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New Year!

Well, I’ve always loved looking at the zillion ‘Happy New Year’ cards we get. Their designs are so awesome(Most of them, anyway.) But I do feel, it’s a waste of paper. It’s just another card that’s been sorted through in the post office.

Anyway, that made me decide to create one. On Photoshop.

And so, Happy New Year to Lucid and BWC (who is currently somewhere near Mysore.)

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Oh well, since I just realized no one has posted today, for NaBloPoMo, I decided to put up more art. So yes, more art, comin’ atcha.I’ve been out the whole day, doing nothing. Also, Sanj (who was originally asked to post too.) is leaving tomorrow, ’cause she’s decided to take up her undergrad in Singapore. Well, ’nuff rambling.

Tainted Candy

This one below’s done by me, but the love/hate idea’s from Syva of deviantart.

love and hate

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Hi! Well, I’ve been busy doing stuff (well, bascally, practising Kanji for my Japanese classes.) So here’s artwork for you. It’s been done on Adobe Photoshop. So what do you think of Mr.Snow?mr.snow

Here’s another piece of art, which I drew while studying about magnetism and coils for my physics exam. This is how you should spend your time studying (:P)



I promise, you’ll get a better post next time. Also, the power’s gonna go, ’cause it’s been raining. yay rain!

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Yeah you’re probably wondering what the hell is with that title?? “If it is sticky, why does it have gum??” The reason to that is, it conjures up a very funny memory in me. So this “Yellow-Coloured Sticky Paper With Gum” is none other than


(Tho’ now technically they are available in a bunch of colours.)

* Click here to find out “What the Hell” is a throwball match (courtesy -Wiki)

** Sari(Courtesy : webindia)

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