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So. Its my birthday tomorrow! I’m turning 20, which is slightly terrifying because I’m well on my way to becoming a bonafide, card-carrying ‘adult’. Yup. I can’t even type it out without using sarcastic quotation marks.

Since this also marks the death of my teenage years, my (awesome) friends threw me a funeral! With a gravestone, flowers and eulogies to boot! They showed up at my house at 9:30 in the morning and sent my mum to wake me up with this invitation;


‘Ascent To Adulthood’ and ‘shed her teenage years’ and ‘The Hatchlings’!

So, my mom wakes me up and she and my dad lead me to our Home Theater room place (which we call the LT room which stands for ‘Listening and Theater room’. My brother and I came up with that when I was 10 or something and its just stuck!) in a sleepy haze. I enter and the whole room is dark except for the screen which is blue and a laptop screen with this on it;

Creepy, Funeral type music plays in the background, and there’s a giant bump in one of the curtains, which turns out to be BWC’s brother. BWC and Fuzzy are hiding behind one of the couches and my brother was hiding behind the door (most discreetly hidden, wearing a black jacket and a black fedora over his regular clothes! *shakes head and laughs*).

They come out and yell ‘Surprise’ and all that. Except I knew something was up yesterday, my mom is way too loud on the phone. At this point I realize that this was a funeral! I see the gravestone and the flowers and just crack up! So much awesome!

Oh! There was also a green/grey cake! With ’20’ in roman numerals, to make it go with the theme!

Then, the best part, the eulogies. These two and my other friend who’s studying in Singapore right now had recorded this beforehand and they played it for me today.

They said some of the nicest things anyone has ever said about me. I’m so lucky to have such awegreat (portmanteau of awesome and great!) friends.

Love you guys! *hug*


K, Bye!


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Three years since we started this blog. Whooo! *pops confetti*

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I like Sundays even if it signifies the beginning of another week. Another Monday.

Another week of college. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do like my subjects (well, most of ’em, anyway.). It’s just the process of going to college that I dislike. And Sundays are the days for relaxation and going out and a day when everyone is at home. However, the last few hours of Sunday is spent starting assignments and other work for the Monday.

Anyway, today is Lucid‘s B’day.


So, BWC and I spent yesterday getting her ‘gifts.’

#1. The dress-shopping: In case you are unaware, Lucid here loves dresses. Especially red ones. And so, we figured, the best thing we could do is make a video for her of us shopping for dresses. We head to this mall and walk into the clothes store. And we film us heading up an escalator and us looking around the store. The two of us are entire clueless as to where the dress section. We walk around the place looking for dresses(Yes, we were lost!).  We even venture into the furniture section.  We’re filming all of this, when some store guy says no photography. Oh well. We did manage to get something. And then, we get confused as to where the exit is.

We did buy her :

  1. A photo frame with a sketchy picture of us.
  2. A painting for her new shelves in her room.
  3. A welcome mat for her room!

#2: Get  random people to say ‘Happy Birthday’ on camera: This is by far the craziest thing we’ve ever done.  We walked around the mall, asking people if they’d be willing to say happy birthday on the camera. Well, asking random people to say ‘happy birthday’ is weird, looking at their awkward expressions is weirder.  We spent about 4 hours stalking people and looking at them and judging whether they were potential ‘happy birthday’ say-ers. And we spent another hour on the beach looking for people. It was hilarious. BWC and I would take turns asking people.  And our conclusion: People in groups (and larger the groups are) were more prone to saying no than individuals.

So that was yesterday. A day with these random social interactions.

Today, we met up and went for lunch at an Italian restaurant. The highlight of the menu was this creamy custard like dessert which was just heavenly. Also, Lucid’s brother had a strange dog-like fascination with the table-cloth; he sniffed it a couple of times.

So now, the Sunday’s almost done and I must start college work.


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Hello everybody!

So, yes we turn two.  Happy birthday to us! Looking back two years, this blog was started on a particularly boring day at Lucid’s house on random thought when we were still young, innocent school kids (Do I hear coughing?) who thought blogging would be fun. Indeed it is, except perhaps that one stint of NaBloPoMo last year which was tiring.

We did have cake last year. But this, we’re stuck at college and loaded with work, so this is all you get.

So, as a special birthday blog post, I’ll post my ‘Top 10 Podcasts’ because they are my source of daily conversations on the bus to college (Well, you would need something too, if you travel about 40km.)  Here they are, in no particular order:

  • 60-second Science
  • The Scientific American Podcast
  • 6-second Psych
  • Stuff You Should Know
  • Stuff You Missed in History Class
  • This Week in Tech (TWiT)
  • Best of Youtube Videos
  • Lab Rats
  • Reuter Oddly Enough
  • MuggleCast (Well, it still is fun to listen to them.)

Quite a geeky list, right?

Besides that, I’m having an extended weekend. Day after, being May Day, is a holiday for us, as well as the usual Sunday and Monday. Maybe, we can go out this weekend (fingers crossed.)

So if you read this, leave a comment. Wish us a happy birthday!

Have fun, rest of the world!

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wakin-dreamLast Friday, I crossed over to the dark side. That is to say, I became *dramatic pause* an Adult. I highly doubt that turning 18 will bring with it some sudden spike in maturity, though, so expect a whole lot of whining and tales of mishap as always.

Anyway, to celebrate the Big Event, Lucid and Fuzzy thought they’d give me a little surprise. Except, of course, they suck ( for one thing, because I have to announce my birthday, myself!). So I knew something was up the eve before the actual surprise itself, because 1) both Lucid and Fuzzy were out at the same time when I’d called to talk to them  2) Lucid giggled like mad and Fuzzy’s mom giggled when she told me the girl wasn’t home.  Somewhere within the first three seconds of this, I smelled a rat. I chuckled to myself (I don’t ‘giggle’) and went to bed. The next morning, my mom wakes me up and spouts some crap about how I should wake up and take a shower because we might go out. I played along-kicked a fuss, said I wanted to sleep in etc (*more chuckling*).

Then  Lucid and Fuzzy showed up, and were all “SURPRISE!!”.And they gave me balloons.

Like I said, they SUCK.

But not as much as you’d think, because they also bought me 17 other things (18 things in all for my 18th, see?) that you can read about after the break below (or you can quit here and consider them complete and utter losers, you choose!).


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