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We were just wondering, the other day, whether blog readers will wonder what we look like.

And that got me into drawing when I was bored.


So, here we are, in all of 2D glory, in proportionate order of height, from Left to Right – BWC, Luci & Fuzzy:


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Hello. So, last night, while I was wandering the vast reaches of the internet, I found this amazing website, Wordle. You basically type/paste in a bunch of text and it will create a sort of word cloud type thing, with the sizes of the words based on the frequency with which they appear in the text. You can specify the font, colours and the orientation of the words. It will even remove the most commonly used English words, so you don’t end up with a giant ‘the’ or ‘and’. I pasted in this post that I wrote a couple of weeks ago about books and reading and stuff, and this is what came out;

Obviously, the big words are ‘books’ and ‘read’, but I love how some words just go together, like ‘first memories’ and ‘remember old’. Its nice. I like it. It shall maybe go up on my wall now.

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…this girl who goes by the username Fuzzy Logic was bored. So bored, that she decided to draw the funny stuff said by the professor.

So, take a look at the earth quacking and magnetic love.

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Oh well, since I just realized no one has posted today, for NaBloPoMo, I decided to put up more art. So yes, more art, comin’ atcha.I’ve been out the whole day, doing nothing. Also, Sanj (who was originally asked to post too.) is leaving tomorrow, ’cause she’s decided to take up her undergrad in Singapore. Well, ’nuff rambling.

Tainted Candy

This one below’s done by me, but the love/hate idea’s from Syva of deviantart.

love and hate

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Hi! Well, I’ve been busy doing stuff (well, bascally, practising Kanji for my Japanese classes.) So here’s artwork for you. It’s been done on Adobe Photoshop. So what do you think of Mr.Snow?mr.snow

Here’s another piece of art, which I drew while studying about magnetism and coils for my physics exam. This is how you should spend your time studying (:P)



I promise, you’ll get a better post next time. Also, the power’s gonna go, ’cause it’s been raining. yay rain!

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ICONATOR_d7c5aa76368eaba6e98d72f4a5db32a6I’m going to take Adzzie‘s idea and post some older sketches that I’ve done but never posted.


This is Kai from Beyblade. Yup, I watched a show about spinning tops. And loved it. Extremely. So did Adzzie and our brothers. I remember how we would discuss every episode as soon as it was done. And the final episode, Ohmigod, We actually scremed and yelled into the telephone! We always wavered between Tyson and Kai as our favorite characters.

This is very old and his smile is strangely lopsided.


This one is of Sanosuke from Rurouni Kenshin, except its like a teenage version of sorts. I watched and read Kenshin too. The manga was really, really good! I loved the drawing style.

And that’s all for your daily dose of me! Keeping with tradition, here’s a quote;

I do not want people to be agreeable, as it saves me the trouble of liking them.
Jane Austen

Love, Love, Love her! Later all!

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wakin-dreamSeeing as we received no hate mail and found no identifiable drop in the number of viewers since my last post -which I stole- I figured, hey, stealing from myself can do no harm!

This is why, even though I’d promised to take my pictures elsewhere and write REAL posts on here, you get this instead:


"Not Sunflowers"


"Piano" in HB pencil.

Yes.Piano.I have often been commended on my abundant creativity.

Cecilia (Atonement)

"Cecilia (Atonement)"

One of those I actually like.So of course, it would be the one that my scanner wants to ruin most.Sigh.Life. Etc..


And, at last, my old friend- The Fireplace.

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IMG_1095Hi people.Here’s one of my attempts at drawing! Its Sakura from the Tsubasa Chronicles in case she’s hard to recognize!

So, basically, I have nothing to say except that its damn hard to think of things to write about everyday. *sheepish face*

Here’s another picture;


So yeah, thats about it.

Oh yes, BWC and Fuzzy’s colleges have been decided and their headaches are done. I’m the only one left!! So unfair! *gets whiny*

As I leave you, here are some quite entertaining quotes from Gossip Girl;

Blair: If you cut revenge out of the Bible, there’s not even enough pages to make a pamphlet.

Georgina: I gave up my old ways when I let Jesus take the wheel.
Blair: That is a Carrie Underwood song, not a life choice!

Blair: You don’t sound like yourself.
Georgina: That’s because I’m not.
Blair: I don’t think Jesus would like that.
Georgina: You can tell Jesus the bitch is back.

Later Folks! Promise I’ll write a longer post sometime soon! iconator_81974403b92ca32b5a67efe2d6bd16ab

EDIT: This is the 150th post!

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searching-for-meApparently, you can.

I should stop saying ‘apparently’ so much.Cybonk* me on the head next time I say it when it’s absolutely unnecessary.OK?

I took a chance and scanned this painting off of my wall– and lo and behold! It actually came out OK! I can’t believe it wasn’t just some crap-idea..Anyway, here it is in er, not person.

The Passion

SO, readers.Whatchu thinkin’, eh?

*Cyber-bonk.I’m sorry.No school for 3 days straight just makes me do funny things.Not that I’m complaining, no sir-ee bob!

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searching-for-me I will say it AGAIN.This was intended to be a really-not-disturbing sort of picture ( for a change and everything, you know..) but then I happened, and so:


And also :

1.My size-0 brush seems to have eloped with the palette ( How could he!).

2. I spilled something on the original, then cut the whole thing out (which explains that funny curve on the right).Which = torture.Me and the scissors (read: Ski-zors) just cannot seem to agree.Ah, sigh.

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