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Birthday things!

Birthdays are a big deal for us. We try to do mad/crazy/fun things every year. Of course, there’s no repetition. What’s the fun in that?! And we tend to scratch our brains through fluff and dust for ideas a month ahead. Besides, it’s something for us to do!

Anyway, if you follow our blog  (*coughcough*), you might have realized that there is fourth person we mention from time to time, Sanjana a.k.a., foreigner. With her not being in Chennai and us loving Chennai, we decided to be our super-awkward selves and take pictures around here. Places she ought to remember.

And hence; I give you this:


*drumroll and out, folks*

See you around!

P.S. BWC and Fuzzy are about to embark on grad school journeys while Lucid and Sanjana are working! Ohwowwhathappenedinthemiddle?!

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We were just wondering, the other day, whether blog readers will wonder what we look like.

And that got me into drawing when I was bored.


So, here we are, in all of 2D glory, in proportionate order of height, from Left to Right – BWC, Luci & Fuzzy:


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Color sprinklesIt’s October and I haven’t blogged in a long while. Blame college for that. Now that they’ve banned cell phones I’ve no idea how to survive in class especially FoC. (for those who are fortunate enough not study under Anna Univ, it is Fundamentals of Computing, where you learn evolution of computers and such drab theory.) And our horrid internals are coming up.

Also, this year’s October brings in Diwali! Mega-w00t! Not because

1.I get to do “Diwali shopping” (In fact I hate that term. I don’t want to shop for Diwali.)

2.I can burst fireworks. (I’m probably partially an environmentalist but it’s more of the fact that I’m bored of them.)

3. I get a bazillion sweet-boxes (Can’t stand the excessive sweetness. Every now and then is fine, but don’t overload me.)

4. People say “Have a safe and happy Diwali” (Ruins their greeting, I say.)

5. It almost always rains during Diwali.

6. You have to get up early, not because you mom tells you to, but because you can’t get another wink of sleep with all the racket from the walas.

So, what’s so exciting about Diwali? HOLIDAYS! 4 whole days of nothing-ness! Yay! And since, it’ll be just after our internals, there’ll be nothing to do. And also, It’s a time for photography. I’d love to click pictures of firework display in the sky.

Besides all the college crappiness, I’ve tried my hand at making an apple pie.  It ended looking like a bowlful of regurgigated stuff.

Also, I’ve been trudging through Nicholas Nickleby because I feel like I’m in a phase for newer books.

On another random note, A.R. Rahman’s starting his “World Tour” in Chennai.

And never-ever order any dessert from a restaurant where they’ve put a nice triangular dessert menu-card without their prices. (My wallet’s considerably lighter now.)

That ends my randomness for now. See y’around folks!

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Color sprinklesBefore I start sticking to the title, few points on my current life status.

  1. I love “The Catcher In The Rye” Its brilliant. You HAVE to read it.
  2. I’m also bored as hell, watching Friends and Ellen on TV (whenever it comes)
  3. I have pre-college blues, even though mine starts next week.

Okay, so we’ve all seen various brands of TV being advertised on TV. And they all have pretty much the same thing to say, like our TVs have excellent clarity which is often followed by the images of 2 TVs, one their brand and another the rival (or unnamed) And their TV always has clearer images.

But my point is, you’re seeing those crystal clear images on the TV that’s being advertised on your TV, which basically means, your TV is capable of showing high quality images too! I mean true, there are minor differences in the clarity of images from one brand to another. But, seriously saying that their TV enhances clarity and showing those ‘clear’ images on peoples’ TVs is a stupid idea.

‘Nuff Rambling for now.

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ICONATOR_d7c5aa76368eaba6e98d72f4a5db32a6Hihi! First of all, Happy Friendship Day to all! Go on, show your friends you care!

Headache yet?

Headache yet?

You must be wondering why you got a double dose of Fuzzy this week. If you weren’t, pay attention! Anyway, I couldn’t post on account of being in Mumbai, where my portable internet thing refused to work! Its working now though, obviously.

Let us now address the funny title, shall we? You see after a long, hard day, we all decided to head over to the rooftop restaurant in our hotel for dinner. We got shown to our table, and right in front of me was this;

Mister Butt-Man

Distracting isn’t it?

But other than the obvious lack of pants, we had a really good time! I’m returning to Chennai tomorrow evening. I shall write alonger post then. I actually will ths time, because I know what I’m going to write about! Yay!


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ICONATOR_d7c5aa76368eaba6e98d72f4a5db32a6I have nothing to say. Nada. All out of ideas. There you go. That’s a post, right?

Its not? Fine. Be mean then. *mutters incoherently* But, remember, you asked for it.

So, any one catch the “longest eclipse for another 105 years”? I got up at 5:30 am but all I got to see was a big ol’ bunch of nothing. Yup. Nothing happened here. Nothing happens here.Ever. Except maybe the Venus Transit thing.

In other news, we’re going back to our school tomorrow for its annual (since last year) Carnival that’s held on the school’s founder’s birthday. They basically raise money for charity except only the students of the school themselves and their parents and siblings can attend. No outsiders allowed. Doesn’t make much sense does it? But that’s our school for you. I remember they once charged the athletes (participating in the Annual Sports Meet) money for sand. Seriously, I am not kidding you. The throwball team (which Fuzzy and BWC were a part of, I can’t play to save my life) was once yelled at becuase they wore their team jerseys with their skirts because they didn’t match.* Doesn’t matter that they won the game. *shrugs* And that is why we moaned about school so much. I could start listing all the crap. But that would take forever. Stupidly enough, I miss even all the rubbish they would do to us just because it was so fun to just sit and yell and complain about them. Though, I’m pretty sure that College won’t disappoint us in that aspect.

I found out a couple of days ago that the time between school and college is known as the ‘Seven Week Itch’. Interesting ( Not really, but yes, Now you know). I wish it would just start already. Hopefully, we’ll have more to say when it does. I even looked “This Day in History” and you know what, Nothing happened today! Nothing interesting anyway.

I shall leave you now. My mum’s yummy pasta’s a callin’.

Here’s a poem I like.

Any Morning

Just lying on the couch and being happy.
Only humming a little, the quiet sound in the head.
Trouble is busy elsewhere at the moment, it has
so much to do in the world.

People who might judge are mostly asleep; they can’t
monitor you all the time, and sometimes they forget.
When dawn flows over the hedge you can
get up and act busy.

Little corners like this, pieces of Heaven
left lying around, can be picked up and saved.
People won’t even see that you have them,
they are so light and easy to hide.

Later in the day you can act like the others.
You can shake your head. You can frown.

— William Stafford

It so good.


* I hope I got the facts right. I remember everything properly.

PS: I’m so bored. Someone kill me!

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ICONATOR_7ce5ebe408f986000e22599cb9252306Well,this is Generalno1 from I’m Talking and I am here to guest post,about them obviously. Well, they are constantly getting together and doing nothing.Because they always have nothing to do.Yet somebody*cannot do anything for my benefit.Once, the entire platoon assembled at our house,and played Pictionary.I played also,but stopped when three of them screamed,yes,you read right,screamed. Lucid is apparently a wee bit excitable.Because they get together so much you’d think they do something different each time,but no,the schedule is as follows,home(Lucid’s, Fuzzy’s or “Convolution”s), talk for 3-4 hrs(I know, I can hear them when they are at my house), Beach(but you know that), eat(at home or the mall), bye bye, talk to each other on the phone.But for them to post this I need to say something nice,so here it is-you guys aren’t total losers,well all but one of you anyway.Well that’s it remember it’s I’M TALKING.**

*Yes, You Lucid.

**I’m having problems with views right now.

As punctuated by LucidInsanity. I couldn’t put my readers through the unedited version of that, Sorry.

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