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I am eternally thankful to the “Rain Gods” for “showering their blessings” on us yesterday. That’s what made us(and not Lucid) get a holiday today. The first call I got as soon as I reached home yesterday from school was some parent representative saying no school!! *Hooray!!!* And so, I did not have to study physics like “OMG I have a test tomorrow.”

And, Diwali’s coming up! Food! Yay! Holidays! Double Yay!!! I usually wait for the evening when the sky is lit with fireworks and try to capture nice pics of fireworks bursting and stuff. Newayz, I convinced my mom to make donuts for Diwali and so we decided to try making them. It tasted pretty fine only it looked a LOT like a vada. It was an experiment gone wrong! So my mom’s back to square one, wondering WTH to make. She just might end up making Gulab Jamuns. ( I like them, so I ain’t complaining)

So now, to beat boredom, I have taken up random photography. Here are some of the pictures I took:

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Yes, as u can see, all of us get extremely excited about the rain! It is a BIG deal if u live in Chennai. So, yesterday night, I guess the clouds decided to shed water with all their might – The Result – All school’s closed today!! Wooohooo!!! I love the rain *sings to self* It was all beautiful and misty in the morning, with this constant slight shower, though it was a HUGE thunderstorm in the night. And now, the sun’s slowly peeping out, and if it weren’t for the rain, on any other day, I would be sitting in school, dying (of boredom, heat, pretty much everything) The weather’s really nice and pleasant, and sorta cool. The trees look green(okay, they ARE green , I know. But they look better just after it rains. You should know what I’m talking about) and the beach (the infamous Elliot’s Beach) looks awesome! Just love it!

So besides the fact that I’m sitting at home and enjoying, there’s nothing more to say.

Except maybe the fact that my happiness is short-lived as I shall have to study for tomorrow’s math test; day-after’s physics test; and there is Biotech test on Friday and a Chem test on Saturday. Yup, I am loaded with these frikkin tests.

So I’m off now, to enjoy this “doing nothing”-ness while it lasts…


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Yay Yay Yay!! The rain is here…Finally! (Hence the change of avatar). After months and months of an endless sequence of Summer, Hot Summer and Blisteringly hot Summer, Its finally raining! If you didn’t know, here in India we have three seasons, Summer,Winter and Monsoon, but in Chennai we only basically have Summer and Monsoon.And this is the monsoon.

I love the rain (if the title wasn’t obvious enough). I love the way it sort of cleans everything. I love the sound of the rain, its smell and how everything looks so much more vibrant after its done, especially trees, I just love the gorgeous green that they turn after a good shower! And the fact that school sometimes gets canceled if we have a specially hard thunderstorm helps too. Yes, when it rains here, it goes all out! I took a bunch of pictures and figured that I might as well show ppl where we live, albeit shrouded in rain (and in pictures where all you basically see are trees), but it looks the most gorgeous then.

I don’t know why people associate rain with sadness. Getting wet and jumping around in the rain is amazing!

If you couldn’t tell already, I’m very very happy. I’m on holiday again much to BWC and Fuzzy’s dismay. I may technically be off duty but, the ghosts of Homework past, present and future won’t ever leave me alone. Back to work then…

One last time,



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