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ICONATOR_d7c5aa76368eaba6e98d72f4a5db32a6Hola people! If you read stuff here regularly, you will probably know that we practiacally live on the beach here and if you didn’t, you know now anyway. So. Here are some pictures we took when we went on one of our early morning excursions to the beach.


Of course, The Monument!


The Sun

More Beach

The Sky...and some buldings

The Sky!

The Sky!

Yup! Its looks a lot nicer without the Others. Its really good weather in the mornings there though,but only till about 7 am before it goes back to its usual boiling hot status.

We went to the beach again today (You may groan) and it was really nice and breezy. That is, before it started raining. So, we ran into the nearest coffee shop and ordered stuff. But then, there was a blackout! Yes, that was an exclamation point because something happened to us! We nearly got stranded!

Can you sense the desperation there?

Anyway, that was our great Adventure of the day.

In other unrelated news, Fuzzy is now an honorary College student, with an ID and everything. Yay for her! Although she has to keep the ID safe for 4 years, which, in her case, is nearly impossible. Good Luck anyway! 😉

BWC and I on the other hand have to still be formally admitted into ours. Yup, soon we’ll be busy, busy college students.

We are doing something now though. We’ve decided to reread the Harry Potter books, which were a major part of our collective childhood(?) and also the thing we all had in common when we first met, and basically talk about and, to use a cliche (Beacuse I Want To :P) relive the magic!

That’s all for now I guess. Catch ya later!

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So, hello again!

Boredom led me to go to a “Flower Show” at the Y.M.C.A. Grounds and well, even if it wasn’t spectacular, here are some pretty good pictures. Oh and, I mostly don’t know the names of these flowers, so if you do, you could comment! *looks hopeful!*

039 033 027 026020 018 010 008 004 001 flowers

P.S. Those are green flowers.

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pi and i

It’s time I put in a new avvie, so say hello to my new one!

I know it’s been a long time since I posted, but these exams are killing me. And this post here hasn’t got much to do with the blog, but I wanted to put it up anyway; It’s our (Mine and Amrutha’s) first ever SDS-PAGE gel, which has come out brilliantly! It is our 12th standard biotechnology project.

• So, about SDS-PAGE, it stands for Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate- Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis.
• It is basically used to separate the different sub-units present in protein, and is also used in analyzing the components of a protein, the molecular weight and so on.
• We thank Santhi Ma’am (our biotech teacher, who is extremely sweet!) for telling us to do this!!
• Anyways, besides that, we electrophoresed 2 proteins-
o A standard sample of Bovine Serum Albumin
o Protein extract from mung beans.
• The proteins are denatured using SDS and boiling them. They are subject to an electric field and this causes them to move toward the anode as SDS gives the proteins a uniform negative charge.
• They are separated based on their molecular weights, the heavies moving the least, the lightest moving the fastest.
• These are your basic principles, and if you want more info, this isn’t the place to look,
but if it’s nice pics, welcome aboard! Click on them for larger images 😉


• In this picture, the first two lanes and the last two lanes show the characteristic bands of standard (5%) BSA (bovine serum albumin).
• The middle 3 lanes are that of mung bean protein extract.
• Thicker bands => greater concentration of that subunit
• We used Coomassie Brilliant Blue (yes, it does sound funny!) to stain the proteins, tracker dye used – Bromophenol Blue

• This shows the gel with the wells loaded

tracker dye

• This shows the gel after electrophoresis is complete, but it hasn’t been stained yet to view the protein bands.

Basic setup of the apparatus

Basic setup of the apparatus

The apparatus set and electrophoresis is in progress

The apparatus set and electrophoresis is in progress

L to R. The location of the tracker-dye used at different time intervals

Sequence: L to R. The location of the tracker-dye used at different time intervals

The web-like network gives an image of the polyacrylamide gel through which the protein sub-units migrate

The web-like network gives an image of the polyacrylamide gel through which the protein sub-units migrate

This is the picture of the polyacrylamide gel as een under an electron microscope

This is the picture of the polyacrylamide gel as seen under an electron microscope

This post is long due, we thought of putting it up in the December holz, but since we didn’t have any… *sigh*

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Welll… okay… not sounds but sights..

Diwali came and went… all I did was gorge on the yummy food. I did make cake for Diwali but accidently added Rice flour instead of Maida (Wheat flour) so it turned to be majorly yuk!! But surprisingly, my bro and his friends seemed to love it!! (score for me, atleast someone liked it, even if they happened to be a bunch of 1st graders)

So here are some of the diwali pix i took:






Most of it’s smoke (pollution) but yes, Diwali is just abt holidayz and food and good pix for me!!

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Yay me! I finally managed to upload the pix frm the camera! None of the computers at my aunt’s place were detecting the dumb thing! But my laptop did!

And I have internet for the next 7 days!! At 10 mbps, which ,in case you are computer illiterate, means that it is very very fast! In India, if you get 1 mbps, consider yourself lucky. NEway, to the point now,

Click on the pix for a bigger view.

This is a tree outside our hotel. You should look at the full version. I Love this picture!!

We ate these. They are absolutely gorgeous! I love Tesco! The veggies there looked sooooo good, and the amount of chocolate and chocolate related things they had…*sighs wistfully*…Wish they’d get to India soon..

This is where we shopped yesterday. Its very close to our hotel and has just about everything.

( Can U find me??)

This is a view from my cousin’s room. I would love to have such huge windows in my room.

Actual proper view..

This is what I meant by all the houses looking the same. This picture was taken at 9.00 pm. Yes the sun doesn’t set here till 10.30 or so. That was the most disorienting bit. I had absolutely no idea what time it was!

Oh yeah, yesterday when we were at Debenhams and I was just looking for a jacket, my shoe heel decided to snap! Lolz! I had to limp all the way up and buy a new pair! They were my favorite peep toes..it was good though, when you think about it, I got a gorgeous new pair of Mary Janes out of it!

Yay for cute shoes!!

K l8rz ppl..

P.S. yes, I changed my icon.

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