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Hello there! If my referring to myself in third person has not already said as much, I’m 100% alive and kicking (albeit not as active on the blogging front as I should be). And about to give vent to a head of steam that I’ve been building up for years.

Cinema does not exist merely to provide escapist routes. Much like any art form, it has so little to do with fancy pyrotechnics and ever-dancing women (Yes, Bollywood, I’m talking to you) and everything to do with exploring the human condition. The human condition- already that seems to take this in the direction of championing Message movies (Be sure to eat your greens, kids!), but a movie’s being ‘serious’, again, has little to do with it’s being good. In fact, a comedy could be far superior- what better ‘escape’ than laughter? But when you think about it, the reason that comedy is so appealing: “Humor is always based on a modicum of truth.(Have you ever heard a joke about a father-in-law?)”*. And that is the crux of it. Regardless of the subject of a movie, in the end, it’s just another form of storytelling, and the success of that story depends on how invested in it the viewer becomes, which in turn depends on his being able to recognize something true in it. Every confounding art-house film, every good sci-fi storyline succeeds because the viewer is able to identify with thematic elements of it. Which is why sympathizing with a guy who happens to have scissors for hands or an overprotective animated clownfish is so effortless, and indeed hardly a conscious decision.

And then you have the weekly Bollywood** release. There exist exceptions to this rule, but these movies are largely predictable and mindless. To what purpose? Oh, yes- escapism. Only– these movies could be doing so much more. There is no dirth of uniquely Indian experiences ( or universally appealing stories, for that matter) that could be told. And none of them would have to go down the Slumdog path, either. Apart from that there’s rarely anything artistically unique in these movies, their most infuriating aspect is their imminent unrelateability. Unless you have a one-track mind with marriage stamped across it, an assortment of relatives who stand in the way of said wedded bliss, and no other worthwhile experiences to speak of, in which case I withdraw my judgmental rant and offer my sincerest condolences.

 What price Bollywood? And for (granted, color-changing) saree-clad women in Switzerland, too.

*Dick Clarke quote

** And by Bollywood, I mean Kollywood and Tollywood and the rest of the sprawling -wood family.

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iconator_81974403b92ca32b5a67efe2d6bd16abWell, for now anyway. I thought I would announce it to the world, and also assure anyone whose reading this that we are, in fact, still alive and kicking.
Its Breakfast at Tiffany’s! I adore Audrey Hepburn. I’d only seen her in Sabrina but she is absolutely amazing. *Gets in line to buy her*

The bubble wrap hat

If you haven’t seen it. Go now!

I love Cat. And Paul. And her clothes, Ohmigod,her clothes. They are gorgeous! Even that atrocious hat that looks like it has a roll of bubble wrap stuck on it( *points right*) looks good on her!

I might even just write a post on how gorgeous her clothes were. But then again I might be in danger of being murdered by BWC and Fuzzy. As if they don’t get enough of my clothes obsession in real life!

Later my people. I swear I will write an honest to goodness post about poop mountains (the cow kind) very soon. Promising innit? 🙂

Annex - Hepburn, Audrey (Breakfast at Tiffany's)_14

And again, I love the clothes. See you later Darlings!

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I’ve been thinking that your patience wants rewarding.So, without further ado, I present Random Untitled List I:

1. Our exams are still on ( to all those who were wondering).Which is why we haven’t been very alive-and-kicking and all that.We do get a break ( albeit a ‘study break’) right after this set, though so -woohoo!

2.I just discovered that we have 3 subscribers.Three! It’s like Christmas come early-er, late! OK, that last bit just ruins the mood.And how did I discovered this? Wily fox that I am, I pretended to want to subscribe to it myself, and Google Reader just told me ! How ’bout that, eh? Yeah, I’m sure there are more sophisticated (and possibly, easier) ways of doing these things but you just can’t beat me for fun when I get down to it, can you? I really hope those three aren’t just Lucid’s family.I mean, thank you very much but you know..just..real readers!!

3.I also have an Artblog, now.So everyone who’s sick of the images can heave mental sighs of relief.I’d better not be hearing any of it though, that’s what! I guess mostly, it happened because I just had a blog with nothing on it.And Artblog makes me sound like a pro.The least you can do is pretend it does!

3. I just typed #3 twice.Who noticed?Give yourself a whack on the head from me.A cybonk, so to say 🙂

4. No, I think this one should be four, not five.Anyway, getting to the point which is:  When I study, I walk up and down.Mostly, I do this on the terrace because there are no Other People (only crows) on it, but I digress.I walk up and down.And after every two rounds or so, I will go look in the fridge.I don’t know if I expect that something will magically appear to satisfy my hunger/ kill time/ pinch me and tell me that the exams have all been one exhausting nightmare.Why do I continue to do this? Why? Cookies to anyone with a good answer.

5. I need to figure out what I want to do (college, job..) or I might, in fact end up becoming a conductress, the joy! (More on this later.).

6. I tried not to start this sentence with ‘I’, but couldn’t.Anyway, I just realized that I don’t like being gifted things.It’s strange.Because I always read about these people and found them unreal.Turns out I’m one myself.Thanks for the info, Head.I suppose you were going for ‘Better late than never’..

7.Just watched Mona Lisa Smile, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Atonement (with Lucid!), Stepmom, Pride and Prejudice ( for the 16th time, and yes, I’m for real!) and Breakfast at Tiffany’s (2nd time).

Joe Wright.. is brilliant.The director of both Atonement and Pride and Prejudice is someone I for one am definitely watching out for.The sets, the score ( Marianelli = genius! ), adherence to plot and fantastic choice of actors(Keira Knightley!!)..well, let’s just say I’m very impressed.And that doesn’t happen too often.I will be waiting for Soloist.

Of course, this proves that I will most certainly have failed all the exams I’ve written so far and, possibly, the ones to come.Just peachy.

8. I read Sense and Sensibility, and if you like Jane Austen’s style of humour and incisive, witty observations you’ll love it as much as I did.It’s the story of two sisters whose lives run along parallel trails when the men they are engaged to turn out er, not to be.Marianne is the dramatic, artistic type who will not do anything by halves while Ellinor is prudent, sensible and stands on courtesy.The contrast is brilliantly played out and of course, each learns from the other.Must read or risk really missing something.

9. Oh wow, this is getting long.I’m also inviting theories on why I can write so much but can’t think of anything to say ( So far Lucid’s theory- that I am a thoroughly not nonsensical person and only speak when I have things to say has my vote right now.Nothing to do with how flattering it is, I assure you.).

10.OK, see, this ridiculous God-I-have-no-words-for-it piece of junk is FOREVER on T.V. and will inevitably get stuck in my head while I’m trying to write my Chemistry paper so I feel compelled to share with you …Funky Monkey!

Or I will as soon as I can find a link or a vid or something.If someone can help with this (I canNOT believe what I’m asking for, but yes.)..?Feel my pain!

More soon.Or later.Later, I think.

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