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Color sprinklesIt’s October and I haven’t blogged in a long while. Blame college for that. Now that they’ve banned cell phones I’ve no idea how to survive in class especially FoC. (for those who are fortunate enough not study under Anna Univ, it is Fundamentals of Computing, where you learn evolution of computers and such drab theory.) And our horrid internals are coming up.

Also, this year’s October brings in Diwali! Mega-w00t! Not because

1.I get to do “Diwali shopping” (In fact I hate that term. I don’t want to shop for Diwali.)

2.I can burst fireworks. (I’m probably partially an environmentalist but it’s more of the fact that I’m bored of them.)

3. I get a bazillion sweet-boxes (Can’t stand the excessive sweetness. Every now and then is fine, but don’t overload me.)

4. People say “Have a safe and happy Diwali” (Ruins their greeting, I say.)

5. It almost always rains during Diwali.

6. You have to get up early, not because you mom tells you to, but because you can’t get another wink of sleep with all the racket from the walas.

So, what’s so exciting about Diwali? HOLIDAYS! 4 whole days of nothing-ness! Yay! And since, it’ll be just after our internals, there’ll be nothing to do. And also, It’s a time for photography. I’d love to click pictures of firework display in the sky.

Besides all the college crappiness, I’ve tried my hand at making an apple pie.  It ended looking like a bowlful of regurgigated stuff.

Also, I’ve been trudging through Nicholas Nickleby because I feel like I’m in a phase for newer books.

On another random note, A.R. Rahman’s starting his “World Tour” in Chennai.

And never-ever order any dessert from a restaurant where they’ve put a nice triangular dessert menu-card without their prices. (My wallet’s considerably lighter now.)

That ends my randomness for now. See y’around folks!

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Welll… okay… not sounds but sights..

Diwali came and went… all I did was gorge on the yummy food. I did make cake for Diwali but accidently added Rice flour instead of Maida (Wheat flour) so it turned to be majorly yuk!! But surprisingly, my bro and his friends seemed to love it!! (score for me, atleast someone liked it, even if they happened to be a bunch of 1st graders)

So here are some of the diwali pix i took:






Most of it’s smoke (pollution) but yes, Diwali is just abt holidayz and food and good pix for me!!

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I am eternally thankful to the “Rain Gods” for “showering their blessings” on us yesterday. That’s what made us(and not Lucid) get a holiday today. The first call I got as soon as I reached home yesterday from school was some parent representative saying no school!! *Hooray!!!* And so, I did not have to study physics like “OMG I have a test tomorrow.”

And, Diwali’s coming up! Food! Yay! Holidays! Double Yay!!! I usually wait for the evening when the sky is lit with fireworks and try to capture nice pics of fireworks bursting and stuff. Newayz, I convinced my mom to make donuts for Diwali and so we decided to try making them. It tasted pretty fine only it looked a LOT like a vada. It was an experiment gone wrong! So my mom’s back to square one, wondering WTH to make. She just might end up making Gulab Jamuns. ( I like them, so I ain’t complaining)

So now, to beat boredom, I have taken up random photography. Here are some of the pictures I took:

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Because I’ve nothing else to say except for that I love the rain but I fear if I say any more on the subject, there will be petitions to stop us blogging.

And if that happened what would sad people with no real lives (like us) do?

This week, my predominant ‘mood’ has been:

“Angry-fish : Now featuring sleepless eyes and grey ” I’m fuming” swirlies. Contact BWC here for further details.”


Oh, yeah.I’m going places with a frown like that, me!

The rain has remedied this to the extent that my teeth are back safely in my jaw where they belong, I’m no longer emitting self-created grey swirlies and bloodshot eyes, and have long since stopped flapping my fins in frustration*.Many thanks for all the Get Well wishes.No, really.Although, I don’t recommend coming within 100 miles of me with a 35″ pole this time tomorrow night (My doctor says it’s all brought on by chronic school-allergy.).Which means you’ll probably 1) Find a long rant on here tomorrow-I hate school!- my condolences (or) 2) Find the much-awaited (hey, a fish can dream!)-‘Bookmark’ edition for this month.It’s a long one, I’ll tell you that much.This because I will have four straight days of holidays, people- FOUR! Woohoo!

Ahem.This is the pathetic typical-of-five-year-olds-behaviour that School has caused.Do you feel my pain? You’d better be feeling my pain, that’s what.

And the reason for these holidays ( Don’t you just love how that word just rolls of your tongue? Holidays.Holidays! HOLidays!) is what leads to the rest of what my post is about. Diwali– Festival of Light, colour and sweets but most importantly-fireworks!

Let’s say it again : “WITH ME! Fireworks.” And be sure to say it like it’s a Bad Thing.This here is a pretty futile plea (seeing as ONE Indian – far as I know- reads the blog) but give it up, people.Join Fireworkaholics Anonymous.Burn up your store of- wait no, DON’T burn them! Go into rehab if you cannot stop! Er, OK, I’ll just cut out the drivel and say: this is one of those environment-thingies.Because really, a week’s worth of explosions is a LOT.I should know.Last year, we were at the airport to receive my aunt sometime around Diwali- and we couldn’t see 2 feet under our noses ( What do we want to look at that’s 2 feet under our noses? I dunno.But we couldn’t if we’d wanted to.) for all the smoke that filled the place.Chokecoughgasp! OK, Sorry.Melodrama is just..catchy. Oh, wait then! I’ll go into rehab for Melodrama and you go in for firework-addiction! It’s a date er, deal .

If that wasn’t convincing enough ( and I suspect it wasn’t..), take a look at this :

And these:

Enjoy the sweets and the holidays, though- don’t let me put you off! Even though while you’re busy picking out rockets, I will be praying (not-so-secretly) for it to rain on your parade, so to say.I suppose you’ll be wanting those Get Well wishes back, then? Sigh.


*Alliteration score !

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