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ChinxHi everyone anyone..

Its been almost an entire year! You know the excuses, I’m sure. Initially, it was mostly on account of the fact that I’d been really frustrated with college and didn’t really have anything to say but then, well, lets just say it escalated. I started actively avoiding the blog, it was almost as if the WordPress logo was judging me, telling me how disappointed it was that I wasn’t doing this anymore. I felt terrible for the most part about avoiding this thing that I loved doing for so long, but as the delay got longer, the idea of actually writing something got more and more intimidating until it was this huge, insurmountable mountain.

Judging You

So, what’s changed now? College’s done, that’s what, which means that I have run out of excuses to avoid this. Lets get on with it then.

I have all these post ideas in my head about all sorts of things like how Facebook makes me feel socially inadequate, about this amazing book I read called Embassytown by China Mieville which was so good that I wanted to read it again as soon as I was done with it, about the fact that I’ve started cooking and it makes me really happy and lots of things like that. But, most of these are just fragmented thoughts, they don’t have enough meat in them to constitute an entire post, except for the book related one I guess. So, I figured I’d just talk about all those things?

I created a Facebook account. I did it. I swore I never would but I did it. It was mostly because I was feeling really nostalgic one evening and had the entirely ridiculous notion that it was a good idea to have an account so I could keep in touch with people. Except, I am abysmal, that’s right, abysmal at talking to people on the internet. I never know what to say, when to use exclamation points or periods and the acceptable amount of smiley usage, which I swear varies person to person. But mostly, I suck at small talk.

So, I joined. It was a decent sized deal. I reconnected with a bunch of people and there was the cursory, ‘Hi! How are you?’s and the ‘What are you upto?’s and the most common ‘How come you’re on here?!’. There were friend requests from people from school and college and some people who assumed that the fact that we had at some point said hellos to one another meant that they could be my ‘friends’. There was even one guy who said that he had seen me ‘on’ his friend’s wedding! Seriously guy? Creepy much? This whole thing lasted about a week. After the first week, I had no idea what I was supposed to do on there. If was to follow the leads of everyone else, I was supposed to post pictures (which I’m not comfortable with), share images and quote type things(for which Tumblr/Pinterest is much better) or say inane/passive aggressive things on my status (which, just no.). This is the reason that the only activity on my timeline is a conversation with Fuzzy about books, which I can do just as well or rather, better, in person or on the phone.

So, basically the end result of the Facebook experiment was this feeling of social inadequateness that made me feel uncomfortable and generally miserable. I think it may be due to the fact that talking to these people make me feel like the shy and unsure teenager I used to be. I’m not saying I’m super sorted superwoman now, but I’m more self-confident and sure of who I am. Its also probably due to the fact that we essentially have only school in common and nothing else, so the lengths of the conversations I’ve had have been severely limited. I think I found one, maybe two people that I will continue to speak to after this and these were people I was actually friends with way back when, as in, we talked about more than school stuff.

So now, the Facebook account just exists and does nothing, kinda lika a Metapod.


Well, that got away from me. I suppose I’ll write about the other things another time. Hopefully, soon.

I missed you Bloggy.

*Please forgive the terrible image. MS Word can only do so much. ヽ(´ー`)┌

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wakin-dreamHi, there. Just thought I’d let you in on all the things us busy folks have been up to while we left you rotters hanging. ( Note: Not really.In fact I, at least, have been displaying a level of (in)activity only otherwise observed in certain enthusiastic hibernators.).Anyway, as always, this doesn’t mean we haven’t anything amusing for you.

The Contract*

The Big Locke Lamora-Deal:

I think we might’ve mentioned the first book on this blog, previously (and if we haven’t, you will definitely find a Bookmark post on it within the week). The sequel, Red Seas Under Red Skies is just as awesome, and boy do I mean AWEsome! So, you’d think Lucid would be dying to see for herself, wouldn’t you? Except, that ass of a girl seems to have vowed not to read ANYthing** I recommend in the same year that I do (go figure!). This time, though, she promised me she’d read it and accepted my generous deadline. This was last Saturday.It has been a week.Has she read it? NO. Why has she not read it? Because she (and here I quote)  “Watched a Cricket match” , “C’mon, went to bed early!” and to top it all off..READ ANOTHER BOOK ( that I had  expressly forbidden her to read without finishing this one, first.).

Would YOU wantonly associate with this girl? Would you, I ask?! And yet, being the benevolent person I am, I did NOT reveal the ending as I’d threatened I would, if she didn’t read it on time. And what do I get in return? The girl lies. L-I-E-S. Yes, she LIES. She told me, she said, ” Oh, I read about 250 pages ” two days ago, and now? “Oh..Er..250 pages?”  after having read through the day.

I. Am. Fuming.(Justifiably)***

So, I sent her this:Liar!

Befitting, no?

Wait till you hear the rest of it (Yes, there actually is MORE!)!


Yesterday, Lucid and the other asses in my life along with myself went shopping for the biggest ass of the lot– A certain Sanjana, for anyone who cares for details– seeing as her birthday is coming up. And we bought her a dress ( Will post a pic later) because that is exactly what she wants.Apparently, though, this just wasn’t good enough, oh no! I had to try on 50-and-a-half dresses to satisfy them (I’m supposedly the closest in size). Not so terrible, you’d think –except I don’t do dresses. And just to add fuel to fire, they kept giggling outside of the changing room and making the kind of comments that I cannot repeat in good conscience.**** Sanj had better buy me a freaking MANSION in return, that’s what!

Some friends.


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pi and iLife so far.. I’ve been studying *or at least pretending to* 😛

Do these following pics seem familiar to you?

If they do, then chances are that you’ve been checking the updates section in your Facebook account. (or been tagged in it)

The first time i saw, I was thinking, nice! It’s kinda cute. Then the next day someone else put it up. copycat!
And pretty soon, everyday I log in, I see “6 of your friends have been tagged; 25 comments in this picture”
It’s now become the “in” thing n facebook. Almost everyone (except sane ones, like moi!) have put it up and there are so many gushy comments that follow. Not to forget the fact that some people are annoyed at what they’ve been tagged as. It’s become like those “25 things about you” notes that just reached its peak about a week back.

So on a sidetracking a li’l, I happened to read in the “Times Of India” that there’s been a study on risks of
cancer linked to social networking sites.
Apparently logging in to facebook/orkut ups your cancer risks because your “social genes” get modified as you chat online as compared to talking face-to-face.
Of all the researches on cancer… sheesh! If they decided to have clinical trials and stuff, would they ask mice to stare at facebook screen and then see what mutations arise?

Anyways, I’m off now. I’m gonna play “Geo Challenge” and then maybe “Pet Society” a li’l later. Toodles!!

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