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Happy Summer people! The things-that-shall-not-be-named are finally done! I am currently visiting my grandparents. We got here this morning after a 24 hour train journey. Train journeys are interesting. We basically traveled more than half, along the length of our country. This is roughly the route.

So. Train Journeys. They’re good specially because you can actually totally relax when you’re on one. Because you’re in transit, you can’t do anything that’s related to your ‘real’ life. So, I always assumed that train journeys or traveling in general should lead to staring dreamily out of windows and having profound thoughts about life’s journey, how everything is ephemeral kind of thing. But, the only thought I seemed to have was, “Ooh! Sunset over a river! So Pretty!”. Sadly, I couldn’t take a picture of that since we were moving too fast. But, here’s are some pictures of my Gran’s roof, where she has a

whole bunch of plants. I have so many memories of following her around while she watered these from when I was younger!

This is the only image and quality that I can manage at the moment on account of the crappy internet. I shall upload the rest when I get back.

If you want to see the other pictures, go to my Instagram feed, here.


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Hello. So, today is the day that the moon is a full moon and really, really close to the earth, which makes it look really big and bright. It really is gorgeous. You can’t even stare at it for too long, its that bright. I went up to my roof with my camera and took a few pictures, here’s the best one;

Lookit! Craters!

Also; randomly; a light bulb.

*insert appropriate ending-of-post-sentence here*

PS:  This is our 250th post! Yay!

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It is nearing that time of the year again– College:Miserable Year-II Of is about to commence.

Technically, we have half a month to kill before we get there,  but the ingenious founding fathers of said college apparently had strong sadistic appetites that require us to spend about a week in Camp, to be sated. I, as part of the National Sports Org. ( it only sounds fancy, we’ve never done anything worth a mention) have to stay at the hostel and run around campus for about two hours, daily.

Issues I have with this:

1. Hostel = Ugh! I’ve no issues with hostels in general, but our campus is pretty crappy. True story: Some kid injured his head because a fan fell on it !( They rushed him to the hospital, and my dad treated him, so this really isn’t just me taking advantage of artistic license.)

2. OK, so I run around for two hours. Great. That gives me.. 24-2=22 HOURS WITH NOTHING TO DO! ( I’m not going to factor sleep-time in, seeing as I just don’t think I’ll be able to.)

I wish I was exaggerating, but honestly our campus boasts:

i) Library with exactly ZERO non-academic-related books.

ii) One ground inhabited by (and I kid you not!) one family of pigs, a host of camouflage-savvy snakes, hanging worms ( no, really) and other such depressing fauna.

iii) No real internet, so to speak of.

iv) I cannot watch four episodes of House a day and then be swallowed by a vortex of self-made depression upon re-realizing that, at this rate, I’m going to catch up with the rest of the world and will soon have to wait a week for episodes, just like everyone else. ( I’ve been watching the show online for a little over a month now, and am half-way through Season 6.)

v) Will be forced to do my own laundry because  I am required to wear the ‘NSO uniform’ for the 2-hour sessions during which I will actually be doing something sports-related. And when I say ‘uniform’, you should picture  men’s disco pants from the ’70s.

vi)Despite these less-than-satisfactory events that I must partake in , I do not actually want to kick the bucket. And yet, if I eat at my college’s ‘canteen’..

vii) I will have nothing to do.

viii) I will have nothing to do.

ix) I will have nothing to do!

X) I WILL.. Maybe I will eat at the canteen!


I don’t suppose you want to listen to me whine much longer, and honestly, neither do I. So, here are some photos from better times ( my all-too-short vacation):

That's right. We went boating.

That's right. We went boating.

We had bright orange life-jackets on and everything.


Did I mention the mangrove?

We sailed through this mangrove, went right up to the sea. We might have gone  a little further, but my aunt was convinced that she was going to, uh, die. In the four-feet of water beneath us. So, then, we turned back.


…Which turned out not to be such  a bad thing, since our guide decided to take us through narrower waterways. These were beautiful, although at times we had to crouch low so as not to have our eyes gouged out by low-hanging twigs.


"Light at the end of the tunnel"


..And back out in the open.


The End

We were pretty exhausted for a bunch of people who had done nothing but sit on a boat for about an hour and a half. But it was pretty awesome.

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ICONATOR_d7c5aa76368eaba6e98d72f4a5db32a6Hola people! If you read stuff here regularly, you will probably know that we practiacally live on the beach here and if you didn’t, you know now anyway. So. Here are some pictures we took when we went on one of our early morning excursions to the beach.


Of course, The Monument!


The Sun

More Beach

The Sky...and some buldings

The Sky!

The Sky!

Yup! Its looks a lot nicer without the Others. Its really good weather in the mornings there though,but only till about 7 am before it goes back to its usual boiling hot status.

We went to the beach again today (You may groan) and it was really nice and breezy. That is, before it started raining. So, we ran into the nearest coffee shop and ordered stuff. But then, there was a blackout! Yes, that was an exclamation point because something happened to us! We nearly got stranded!

Can you sense the desperation there?

Anyway, that was our great Adventure of the day.

In other unrelated news, Fuzzy is now an honorary College student, with an ID and everything. Yay for her! Although she has to keep the ID safe for 4 years, which, in her case, is nearly impossible. Good Luck anyway! 😉

BWC and I on the other hand have to still be formally admitted into ours. Yup, soon we’ll be busy, busy college students.

We are doing something now though. We’ve decided to reread the Harry Potter books, which were a major part of our collective childhood(?) and also the thing we all had in common when we first met, and basically talk about and, to use a cliche (Beacuse I Want To :P) relive the magic!

That’s all for now I guess. Catch ya later!

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img_0261Hello my people!

So. How’ve you been? Our extremely long hiatus concludes today (hopefully) with this post. As per usual, blame the exams.

Anyone who was worried that we were dead can,rest assured, stop doing so.

Now, to the title of this post. During the holidays, we’ve taken to occasionally (read: twice) meeting in the morning at the beach, having breakfast at a local idli joint and then walking about Besant Nagar. The last time we did this, yesterday, We took a bunch of pictures and here they are, under the jump.

In other news, some of us (Fuzzy) are preparing for the various entrance exams we have to write in order to get ito a decent college while the rest of us are lazing about doing nothing and basically being annoyed about the stupid exams we have to write and are not studying for.

So life’s a bit crappy at the moment.

Here’s hoping for improvement in the future.

L8r dudes..img_0274


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Before You Read: This post was due to be posted arounnd the Second Of January (Hence the Christmas and New Year references) and was delayed because of the craziness that are the exams. So, here it is, better late than never right??


Hi hi!! I’m baaa…ck! Happy New Year to everyone. Thus ends a truly crappy year, though it will only properly end when March 24th comes around, which,by the way, is when my boards get done.

So, anyway I figure I had a better Christmas than the rest of the whiners and should really spread the joy!

We went to Kodaikanal which is a hill station down in the southern part of India where we live. The easiest way to get there is probably to take a train to Kodai road and then either take a bus up the hill or just drive up there. Its a beautiful place and I’ve  been going up there on weekends for as long as I can remember. A large portion of my happiest childhood memories are from when we visited and believe me we did that a lot! Those were the days,back when, I didn’t have to think of the weekends as ‘extra study time’. We would go there with my cousins and us kids would run around in the gardens  (gorgeous!), play with frisbees and beach balls (which bought every time we went there and then promptly lost), wear straw hats and get ourselves on sugar highs with all the cotton candy! There’s also a lake where you can either rent a boat and go around yourself or get a boatman guy who will row for you,which is OK , but the highlight of my brother’s trip would be the horse ride he would take around the lake. I, of course being the wimpy kid I was, did it all of once and was worried that the horse would bump me off the entire time.  A similar thing happened when I had the bright idea that taking a camel ride would be fun (In Dubai). All I did was attract weird looks with all the screaming I did and then proceeded to smell like Camel for the rest of the evening.

kodai13So, in conclusion, its a nice place to visit with little kids and lots of fun but its still in India mind you so don’t be surprised if you see the odd cow walking about on the road! Hopefully, no one thinks that Chennai  is the same, because we don’t really have cows on the road here, but a goat did get into our school once. Our PE teacher had to chase it around the ground. It was hilarious!

Here are some pictures I took from when we were there, it gets really gorgeous in the evenings, when its freezing cold.


Also, here’s a shout out to my brother’s blog over at I’m Talking , Hi Chinu! Go Check it out. He’s just as insane as we are.

So, L8r people and May The Force Be With you!

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handHi Hi!! So, in commemoration of our 100th post, we’re going to let you see us! OMG! Yeah OK, no you can’t see us but you can see our hands. Its a start.

Yes, so, the hand and foot in the back are Adzzie’s. The hand on which Adzzie has decided to put her foot is mine. Behind me is Sanj’s hand. The huge one right in the front is Laav.

There you go, now you’ve seen us! If you care though, I will be very surprised.

L8r people!ere

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Welll… okay… not sounds but sights..

Diwali came and went… all I did was gorge on the yummy food. I did make cake for Diwali but accidently added Rice flour instead of Maida (Wheat flour) so it turned to be majorly yuk!! But surprisingly, my bro and his friends seemed to love it!! (score for me, atleast someone liked it, even if they happened to be a bunch of 1st graders)

So here are some of the diwali pix i took:






Most of it’s smoke (pollution) but yes, Diwali is just abt holidayz and food and good pix for me!!

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I am eternally thankful to the “Rain Gods” for “showering their blessings” on us yesterday. That’s what made us(and not Lucid) get a holiday today. The first call I got as soon as I reached home yesterday from school was some parent representative saying no school!! *Hooray!!!* And so, I did not have to study physics like “OMG I have a test tomorrow.”

And, Diwali’s coming up! Food! Yay! Holidays! Double Yay!!! I usually wait for the evening when the sky is lit with fireworks and try to capture nice pics of fireworks bursting and stuff. Newayz, I convinced my mom to make donuts for Diwali and so we decided to try making them. It tasted pretty fine only it looked a LOT like a vada. It was an experiment gone wrong! So my mom’s back to square one, wondering WTH to make. She just might end up making Gulab Jamuns. ( I like them, so I ain’t complaining)

So now, to beat boredom, I have taken up random photography. Here are some of the pictures I took:

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