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Hello everybody!

So, yes we turn two.  Happy birthday to us! Looking back two years, this blog was started on a particularly boring day at Lucid’s house on random thought when we were still young, innocent school kids (Do I hear coughing?) who thought blogging would be fun. Indeed it is, except perhaps that one stint of NaBloPoMo last year which was tiring.

We did have cake last year. But this, we’re stuck at college and loaded with work, so this is all you get.

So, as a special birthday blog post, I’ll post my ‘Top 10 Podcasts’ because they are my source of daily conversations on the bus to college (Well, you would need something too, if you travel about 40km.)  Here they are, in no particular order:

  • 60-second Science
  • The Scientific American Podcast
  • 6-second Psych
  • Stuff You Should Know
  • Stuff You Missed in History Class
  • This Week in Tech (TWiT)
  • Best of Youtube Videos
  • Lab Rats
  • Reuter Oddly Enough
  • MuggleCast (Well, it still is fun to listen to them.)

Quite a geeky list, right?

Besides that, I’m having an extended weekend. Day after, being May Day, is a holiday for us, as well as the usual Sunday and Monday. Maybe, we can go out this weekend (fingers crossed.)

So if you read this, leave a comment. Wish us a happy birthday!

Have fun, rest of the world!

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wakin-dream1. PINK will be banned.Pink is already a band.OK, that wasn’t funny.

2. People who take soap operas seriously will be hanged.

3.People who do not punctuate will be hanged.

4. Hip-hop music will be banned.Anyone found producing/listening to the rubbish will be hanged. ( Yes, some people will die.But look at the bright side- population control!)

5. F.R.I.E.N.D.S will be back on air (New episodes, of course!).

6. Authors who ruin the last book(s) of an otherwise amazing series will be hanged. No, actually? They will be driven over, and the pieces of their former selves will be jumped upon by Hannah Montanna fans.

7. Eight-year-olds MUST entertain themselves.

8. Bollywood movies will all be completely, absolutely BANNED.

9.  The adjective ‘pretty’ may NOT be used to describe everything.

10. Some people are not permitted to die : the cast of Friends, Ellen degeneres, John Mayer, Adam Lambert etc*

* Will elaborate later if I can’t find any other excuse of a post for this NaBloPoMo-thing.


Update: untitled

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wakin-dream1. Ellen ( DeGeneres, obviously.).Why is she never in India? Maybe I should go start a petition.

2.Chandler ! Now, we don’t like the f-word* much, here so I don’t want to see none o’ that in the comments.

3. Wodehouse, for the laughs.

4. Howard Roark.

5. Van Gogh and Rembrandt.Yeah, they’re part of the ‘buy one get one FREE!!’-package.

6. Debussy, all hail him.

7. Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes).

8.  Joe Wright.

9. Audrey Hepburn.Not that she can be bought..

10. Amber (from foreveramber.co.uk).Comes with one ‘Rubin’, I hope..

* Fictitious.

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I’ve been thinking that your patience wants rewarding.So, without further ado, I present Random Untitled List I:

1. Our exams are still on ( to all those who were wondering).Which is why we haven’t been very alive-and-kicking and all that.We do get a break ( albeit a ‘study break’) right after this set, though so -woohoo!

2.I just discovered that we have 3 subscribers.Three! It’s like Christmas come early-er, late! OK, that last bit just ruins the mood.And how did I discovered this? Wily fox that I am, I pretended to want to subscribe to it myself, and Google Reader just told me ! How ’bout that, eh? Yeah, I’m sure there are more sophisticated (and possibly, easier) ways of doing these things but you just can’t beat me for fun when I get down to it, can you? I really hope those three aren’t just Lucid’s family.I mean, thank you very much but you know..just..real readers!!

3.I also have an Artblog, now.So everyone who’s sick of the images can heave mental sighs of relief.I’d better not be hearing any of it though, that’s what! I guess mostly, it happened because I just had a blog with nothing on it.And Artblog makes me sound like a pro.The least you can do is pretend it does!

3. I just typed #3 twice.Who noticed?Give yourself a whack on the head from me.A cybonk, so to say 🙂

4. No, I think this one should be four, not five.Anyway, getting to the point which is:  When I study, I walk up and down.Mostly, I do this on the terrace because there are no Other People (only crows) on it, but I digress.I walk up and down.And after every two rounds or so, I will go look in the fridge.I don’t know if I expect that something will magically appear to satisfy my hunger/ kill time/ pinch me and tell me that the exams have all been one exhausting nightmare.Why do I continue to do this? Why? Cookies to anyone with a good answer.

5. I need to figure out what I want to do (college, job..) or I might, in fact end up becoming a conductress, the joy! (More on this later.).

6. I tried not to start this sentence with ‘I’, but couldn’t.Anyway, I just realized that I don’t like being gifted things.It’s strange.Because I always read about these people and found them unreal.Turns out I’m one myself.Thanks for the info, Head.I suppose you were going for ‘Better late than never’..

7.Just watched Mona Lisa Smile, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Atonement (with Lucid!), Stepmom, Pride and Prejudice ( for the 16th time, and yes, I’m for real!) and Breakfast at Tiffany’s (2nd time).

Joe Wright.. is brilliant.The director of both Atonement and Pride and Prejudice is someone I for one am definitely watching out for.The sets, the score ( Marianelli = genius! ), adherence to plot and fantastic choice of actors(Keira Knightley!!)..well, let’s just say I’m very impressed.And that doesn’t happen too often.I will be waiting for Soloist.

Of course, this proves that I will most certainly have failed all the exams I’ve written so far and, possibly, the ones to come.Just peachy.

8. I read Sense and Sensibility, and if you like Jane Austen’s style of humour and incisive, witty observations you’ll love it as much as I did.It’s the story of two sisters whose lives run along parallel trails when the men they are engaged to turn out er, not to be.Marianne is the dramatic, artistic type who will not do anything by halves while Ellinor is prudent, sensible and stands on courtesy.The contrast is brilliantly played out and of course, each learns from the other.Must read or risk really missing something.

9. Oh wow, this is getting long.I’m also inviting theories on why I can write so much but can’t think of anything to say ( So far Lucid’s theory- that I am a thoroughly not nonsensical person and only speak when I have things to say has my vote right now.Nothing to do with how flattering it is, I assure you.).

10.OK, see, this ridiculous God-I-have-no-words-for-it piece of junk is FOREVER on T.V. and will inevitably get stuck in my head while I’m trying to write my Chemistry paper so I feel compelled to share with you …Funky Monkey!

Or I will as soon as I can find a link or a vid or something.If someone can help with this (I canNOT believe what I’m asking for, but yes.)..?Feel my pain!

More soon.Or later.Later, I think.

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Normally,I’m not big on lists-that’s right down Pig Chinxster(xlucidsanityx)’s alley,though = you’ll be seeing a lot more of these.Patience.

Must-Reads (in no particular order):

Twilight-the series- by Stephenie Meyer (I cant wait for Breaking Dawn!)

Artemis Fowl series ,Eoin (pronounced ‘Owen’) Colfer

Just about anything by P.G. Wodehouse (honestly,he’s the King of Wit and Satire.King,i tell ya!) although the ‘Blandings’ series is my personal favorite and I absolutely love Jeeves !

I’m also crowning him My Most Favourite Author Ever.

The Lies of Locke-Lamora (Quite a mouthful,that.Still.Very refreshing and very very entertaining),Scott Lynch.*

Silverfin and the rest of the young James Bond series, author: Charles Higson

The Book Thief -one of those books with no real plot line that still manage to be addictive -by Markus Zusak

The Inheritance Cycle (formerly trilogy),Christopher paolini

Lewis Carrol‘s Alice In Wonderland

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Seer And The Sword, Victoria Hanley

HP-OotP (although it would make no sense if you read it by itself,it’s the best of the lot) , Rowling

Ingo, Helen Dunmore

The Five People You Meet In Heaven -again,refreshingly different-by Mitch Albom

Emma (for Jane Austen‘s observational humour and larger-than-life -characters)

Huck Finn,Tom Sawyer-Mark Twain

Yeah,I think those are my picks.Anything I missed out on? Hmmm..


Backstreet Boys, Breaking Benjamin, Bryan Adams, Clay Aiken, Chris Daughtry, ( David Cook-he’d better win!), The Eagles, Evanescence, Fall Out Boy, Flyleaf, The Fray, Godsmack, Green Day, Guns N’ Roses, Hinder, Hoobastank, Kelly Clarkson, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Metallica, My Chemical Romance, Nickelback, Seether, Switchfoot,Smile Empty Soul, Three Days Grace, Three Doors Down.

There.I’ve filtered as much as I can and tried to fit in a bunch of genres,too.Who thinks I deserve dark chocolate (my personal heaven ,before you can ask!)?

My Favourite Colours (not-so-helpful but still..) in order:

Black, Grey, Navy (-blue-that I call by first name only), White, Teal.Well,anything that aint pink.Or yellow-ugh! Lookit what I found while looking for that one shade of red I like (it’s Rust by the way) ! I mean,seriously.37 pages on ‘Red’ ?What has the world come to? On the bright side,this proves that there’s people out there that are bored-er than I am.Yay.

‘ These Are A Few of My Favourite Things'(to do):

Music, Art, Throwball, Reading, Writing, Annoying people, Walking.. well,actually as long as I’m somewhere with no Other People,I don’t really have issues.


There’s a bunch that I like but On Golden Pond sticks out.Go watch it NOW if you haven’t.If that wasn’t persuasive enough: the lead actors are Katerine Hepburn and Henry Fonda,so.


* I’m a Scorpio

* Everyone Agrees With Me In The End

‘S all I can come up with,now.See y’all next post.

Updates :

*I suppose I should issue a language-warning for that one.

* Additions:

Paulo Coelho‘s The Zahir.It’s beautiful.

We Need To Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver.It is featured on my list, therefore obviously brilliant.Go read.

Nuff said.

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