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searching-for-me Since I’ve nothing better to say, you get this cop-out-in-disguise post, instead.

The moodulator rolls …and rolls some more and gets jammed on:

stoned_fish Stoned fish.

Yeah, stoned.Because I grow opium and ganja and charas ( I don’t think you can really grow any of them, actually..they’re just the end products of stuff extracted from plants) in my non-existent backyard. And also because when I win a beauty pageant and they hand me a crown, that’s exactly the expression I shall don : STONED.

Now, you must be wondering exactly how much crack is in my system, what with my turning out so much trash.Either that, or you’re calling the coppers..

If it’s the latter, let me put your fears to rest.All the above is the result of a classmate’s observation on my permanently bored doormat-dead expression.Adding insult to injury is the fact that I don’t have much have nothing to say(So yes, for all practical purposes : Stoned Fish.).Speaking of which..I want to know WHY.

1. WHY do I not have things to say? Not always.There have been several accounts of people dropping dead from sheer shock when I talk too much- yeah, I was the one on the news last night.This is why you should watch it (even though I don’t.Mental note: Add to ‘Weirdnesses‘ list.)

2.Obviously from the amount I type, it’s not like my head just goes ‘Bzzzz.. NO SIGNAL’ all the time! ( I confess there are times when it just goes on that fuzzy grey screen-mode, though..)

3.Why does this particularly happen when I’m talking to Fuzzy Logic (We’ve both been wondering that.You can picture the conversation :

Me : So..

Fuzzy: Erm..

Me : *Awkward laugh* Yeah.

Fuzzy : WHY US?!!!! And yes, with that many exclamation points.

If anyone wishes to psycho-analyze us, you’re most welcome.In fact I will be putting up PSYCHO-ANALYZERS WANTED signs on here in the near future.Er, you are most certainly not allowed to probe into anything else, ofcourse.Too much of a good thing, you know.. ( Kindly note sarcasm.)

I was er, analyzing myself? That’s a weird thing to say.Anyway, I was doing stuff.And weirdly enough, this passage kind of made sense in relation.It doesn’t explain anything, just brought to mind what I think about a lot- what people could be when stripped to the basics; to very feral, unthinking forms where it’s simply: instinct rules and everyone is in everyone else’s head (except mine because I have Ultra Firewall..).Something like that anyway.Because I just can’t stand around and discuss how shocking it is that Mary Sue‘s going out or what I think about the third woman’s saree.Really, I couldn’t care less and I couldn’t bring myself to care either; too much effort.And I swear, that is ALL that runs through most peoples’ minds ( or the mind’s representative, the oral cavity.Cavity …that’s a good name for it.).

So, obviously building a parallel universe is the answer to it all..

OK, I give up.Lets just hope that this will make more sense Stephenie Meyer’s way:

Life sucks, and then you die.

Yeah, I should be so lucky.”

OKOK, only kidding, sheesh! But I can’t help but love how very Jacob that is.Jacob, with that perfect sense of bitter, sarcastic humour.Ah, sigh.I’ll devote a post to that one day.But as for what I was really getting at:

I ran away from them, trying very hard not to think about what was next.Instead, I concentrated on my  memories of the long, wolf months, of letting the humanity bleed out of me until I was more animal than man.Living in the moment, eating when hungry,sleeping when tired, drinking when thirsty, and running- running just to run.Simple desires, simple answers to those desires.Pain came in easily managed forms.The  pain of hunger.The pain of cold ice under your paws.The pain of cutting claws when dinner got feisty...”

What I wouldn’t give..

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No, I have not lost it. Why does everyone just assume that? That people is one of my favorite parts from this book I read (devoured actually, read for about 7 1/2 hours straight) recently called ‘The Zoya Factor’ by Anuja Chauhan, who happens to the first Indian author whose writing I’ve really enjoyed. She doesn’t seem to be as fixated with globalization and the stuck-abroad-and-having-culturally-confused-kids-but-then-finding-out-how-Indian-culture-is-the-best type story lines. Maybe, I’m just being ignorant and haven’t read as many Indian writers,I don’t know, but her writing was really refreshing. The story is about a girl named Zoya who works a middle level marketing executive (translated, it means that she works at an advertising agency and takes care of the organization and stuff)in Delhi Seems normal-ish right? But here’s the fun part, she was born at the exact moment India clinched the World Cup in ’83 and seems to be bizarrely lucky. The Indian team starts believing that eating breakfast with her every morning pretty much guarantees them a victory. Thats how the story builds. The narrator is Zoya, the girl whom the story is about. She’s funny,opinionated and spirited and good fun to read. The book is written in pretty good prose and is interspersed with hindi terms and Indian references which sort of make it more, I dunno, closer to home and really easy to identify with. You have sentences like,” My heart was dhak-dhaking” and”Arrey, of course not, Mere Sher!” which, because of their bi-lingual (ness?) explain emotions and things so much better ( to those who understand them of course.) than say just using English. This, more than anything, is what make this book such a good read. As for ‘Thee Eye Of Thee Cupboard”, you’ll just have to read and see, won’t you? If you need a pick-me-up after all the emotional draining reading like 19 Minutes, Noughts and Crosses and the like, this what I would recommend. Its something at the end of which you’ll definitely be smiling, either from the utter ridiculousness of the India that has been captured in the book (which to some extent is accurate actually) or from the happy ending.

In other news, BlackWingedCovolution and FuzzyLogic have their ‘School Day’ today and according to an unspoken,unwritten and unquestionable rule that has been followed from decades at their school, they are to wear saris (The traditional dress for women in India). They, of course would not be caught dead in a sari and have decided against it. I cannot wait to find out how that particular escapade is turning out to be. *Snigger* BWC*, I know, being a first hand (ear?) witness, hates all the mad and frantic preparation for this day which includes bringing various choices of saris to school and asking teachers for advice on which one would suit them and endless discussions on hair and jewelry. Lolz! She thinks handling just me is difficult but an entire class full of girls like that. Just the thought makes me laugh out loud!

In other other news, I’m getting my copy of Breaking Dawn by the 11th or the 10th of August! Yay!! FINALLY!

In other not-so-good news, we have special class every single day at 8 in the morning, which really really stinks. Which also means that I need to be getting to sleep if I ever wanna get up on time tomorrow.


* Typing BlackWingedConvolution over and over again is just annoying!

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null You know, I hate to agree with Xlucidinsanityx but being in 12th grade?Oh,it sucks big time.The 11th is about when things actually start getting hectic (causing the wisest of us to drop out of school) but a year from then, I can say no better.It’s not so much about the seriousness of it all (comic, really) and the ‘making decisions’ (because, let’s face it- the tea shop idea remains my best thought-out ) but the fact that school doesn’t seem to have legit, restricted hours anymore.Assignments, homework, ever-looming test papers..you name it,I haven’t done it we’ve got it To Do.Well that’s what we’re supposed to be doing anyway, not whining (constructive) writing..

I am going to have to figure out (sometime..) what the heck I’m going to be doing another year (oh, the agony!) from now since my mum believes the only alternative is to become a cowherd (and, of course, she ‘will not be buying me the cows!’). I mean, really, I don’t much fancy cows either,anyway..So I thought, ‘ Hey, why not just yell into the void a little about that and see what these non-existent readers you’re forever typing to have to say?’.Long thought, yeah?Well anyway, I was thinking.I don’t have anything much narrowed down for you to pick from (I wish!) so I don’t see how you can pick for me but hey,look at the bright side – I can pretend I did something towards those ends.That’s me , ever the,ah, Optimist (Not fooling anyone here, are we? Ah, well,that’s Pathological Liar by Profession out of the way for you.. 🙂 )

Things I like (doing) :

Eating dark chocolate a.k.a My Personal Haven


Writing.. only, not for Other People.Ehe.

Music..singing ..ditto.Ehehe.

Travel! (My mom is a mean hope-crusher, though(how does she sleep at night?!);she says too much     travel wont help when I need to,ah,settle and things. Travel = bad? What were these people taught at school ?! And ‘settle’? I thought that sort of things happened only in fairytales because, I mean, me? Riiight.And who wants to ‘settle’ when you can be out there traveling, right??Sigh.).

Art.Though judging from the snout-nosed people who will not be named (remember Curiosity killed the cat?)…

Literature.Language.That sort of thing.Although, if that’s what I’m going to be working on? Why in the blazes did I study 14 years of everything else,you tell me?


-ish. I mean, no, not really.I do like the subject but I mean, where’re we going with this one anyway?


Logan (Wolverine)


You know, for all that this is helping you could just..I dunno..do a lucky-draw, pull stuff out of a hat- at least it’s fun..


That being done with, I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn either.There were a couple of interesting theories based on the title last time I looked -mostly with Jacob-implications but,not any of them very likely.

The Sweet,Far Thing that I chose to mishear as the Sweet,Sour Thing (Like,why’re we reading that cookery book again?) I haven’t read yet.The former two were good so, looking forward to that, too.Oh,by the way- love all the covers.I don’t see how I can copy off this one, though.Hmm..The Lady Elizabeth? Brilliant.As a character, almost unreal- vivacious,fiery,extrordinarily intelligent..and,of course, there’s the intrigue and pacey-ness of court life..all of which make it a great read.I wish I was paid for this.

Update: “Serious” stuff.Not,ah,serious,you know?

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Hola pplz! No, I did not die (You may Rejoice), but was merely being worked to death by the torture house they call “The Board” ( You may cower in fear). Yes, ppl, I am now in the 12th grade and must ‘take my studies seriously’ and ‘work hard’ because this is a very ‘crucial’ and ‘the deciding’ year of my life. If you’re from India, I bet you’ve already heard all this and more. Join the club.

So , from the last time I wrote,I have returned from London and the joys of vacation and not so gently been plopped into the life of a 12th grade student. Its a sad life. All I seem to be able to do is study, there is simply no time for anything else. In fact, as I write this, I am worrying about my Chemistry test tomorrow.

But I am not completely disabled, I have finished reading The Lady Elizabeth which I found very very well written a good way to learn about the history of one of the most intelligent and shrewd queens of England. We should have been taught history this way! I have also read The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray, the last book of the her trilogy set in Victorian England beginning with A Great and Terrible Beauty followed by Rebel Angels and finally, The Sweet Far Thing. I absolutely loved the last one.It was a good ending to a good series. The books are a sort of mix between Historical fiction and Fantasy. They’re a good read, pick them up if you have the time. I also read the first two of the Vampire Academy books by Richelle Mead (Vampire Academy and Frostbite) which are a good, sort of “pass the time” books.Well written but quite predictable and a little clichéd. But I still *heart* Dimitri!

In other news, I’m loving the Breaking Dawn cover!!! Can’t wait for it to come out! If Santa can get Adzzie her mad gloves and all that stuff, why can’t he just get me Edward Cullen, Hmm?? I *heart* Edward also! (JIC)

I have to go study now or I shall flunk my test tomorrow. Wish me luck!


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