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When I first saw this book at the store, I was hesitant to buy it. Because I had this (god knows from where) idea that Amitav Ghosh is one of those prolific, eltistic writers. And also, because I thought his writings wouldn’t have a ‘story’. After The Calcutta Chromosome, I probably will pick another of his books sometime.

The tagline – A novel of Fevers, Delirium and Discovery sets the genre for this. A chaotic (yet interestingly good) mix of science fiction with supernatural and medieval components and medical history. So this book, is set in the future, the present and the past, and is done so in a wonderfully connected way. But, in the beginning, I did find the jumping of timelines very confusing. And I had to go back a couple of pages to link things in my head. What’s brilliant is that he manages to put out ‘clues’ to what the book is about, right from the very beginning, but you never catch it because – hey! It’s the beginning! I guess, when you read the second time, it’ll all dawn upon you.

I like that he didn’t go into this detail-ridden future, which makes it a lot more believable. The cult of people with advanced scientific ability and the whole ‘switching’ phenomenon is, although very strange, pretty well written. My main quip about this is that Ghosh tries to creatively hide details and sometimes, frustrates me. But his writing and the vocabulary are brilliant. They not only sound good, but describe the temperament and scene very well.

As for one of the MCs, Murugan, he seemed to be flaky, in the sense, his character seemed to wobble here and there.

True, it’s written beautifully, but I would say that it didn’t captivate me altogether. It was like it reached a high-point on  a bell curve and then fell sort of flat. It’s interesting yes, good, maybe. One of those books you love/hate, over time. The concept of transmigration is very interesting. Makes one wonder.

I would recommend it, only if you’d like something different, fast, yet it falls short. Don’t read with high expectations and you might like it. (Which is probably why I enjoyed it).
Rating : 3/5

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Looks like I’ll have to start watching the news and whining about the government, now, seeing as I just participated in the State elections for the first time (O_o):

Every vote counts!

I intended to do all this extensive research before I picked my candidate. Instead, I found myself being rudely shaken awake and  told to “Get UP! Election’s today!”. That’s right. I forgot the Elections were today. So I forewent the whole showering routine and spent 15 minutes on Wiki instead, hoping for some nice, comprehensive lists of party ideals or something. What I actually found, of course, were essentially lists of charges against each party.

Kind of a ‘may the least worst man win’ situation, then. :/

How do you make the choice? Any other first-time voters out there?

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If you get The Big Bang Theory reference, you are worthy of my respect. (Do I hear a cough?)

But no, it’s not that cricket I’m talking about. I’m talking about the Cricket fever, the cricket craziness, the blue fever or whatever you want to call it that’s keeping this country glued to the TV. I read somewhere that the number of people tuning in to the opening match from the Subcontinent was more than the number of people in Europe.

Me, I’ve never been anti-cricket. It’s more of anti-hype. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy watching nor does it mean that I’d be better off not knowing it. I do like cricket, and I will most definitely be supporting my country but sometimes (read very often), the antics of those cricket crazy people annoy me.

Being a kid from India, who has a dad who loves cricket, I’ve had my fair share of bruises from playing cricket. Not that I can play decently, mind you. But when you grow up in an atmosphere where cricket is the thing to watch on TV (back then, when there was nothing else, save Cartoon Network till 5 p.m.,) you can’t help but get involved and start watching it.

And yes, I’ve been infused with this World Cup hysteria, largely because of my dad & brother, and that it is happening here. It’s impossible to ignore this frenzy when that’s all that everyone talks about. Someone playing on the streets, will walk to your house and ask for the score, in college you get texts about the score, all the radio channels will devote a few seconds to update the score, and there’s no lack of fireworks and cacophony when India wins. Nor is there a lack of finger-pointing and shouting when India loses. But that’s a part of our viewing experience.

Sure, cricket is given undue attention and the other sports are only now being thrust into the spotlight, but it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate other sports.

With a few days left for the big India-Pakistan Semifinal clash, I really hope the Indians get through. It would be a wonderful final if India does. And no matter what people say, India vs. Pakistan will always be an interesting match. I’m not one who is for the animosity between the two nations nor do I want such a thing affecting the sport, but it’s always funny when people give paramount importance to India-Pakistan clashes. It’s like when Dhoni said that all the people are now going to say that it doesn’t matter if India loses the final as long as India defeats Pakistan. It’s the stupid, almost-funny mentality of the people, sadly.

But whatever it is, this will be a good world cup what with India sending home the Aussies and NZ proving themselves against SA.

Bleeding Blue, indeed!

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Hello, there.How you doin’? Pleasantries apart, I thought I’d write a little something about The Country seeing as yesterday was Republic Day and everything.Well, I meant to do it yesterday but just spent most of my time youtubing, so here it is, if a little belated

Why I Don’t Really Want to Live Anywhere Else Although I Love Traveling:

This is a list of things that come to mind when i think “Only in India..”

1. The variety.The colours, the languages..And the simplicity. Guess it’s just ‘homey’.

2. The insults! The joy of being  Indian, as my brother points out, extends to the use of strange-sounding Indian words that make people online tear at their hair while you rofl. Allow me to illustrate:


Original spelling and grammar courtesy the brother (‘Morzan818’).If you’re Tamilian, you’re already laughing your head off.The other user thought it was Dutch! For those who don’t know, this is a murukku:

And mandai ( or mandae as he chose to spell it) is head.Yeah, it’s just something you have to know to see the funny-ness.

3. Autos.Love ’em or hate ’em, you just can’t be indifferent to them! Auto-quirks:

a. If it’s raining, it costs more.

b.If there are four (or more) people, it costs more.

c.If there is an ‘autostand’ anywhere in sight, you can’t catch an auto off of the street.Or the autostand people will flock to where you are and beat up the other poor automan.Or something.

d.You can drive on any side of the road, honk for as long as you like,where you like..

4. Weddings go on for days, sometimes..Almost a month.And you get to eat off of a leaf, no kidding (pinky swear!).

5. You get to watch Jackie Chan in Tamil.I think that maybe this is a lower form of torture in Hell ( The Hell, not school).

‘S all for now. Later!


6.Sometimes, people smash pumpkins on the streets.For purely religious purposes though, not anger-management or anything.

7.And some people? Rub turmeric (at least I think it is turmeric) on themselves and go around looking all yellow.*Shudder.

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searching-for-meOh, they had better be! Incidentally just who do you file a suit against in this case?That’s what I’d like to know.

Sometimes though, education can be worse than bitter – it can be just plain olde stupid ( and here I quote our textbooks) :

” This is also known as small signal current gain and its value is very large.” Bloody physics.

” People should not participate in the election process because they don’t know what’s good for them.” From my brother’s text on the chief arguments against Democracy.

” It may also be performed by unqualified, illegal quacks ( Comment : Quacks?!)..”.As in the Biology text book  (something about intrauterine contraceptives).

Disclaimer : Italics are mine, obviously.

Although they are entertaining, these little snippets just seem to crop up so much more often when The Big Bad Exams are here and I need to vent, don’t they? This has been your Fact For the Day.

What else has happened that is of moment and worthy of this here blog? I just finished Atlas Shrugged a couple of days back.You know, because that is obviously The Thing To Do when you have The Big Bad- let’s just say BBEs from now, shall we? So, yes.I was saying.Thing to do.Obviously.

And? It’s brilliant.It has all the Objectivism from Fountainhead and her characteristic style..In short : Really liked it.The only trouble with it is the microscopic print- takes halfway to forever to read!- and the fact that it can just get a little too verbose and repetitive at some points.I am in love with the idea and characters, though.And you know what they say, love is blind!So it is that I am urging you all once again to GO READ IT ALREADY!

And because of the insistent throbbing somewhere around my temples ( say hi, temples!) I am going to have to call it a night, here.Actually more because I have managed to convince myself that this is, of course, the only reason I am not studying for that dreaded Physics Exam (Ohhh boy!) and if I keep at this that bossy, sensible voice in my head is going to have things to say, isn’t it? Not leaving without a quote from the book, though (and my favourite) :

I think it’s funny.  There was a time when men were afraid that somebody would reveal some secret of theirs that was unknown to their fellows.  Nowadays, they’re afraid that somebody will name what everybody knows.

– Fransico d’Anconia ( Although I like Rearden better.And Dagny- yes, the female lead, for a change! I couldn’t stand Galt, though. That would be my second-favourite quote: ‘Who is John Galt?’.OKOK, I’m leaving.Give the girl navy dude a break!)


I found this in the dictionary:

“quack 2 // (kwk) n.

1. An untrained person who pretends to be a physician and dispenses medical advice and treatment.”

Who knew?!

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searching-for-meThe Last Will And Testament Of

BlackWinged Convolution

I, BWC declare this to be my Last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all prior Wills and the like.

In the likely event of my death, this is to be recognized as the inventory of my possessions and those I leave them with.

1. My ipod – Bury this alongside me.Hopefully wherever the hell I’m going, they’ve got sockets!

2. Books – The library.

3.Homework – My brother.Yes, I will miss you too, sob.

4.Hate mail – Forward to school.

5.Anti-depressants – Distribute according to will to the needy students of Vidya Mandir.My sympathies rest with ye. OK, not really.In fact if I were you, I would learn to tell Cyanide from anti-depressants real quick!

6.My post on this blog – I’m irreplaceable, y’hear? Mourn me, wear black.

7. Chocolate – Fax to (wherever the hell ).

As witness my hand,

This 25th day of November, Two thousand and eight

– BWC.

( I wanted to sign with a flourish and everything but it’s just too much of a bother.Maybe some other time ? I am dying here, you know..)


And then? I got a call from school and- guess what?! School’s closed for tomorrow. I love the rain. Love.

Because now I don’t have to fret over the existence of sockets and dark chocolate in the after-life.Phew!

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Because I’ve nothing else to say except for that I love the rain but I fear if I say any more on the subject, there will be petitions to stop us blogging.

And if that happened what would sad people with no real lives (like us) do?

This week, my predominant ‘mood’ has been:

“Angry-fish : Now featuring sleepless eyes and grey ” I’m fuming” swirlies. Contact BWC here for further details.”


Oh, yeah.I’m going places with a frown like that, me!

The rain has remedied this to the extent that my teeth are back safely in my jaw where they belong, I’m no longer emitting self-created grey swirlies and bloodshot eyes, and have long since stopped flapping my fins in frustration*.Many thanks for all the Get Well wishes.No, really.Although, I don’t recommend coming within 100 miles of me with a 35″ pole this time tomorrow night (My doctor says it’s all brought on by chronic school-allergy.).Which means you’ll probably 1) Find a long rant on here tomorrow-I hate school!- my condolences (or) 2) Find the much-awaited (hey, a fish can dream!)-‘Bookmark’ edition for this month.It’s a long one, I’ll tell you that much.This because I will have four straight days of holidays, people- FOUR! Woohoo!

Ahem.This is the pathetic typical-of-five-year-olds-behaviour that School has caused.Do you feel my pain? You’d better be feeling my pain, that’s what.

And the reason for these holidays ( Don’t you just love how that word just rolls of your tongue? Holidays.Holidays! HOLidays!) is what leads to the rest of what my post is about. Diwali– Festival of Light, colour and sweets but most importantly-fireworks!

Let’s say it again : “WITH ME! Fireworks.” And be sure to say it like it’s a Bad Thing.This here is a pretty futile plea (seeing as ONE Indian – far as I know- reads the blog) but give it up, people.Join Fireworkaholics Anonymous.Burn up your store of- wait no, DON’T burn them! Go into rehab if you cannot stop! Er, OK, I’ll just cut out the drivel and say: this is one of those environment-thingies.Because really, a week’s worth of explosions is a LOT.I should know.Last year, we were at the airport to receive my aunt sometime around Diwali- and we couldn’t see 2 feet under our noses ( What do we want to look at that’s 2 feet under our noses? I dunno.But we couldn’t if we’d wanted to.) for all the smoke that filled the place.Chokecoughgasp! OK, Sorry.Melodrama is just..catchy. Oh, wait then! I’ll go into rehab for Melodrama and you go in for firework-addiction! It’s a date er, deal .

If that wasn’t convincing enough ( and I suspect it wasn’t..), take a look at this :

And these:

Enjoy the sweets and the holidays, though- don’t let me put you off! Even though while you’re busy picking out rockets, I will be praying (not-so-secretly) for it to rain on your parade, so to say.I suppose you’ll be wanting those Get Well wishes back, then? Sigh.


*Alliteration score !

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