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Hi! So, about a month ago, something weird happened. I decided to do something that almost gave my mum a heart attack.

I decided to Clean! Well, sort of. I got out all my books and figured I would rearrange and catalog them in a way that made sense to me. But, once I got them out, I got all nostalgic and the process took a lot longer than it was supposed to. This led to my living room looking like this for about 3 days. Needless to say, my mom was a lot less happy with my new found desire to clean at the end of this period.

My living room floor had my entire childhood on it. My relationship with books began pretty early. There are pictures of me reading my little alphabet book as early as age one-one and a half.  But, my first book that I remember was this big book of Fairy Tales. I read that thing so much, the spine came apart! I remember every little detail about that book. Cinderella, Sindbad The Sailor, Gulliver’s Travels, Snow White and Rose Red!

That was the beginning, what followed was the age of Enid Blyton and Harry Potter, in adjacency with the Scholastic books era. I used to live in a city where there weren’t any decent bookstores, up to age 12. My dad used to bring me books from Chennai every time he went there. We had a deal, during my Enid Blyton phase, 3 books of a series per visit. The Scholastic company would have these book exhibitions and give us this catalog to order books from. Since I was so book starved, I would buy any and every book from the fiction section. Anastasia Krupnik and Ramona Quimby were my heroes when I was 10. My favorite Enid Blyton books were The Five Find-Outers series and The Faraway Tree stories. And I like Malory towers better than St. Clare’s. I remember, I once reread the whole 15 books from the Five Find-Outer series in one sitting. I read a little Nancy drew and Hardy Boys like most kids my age. But, they got predictable, fast. I made the mistake of reading Agatha Christie after reading Arthur Conan Doyle, and well, after you’ve read Holmes, nothing really compares. Hercule Poirot never had a chance.

I read the first 4 Harry Potter books when I was about 8-9. They got me hooked to the genre. I read Artemis Fowl, His Dark Materials, Lots of books by Garth Nix, Ingo, Eragon and the like, ravenously. I had an extensive Fantasy phase. It was the best one and lasted the longest. It also kind of contributed to how the three of us met.

I moved to Chennai from Madurai when I was entering class 8. On my first day of school, as I enter the class, I see lots of groups of people, and for some reason I zone in on these idiots sitting in the last couple of rows and decide, “Hey, I should sit there!”. So I walk over, and ask one of them if I could sit there. They look at me funny, probably wondering why I was asking their permission, but they nod yes, nonetheless. Now, Adzzie claims that she was the one I spoke to, but I don’t really recall.*grin* Anyway, I’m kind of socially awkward and shy, so I just sit there listening to them talk. And the things they were talking about! They were discussing, and I kid you not, how Alan Rickman’s nose was long and that it matched the book’s description perfectly. What you should know is, that where I had come from, people who read anything at all were a scarce commodity, so when I found these bunch of people who read the same kind of things, I was so excited. Then, Fuzzy initiated conversation and the rest, as they say, is history.

Somewhere during the Fantasy phase I read the Maximum Ride series, which I loved, but which got so very crappy later, the Boy Soldier series, which were brilliant, the Magician’s Guild Trilogy, also very, very good, the Bartimaeus Trilogy, the Pendragon books and so many more. The books were so good during this time, we would all read them and discuss them endlessly. We also read Twilight during this time. It was before all the screaming , rabid fangirls and we were 15, so I blame our youth.

Then, as I got older I started reading the kind of stuff I do now. Its a mix of everything, classic literature, contemporary fiction, historical fiction and the occasional young adult novel. I haven’t read a decent fantasy book in so long though!

When I was doing this cleaning, I realized how important books have been in my life. I mean, when I open an old book, I see 10 year old me or 12 year old me. I remember how I was back then, how I used to think and how I’ve changed and grown. I love how the stories you read as a younger version of yourself will change as you mature. These books have been my best friends all my life. There are good ones that I will remember always and some downright terrible ones. But, they all have memories attached to them. Memories of spending all day in bed reading and having my mum yell at me for forgetting to eat, memories of scouring bookstores for that book, memories of staying up till 4 in the morning because I couldn’t put that book down and of getting and reaching for that book first thing in the morning.

Well, that turned out longer than I expected. Anyway, that was my book story. What’s yours?

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Hola, my loyal readers…or not. I apologize profusely for making you put up with mad and frustrated-with-the female-race-of-which-she-is-also-a-part-but-seems-to-have-forgotten ramblings of Blacked Winged Convolution (more on that l8r). I request you to please blame something else for the huge delay in my posts (as usual..Heh). The something else in question are my Mid-terms which ate up about two weeks of my life. There go two weeks that I’m never going to get back then.

Yes, changed my avatar again ( you may groan). I needed a change. My current state of mind;

Amen to that. No I am not considering ‘Homicidal maniac’ as a possible career option. Its just that school is dreadful, terrible, appalling, unpleasant, poor, horrible, horrific and just plain irritating. Its not that school stinks, just the people. I can’t believe that I’m agreeing with Adzzie about this, but I am, females have nothing better to do than talk about other people’s lives. Its a law. If you are a female and do not follow the scared code of the Scuttlebutt, you are hereby shunned from female society and will not be accompanied to the loo by anyone. Oh the Agony!

You were staring at Scuttlebutt…weren’t you? Lolz! Scuttlebutt is just a more fun-to-say word for gossip.

Now, me, I’m a staunch feminist. I believe that Men and Women are neither stronger nor weaker than each other, just different and equally important. I detest sexist comments and chauvinistic pigs. But the girls at school are really making me change my mind about all of this. I can’t have a shred of intelligent conversation. I hear endless talks about boyfriends and the 150 things that are so absolutely wrong with my face and hair. Woe is me.

In other more interesting news, Stephenie Meyer has released a collection of (not revealing the story) quotes from Breaking Dawn!! Completely excited. I cannot wait for the book!

Here’s my fav:

Alice: “No one will dare to call you plain when I’m through with you.”
Bella: “Only because they’re afraid you’ll suck their blood.”

I’m currently devouring The Pilgrims Of Rayne, 8th in the Pendragon series. Its been an interesting read so far.

I’m also playing (quite obsessively, actually) The Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion on the 360. I absolutely love the vastness of the game. This is by far the longest that I’ve actually stuck to one particular game. The graphics are amazing. The game play and the control are intuitive and its just a lot of fun. Try it out.

Thats all I suppose. I will write more often now, I promise!

I leave you with a most interesting quote from Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland;

If everybody minded their own business,’ the Duchess said in a hoarse growl, ‘the world would go round a deal faster than it does.

That it would.

L8r pplz!

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Well, here are my additions to Adzzie’s List
Twilight ( can’t help it-loove that book!!)
Anything By Michael Crichton (awesome science fics)
The Gift, The Riddle, The Crow..etc. (Books of Pellinor) by Alisson Croggon
The Game World trilogy (Simoquin Prophecies, Manticore’s Secret, Unwaba Revelation) by Samit Basu. It’s an amazing trilogy by an Indian author where the cliched ‘good-defeats-evil’ and the ‘go-by-traditions’ of Indian authors isn’t seen.
Pendragon Series by D.J. McHale
Poets Of The Fall, Jesse McCartney, Nickelback and…. rest as Adzzie sed.
I was sooooo bored that I decided to write this??? Anyhoo, cyaz l8r.


Sweeney Todd (there’s a hole in the world like a gr8 black pit, And its filled with ppl who’re filled with shit, And the vermin of the world inhabit it…!) 🙂

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