here and if you didn’t, you know now anyway. So. Here are some pictures we took when we went on one of our early morning excursions to the beach.


Of course, The Monument!


The Sun

More Beach

The Sky...and some buldings

The Sky!

The Sky!

Yup! Its looks a lot nicer without the Others. Its really good weather in the mornings there though,but only till about 7 am before it goes back to its usual boiling hot status.

We went to the beach again today (You may groan) and it was really nice and breezy. That is, before it started raining. So, we ran into the nearest coffee shop and ordered stuff. But then, there was a blackout! Yes, that was an exclamation point because something happened to us! We nearly got stranded!

Can you sense the desperation there?

Anyway, that was our great Adventure of the day.

In other unrelated news, Fuzzy is now an honorary College student, with an ID and everything. Yay for her! Although she has to keep the ID safe for 4 years, which, in her case, is nearly impossible. Good Luck anyway! 😉

BWC and I on the other hand have to still be formally admitted into ours. Yup, soon we’ll be busy, busy college students.

We are doing something now though. We’ve decided to reread the Harry Potter books, which were a major part of our collective childhood(?) and also the thing we all had in common when we first met, and basically talk about and, to use a cliche (Beacuse I Want To :P) relive the magic!

That’s all for now I guess. Catch ya later!

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img_0261Hello my people!

So. How’ve you been? Our extremely long hiatus concludes today (hopefully) with this post. As per usual, blame the exams.

Anyone who was worried that we were dead can,rest assured, stop doing so.

Now, to the title of this post. During the holidays, we’ve taken to occasionally (read: twice) meeting in the morning at the beach, having breakfast at a local idli joint and then walking about Besant Nagar. The last time we did this, yesterday, We took a bunch of pictures and here they are, under the jump.

In other news, some of us (Fuzzy) are preparing for the various entrance exams we have to write in order to get ito a decent college while the rest of us are lazing about doing nothing and basically being annoyed about the stupid exams we have to write and are not studying for.

So life’s a bit crappy at the moment.

Here’s hoping for improvement in the future.

L8r dudes..img_0274


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Yes,folks-I have now officially been christened ‘Army Dude’.Now,most people would object,my not being a ‘dude’ (technically)and everything..to these people I say : ‘ Jealousy is most unbecoming’.And also : ‘Hahh!’.You see, much to the distress of the female-folk, I have always wished I were a guy. Or ‘dude’.Dude’s close enough. 🙂 For this title I have, to thank,xlucidsanityx’ cousin.Or her bro..which one,I’m not sure.Anyhow,’thank you!’ (I’m under the delusion that these people read our blog).

(Risking sounding like a fairytale..)It all started with the Muscle (ˈ-skəl) Girl Pic (haha!) which,unfortunately for you, I don’t think I will post here – I have a large enough fan-following as it is(duh).

In other news.. OK,there is no other news.Chinx and I were at the beach (do I hear a chorus groan ‘Not again’?) ,yesterday.Where we mostly fended off the dogs and astrologers (and her bro who decided that kicking sand in our faces was the most ‘fun’ thing to do,the nerve! lol).The rest of the time?We spent collecting sea-shells ( No really,don’t ask).

Right now? I am reading Eggs, Beans and Crumpets( Wodehouse, of course!) and it makes me want to crown him all over again.That’s saying something seeing as I am the epitome of laziness..

(Query:How do Army Dudes say ‘bye?)

Update: Since aforesaid cousin wants to be Army Dude (and more importantly, I love anything to do with the navy-yes,even better than the army!) I am now (tadaa..) Navy Dude.

( Query: How do Navy Dudes say “What do you mean you find it hard to believe I’m seventeen(almost) ?” )

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Well, you’re probably wondering what the heck is that title about. Yeah,  Chennai is  the capital of Tamil Nadu ( a state in India for all those illiterate about India.) 


The Red Circle In the second picture shows our  fave place to roam, sit, talk and not read!  That’s the Elliots Beach, named after a guy, Elliot, who died saving someone who was drowning. There’s even a memorial for him in the beach:


But, that’s not what I’m talking about. There was this article in the Chennai Times (Tuesday, May 6) that Chennai is the blogging capital of India.  So, we contributed to that too!! 🙂 It sez:

An online Blogger directory, ranked Chennai 1st in terms of number of bloggers… Chennai is also the home to many a blogger meet & ‘unconferences’ where bloggers of a blogosphere (an online community of bloggers) get together with experts to chat, have fun and carry discussions at length.


Rock On Chennai-ites!!

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