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 I just heard in the news today that the new TN CM plans to covert this amazing library into a hospital.

For once, Chennai has a library that it can be proud of. Having visited it a few times, I must say I absolutely love it. If only they opened the borrowing of books, I would love it even more. It was just a gorgeous library, something I’m sure everyone will agree if they see the building at Kottupuram. And it’s ambiance is quite good for reading and the stock of books they have right now is considerably so much better than the run-of-the-mill second-hand libraries that exist around the city.

This move of hers is insane! I mean, first she decides to ‘move’ the exclusively constructed Secretariat back to old Fort St. George, and now this! Absurd!

Personal vendetta or even political for that matter, should not affect the people. And besides, think of how many students will be affected by this. It’s not just novels; it has a host of good subject books as well. This is equivalent to interfering with education. How on earth will our state develop if each new governmental reign sets out to undo what the previous one did? Why not leave the existing and seek to improve? We are quite happy with this current arrangement of libraries, fine thank you.  She said and I quote from here :  “It is noteworthy that such a kind of a super speciality paediatric hospital has not been established anywhere in India so far.”

I should like to point out that the library is quite noteworthy in itself and Chennai’s first ever decent library that is quite accessible as well. Yes, a hospital is important, I agree. But why not find a new site for that? This library is placed in a quite strategic location and why take pains in clearing and recreating only to create confusion later on? Who’s to guarantee that books will not be mishandled/misplaced in this whole process?


Dear woman, please let us use this library and fix the price for book borrowing and subscription and all that.

(And I believe I have the right to vote.)

(For more info : Clicktey and clickety)

Now that that rant is over, you may gasp at the fact that I watched the news.

And in other news, exams. Blerrgh.

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wakin-dreamNo, that title is just to add a little drama, because there really is no question.It IS purgatory. Just what atrocious crimes Lucid and I have committed in  our sorry previous births, we can’t tell but they must have been unspeakably atrocious for us to deserve this thing we now must call ‘ our college’. I know what you’re thinking. Oh, big surprise. That’s what your opinion of school was like, too! But consider– Lucid, who answers to the description of  ‘pink, lighty-up bouncing ball’ is (and here I quote!) miserable, too.

We’ve only had 3 days of college thus far, so I’m being told over and over again that I need to keep an open mind etc (so, none of that in the comments, please!). The trouble is, we’ve only about 2-3 classes over an eight-hour period which is really annoying, particularly when you find that you have just spent six perfectly good hours studying the kinds of lines (dotted narrow/broad, dashed, continuous..).I wish I was kidding you.Also, some of the professors are really rubbish, which is incredibly annoying when you consider  how highly the place is rated and so on. I  won’t even start on the students (makes me miserable, and I’ve only just stopped sulking.Also: Mom will murder me if I so much as mention it again, today.And then what will you do?).

So, basically, Lucid and I are currently thankful for

1) The fact that we’re going to the same college so there’s ONE person to talk to.


OK, no.That’s it.

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So, hello again!

Boredom led me to go to a “Flower Show” at the Y.M.C.A. Grounds and well, even if it wasn’t spectacular, here are some pretty good pictures. Oh and, I mostly don’t know the names of these flowers, so if you do, you could comment! *looks hopeful!*

039 033 027 026020 018 010 008 004 001 flowers

P.S. Those are green flowers.

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Color sprinkles

<- Say hello to new avvie!

On Sunday, we kept driving down the “Marina Beach“, past the Chennai port, to get to an exam center

Anyways, this reminded me of my visit to the Chennai Port when MV Doulos, the floating library that was docked here about 2-3 summers back (I’m not too sure)

So yes, this Doulos(‘servant’ in Greek) is the oldest sea- faring passenger ship and it was super-amazing to just stand on it. . It’s a beautiful vessel(not that I’ve been on any other ship.) but something that made me love it. It goes around the world, selling books at an low prices. They even had their own unit of currency, called ‘Doulous.’ Looking at the sea beyond made everything else seem insignificant. It is something you have to experience.

The ship had a lot(and I mean, a LOT) of classics and a cute collection of books for little kids. (The light-up ones, ones with sound and stuff like that) My mom obviously loved the cookbook section, and I was looking for something new and different and also the food stall they had put up. There was also some guy (I think a Scandinavian) who was playing the keyboard. They also had a few albums, most of which were gospel.

Which brings me to another thing that this ship has been followed by controversies, something that some people were Christian missionaries and were trying to spread Christianity as most of the books were on Christianity and related themes. (As for me, I dunno…)

And with each ticket, you could take home a book (from a jumble of books) for free! W00t! The only thing is, this jumble of books were quite random and I didn’t exactly find what I’d like. Nevertheless, I took:

1.Winter’s Secret (I was attracted by its cover)

2.Sassy Cinderella and her Valiant Vigilante ( I don’t know why, but I just picked it up)

And I’ve been searching for the pictures I took there, but can’t seem to find them. If I do find ‘em I’ll put up a few which look good.

MV Doulos, The floating library

MV Doulos, The floating library

Overlooking the Chennai port

Overlooking the Chennai port

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Yes, as u can see, all of us get extremely excited about the rain! It is a BIG deal if u live in Chennai. So, yesterday night, I guess the clouds decided to shed water with all their might – The Result – All school’s closed today!! Wooohooo!!! I love the rain *sings to self* It was all beautiful and misty in the morning, with this constant slight shower, though it was a HUGE thunderstorm in the night. And now, the sun’s slowly peeping out, and if it weren’t for the rain, on any other day, I would be sitting in school, dying (of boredom, heat, pretty much everything) The weather’s really nice and pleasant, and sorta cool. The trees look green(okay, they ARE green , I know. But they look better just after it rains. You should know what I’m talking about) and the beach (the infamous Elliot’s Beach) looks awesome! Just love it!

So besides the fact that I’m sitting at home and enjoying, there’s nothing more to say.

Except maybe the fact that my happiness is short-lived as I shall have to study for tomorrow’s math test; day-after’s physics test; and there is Biotech test on Friday and a Chem test on Saturday. Yup, I am loaded with these frikkin tests.

So I’m off now, to enjoy this “doing nothing”-ness while it lasts…


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For those unaware of Maithri ’08, it is an inter school bi-annual cultural fest conducted by CV (Chettinad Vidyashram) and is by far the most awaited and amazing inter school culturals in Chennai.

(NOTE: This isn’t some kinda proper report thing.)

On 29th & 30th almost the entire 12th batch went to CV culturals (around 100 people or so…) So CV has this brilliant auditorium, fully A/C-ed with a gallery kinda arrangement. (This isn’t usually the case in schools here)  They had like 20 events spread over 2 days. They even hired a DJ Dude (DJ Ashok) and that guy was awesome! And they had this screen for projection where comments (about those performing on the stage) were displayed. There was the usual music – Indian and western competitions, from our school the band performed Californication by RHCP and they were brilliant. Biggu sang and he was amazing and there was Radha (who played a great solo bit) and Sudhu on the guitars and Ritvik on the drums. (They won the 1st place for that!) and dance and a bunch of art events. They had a fashion show –“haute couture” – which was kinda weird. Our school wasn’t allowed to participate in it. (Beats me why) But the guys were all acting like cheaps going all oogle-eyed and drooling over this one school’s bunch of girls.. (Can they get even more ewww??) Oh and here’s a pic of the disco ball ( I was trying to take like this perfect pic of it, with light glinting and stuff and this is what I managed to get)

And the food was brilliant. Basically, they had a LOT of sponsors not just one or two like most other schools usually do. (I sure did pig out!) Loads of food!

At the end of the first day, we (our school, VM) were in 2nd place trailing PS (another school) by about 20 pts. And the next day, we so ROCKED. In almost all events like CV-TV (a news report giving thingy), Model makeover, VJ wannabe (we were given 3rd place though we so deserved 1st. Everyone said so.), Treasure hunt, Counter strike, Shipwreck, Photography and lots more, we won some thing.

And so we were up on the points table and we overtook PS. (w00t!)

Then there was this “30 seconds to fame” event for winners of events like JAM, Shipwreck, quiz and 3 more events (basically, speaking events) who had to show some other talent besides what they won. So there were 2 guys from our school and 2 from PS as one among the 6. This one guy (Biggu from our school) was brilliant, in 30 seconds, he managed to sing and mimic 3 people while this PS guy mimicked just one person. The judge was a certain Aishwarya D. who came up on stage and said, “I wasn’t prepared to judge the people, it’s like they come and just leave before u figure out what they did….. I think for 1st place, I’ll pick the guy who did mimicry”

She thinks? There were 3 people who did mimicry. She just randomly points out the PS guy. This event gave PS 30 points, which made them win. Frankly, everyone, including the DJ guy, thought our school deserved it. *HAH* I mean WTH is that lady thinking? Seriously, couldn’t she’ve jotted down what she thought? I soooo hate her. She actually said she thinks it’s the guy who did mimicry. She doesn’t even know who is who and from which school.  And it’s like the last culturals for us. And everyone from our school just left the auditorium. It’s sad cuz we were winning(we were the defending champs too, apparently) and it was all shattered by that annoying heck of a lady. *HMPH*Ok, enough of these rants for now…

P.S: I can’t believe, I’m actually saying this, but yes, this is one of the really great things about VM. I really enjoyed the past 2 days supporting our school, bunking school and screaming like crazy… It was FUN.

Now it’s back to study and more study till your hair turns gray (hell, I’m only 16) So it might be a looooong time before my next post.


UPDATE: I just found this vid on youtube- the brilliant vid that the CV ppl made.

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Yup. I have changed my display pic thing!

Now, I usually detest road trips. It makes me feel nauseous. So why was this one an exception? Beats me. Anyways, we had to travel to Hosur which is very close to Bangalore from Chennai.


 So we hired a driver ( my dad can’t drive for long hours. He gets backaches) and set off to Hosur on Sunday. Guess at what time. 3 in the morning. OMG. I was so dang sleepy that I just slept in the car. For a while, anyway. And then it was just awesome. We were blitzing down the NH 7 at over 120 kmph. It was awesome! Now i understand why dogs like to stick their heads outta the car window  AND stick their tongues out.

 We get there in like 3.5 hrs. Looooved it. The scenery was nice. There was no traffic. And it wasn’t hot like Chennai. I saw this rain cloud whcich was like the one in cartoons, you know, small, grey and rains only over one person. I saw one just like that. It’s true. Maybe not that small. But small like to pour over 5 ppl.


We got to my uncle’s house. We had fun. My bro and my cousins went to a chess tourney. Me? I h8 chess. All those ppl in the tourney (under 11) can beat me in 3 mins!) It’s the most boring game I’ve ever played. Now, throwball would be a lot better. And then we left the next night, came back home and I slept. The end of my amazing Road trip!

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Well, you’re probably wondering what the heck is that title about. Yeah,  Chennai is  the capital of Tamil Nadu ( a state in India for all those illiterate about India.) 


The Red Circle In the second picture shows our  fave place to roam, sit, talk and not read!  That’s the Elliots Beach, named after a guy, Elliot, who died saving someone who was drowning. There’s even a memorial for him in the beach:


But, that’s not what I’m talking about. There was this article in the Chennai Times (Tuesday, May 6) that Chennai is the blogging capital of India.  So, we contributed to that too!! 🙂 It sez:

An online Blogger directory, ranked Chennai 1st in terms of number of bloggers… Chennai is also the home to many a blogger meet & ‘unconferences’ where bloggers of a blogosphere (an online community of bloggers) get together with experts to chat, have fun and carry discussions at length.


Rock On Chennai-ites!!

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Hello again..the blog’s been acting craZ all day! The three posts that were entered today by me,Laav and Adz kept disappearing and reappearing and the theme wouldn’t change and we couldn’t post anything new! Laav was over today so the both of us and Adzzie (over the phone) just about lost it that the posts we spent almost 45 mins each on had randomly decided to disappear! We then checked out the support thing hoping to drop in an email about the problem only to find that the support was closed! *headdesk* That ppl is the problem with living in India…U’re earlier than everybody else! Then we figured we’d check out the forums for help. It was there that we found out that everyone else was having the same problem and that the posts would suddenly appear and then disappear..It was a craZ morning. It seems to have stabilized now (Hopefully!)..phew!

In other news, we decided to make ourselves useful and make a video of all the fun times we’ve had all over the city…OK…Besant Nagar..Lolz! Adz,Laav and me went to the beach (our normal hangout) and filmed a lot of the places we normally visit and told all their stories. It was a lot of fun reminiscing. We were sooo craZ…still are.

We’re all alive and school is still a month away..

So yeah life is good..


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Hello Peepal!!

So yeah..Hi!!! Yes we knw it sounds like pee-pal…Yay! I’m jumpy…..So umm…we’re 7 “peepal”..here’s a post frm every1..


Full Name:

Sanjana Iyer from Notre Dame Academy, Patnaaa

Post: Resident person to bug


Full name: Aditi Iyer

Post:Doesn’t matter-so long as u worship me,we’ll get along fine.


Full Name: Laavanya S(hanku-daddy)



Full Name: Aparna (better known as Yabarnas af the carner yend one)

Post: H…yper Woman!!! To the rescue!!


Full Name: Saranya Menon …Soon to be Iyer

Post: Wife of Adzzie /Chocolate Gourmet

Surudhi Maa

Full Name: Shruti C.

Post: The offendee….ALWAYS! (don’t kill us!)


Full Name: Snigdha  (Snugguchungygurl)

Post: Hair consultant

That last one’s me btw…I’m awesum!! Yay!

Ok now..Adzzie wants to speak:

..which means u will all SHUT UP.Yes,this is a rule.Don’t worry..doesn’t happen too often..he he. Now u noe y u wanna worship me always,dontcha?

Sanj sez:

i wanna watch a movie…!!!!!…..n snugguchungygurl is against it … 😦

…..n laav is takin mad foot pics!!!

marthe wants 2 speakkkkkkk!!!!!

okkkkkkk……………..sanju has proved time & again that she is insane………& i’m hungry & wanna skate& learn martial arts(my friends r rollin’ their eyes…………….& i’m going 2 eat& now lavvie wants 2 bug d rest of u 2 death so i might as well give in b4 i lose sanity………

Yay me!!!!! ( i love london from the suite life thingy on tv) so… “narak mein jao”

That means go to hell… n adz keeps taking mad piccys of me… “come feed the rain, coz i’m thirsty for ur l;ove” i love that song..

And now… i’m gonna eat.. SO let snuggu take over,

OK ya..everyone seems to want to eat..nd they’re all over at my place and I have to feed every1…Oh go die..Serve yoursleves if U wanna eat..ok stopping I knw U don’t wanna hear abt us eating…I talk a lot don’t I..abt nonsense mostly…yes I knw..who am I talking to NEway?? Who’s reading this…. i’m rambling..Ok Done..Bye..

Oh W8…

We have piccy things 4 everyone..so yeah..

U knw what? I’ll post l8r..every1 wants to eat..Bye..

Er,apparently i’m supposed to say bye too,so.

bye!!!….m hungry…….

Yeah………….kk BYE

FYN, MARW!! (universal lingo– here it means bye.. lol)

PS: Surudhi and Saru aren’t here today..so yeah..guys post sumtime..L8r..

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