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Hello folks! Remember us? No? Well, can’t say we’re surprised. In fact, you’re only getting this post because Impower You has managed to guilt us into it by nominating us for a Versatile Blogger award. When that didn’t work, she gave us the damn award and as it turns out, that’s something that not even we can ignore.

All kidding aside, thank you  for the award! We started this blog on a lark, and it continually amazes us that people come by it and follow it of their own volition. So this is us saying thank you to our followers as well.

The Versatile Blogger Award has the following rules:

  1. Post a picture of the award
  2. Thank the award giver
  3. Share 7 random facts about yourself
  4. Nominate 15 other bloggers about this and tell them so.

So, the first two are done. Here are 7 random facts about us as a group because we figure you don’t really want to read 21 random things about us:

  1. We all have younger brothers.
  2. BWC and Fuzzy have known each other for 14 years and the both of them have known Lucid for 8 years, and been friends for all that time.
  3. We sometimes play Dungeons and Dragons with our brothers on the weekends.
  4. We’ve been throwing each other surprise birthday parties/making presents every year, for the last 7ish years.
  5. We make covers of music videos sometimes when we meet up. They are extremely dorky and are not for public viewing.
  6. We were all in the ‘Red House’ in school.
  7. We are all afraid of dogs.

So, that’s us, folks, random with a dash of crazy.

Here are our nominations for this award;

  1. Forever Amber – We all read this blog extremely regularly and talk about Amber as though we know her. Its slightly creepy, we know, but we swear its only because she’s so entertaining.
  2. Hannah – We found this blog through Hannah’s comments on our site. In it you will find interesting, well-written pieces that are inspired by everyday events and much more.
  3. Richard Wiseman – If you don’t already follow this blog, you’re missing out on the best collection of puzzles and illusions and also probably the most consistently smart comments section on the internet.
  4. Craptivate – One of the authors is Fuzzy’s friend from college. It’s got a host of interesting and some not so, posts.
  5. Duty-Free –  Because her way with words is totally worth a read.

 Our list is going to have to end here, because although we recommend the above blogs wholeheartedly, it has come to our attention that we are not very good followers, quantity-wise. 

We will be adding to this list as we find other blogs that belong on it, though, so stay tuned!

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Three years since we started this blog. Whooo! *pops confetti*

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Hello there!

Since College happened, all we’ve done is whine about it in real life, and once the people who have to put up with it in real life got sick of it, we took it all here to the blog (because our readers are much nicer people). But then, you probably know all about that. For sticking with us through that, you deserve better. And I’m not certain how many will class this under ‘better’, but we’ve decided to try to reduce our whining quotient by doing something productive (sort of). We’re going to try reading 100 books in 2011. It works out to about 2 books per week. Its a little ambitious, what with college and all, but we’ll try our best.

There now exist 3 pages, one for each of us, that will serve as records of the books we have read. They’re right there at the top of the page. Links below anyway;

Since there wasn’t an official page or anything for this, we’ve decided to impose our own rules for this challenge;

  1. No re-reading of books that you have read in the last 2 years.
  2. If you are re-reading a book, you must read the whole book and not just the bits you like. 😉
  3. Textbooks count, if you read the whole thing.

If you’d like to join (We’d love for you to!), start a record type thing on your blog, Facebook page, whatever and leave us a link in the comments.

This is going to be fun!


People doing the challenge right now(Other than us, obviously):

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iconator_81974403b92ca32b5a67efe2d6bd16abHi people! The blog turned One as of yesterday (Yay for us!) and we decided to celebrate with a cake and it was officially (until further notice) the best cake ever. Practically moan-worthy.

Here it is;042

Happy Birthday Blog! W00t!

It was gorgeous and we got it about an hour after we ordered it too! We had three candles and three knives (not pictured here) for the three regular writer on here, Me (Obviously!), Adzzie (BWC) and Lavvie (Fuzzy). We had a lot of fun that day. We attempted to cook food for ourselves and would have ended up having burnt food if it wasn’t for my Mum, so thanks Ma!

To mark the occasion, I figure you should know the origins of the blog. It began one fine day in April, in the summer holidays, when everyone was coming over to my place and Lavvie was early. The both of us were bored and decided on a whim, to start a blog and made everyone write a couple of lines in our very first post. Even the name The Oxymoronic Oxymorons took about 5 minutes to make up. We never thought that anyone would read our crap but to everyone who has ever read anything on here and our (very few) regular readers,  Thanks so much!

So, I guess that’s it. I hope the blog lives for a very long time and that wherever in the world we may be and at whatever times of our lives, that we will all post here and keep in touch.

Love you guys!


PS: Yup, new Avvie.

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