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This blog’s been quiet for quite a while now. That’s cuz I h8 school (all those who hate school, say aye)

Well, basically the much looked forward to summer vacation is over as of 5th. And so I have to finish all those crummy assignments, study for a physics test on the first day of school (YES, the teachers are insane to put us through this during the holz. Besides, we got only about a month of holz 😦 ) Why? Why? Why? (hehe – the melodrama!)Why do they torture us? It’s like going “back to hell” *sigh* (yes, I really hate school. Join the club, fellow school-haters)

Soz, besides the fact that I don’t wanna go back to “hell-hole” LucidInsanity is back from her trip to London.We went to the infamous beach today. Yay 4 the beach! And I learnt that Edinburgh is pronounced Edin-ba-ra :Weird. And also, that in Scotland, the bagpipes are from Persia and haggis from Greece. Major weirdo.

So I’m gonna leave u ppl, and go back to hating school (and finishing assignments. *sob*)

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Sorry, I tried really hard but I couldn’t think of another title. I haven’t posted for a while because…I’m on holiday, duh! But I couldn’t resist writing about the Abbey. We went there a couple of days back and it was one the most amazing experiences of my life.

Here’s some back story,

(Thank you Wikipedia!)

The Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster, which is almost always referred to by its original name of Westminster Abbey, is a large, mainly Gothic church, (it served as a cathedral from 1546 – 1556), in Westminster, London, just to the west of the Palace of Westminster. It is the traditional place of coronation and burial site for English monarchs.

It was built between 1045-1050 by King Edward the Confessor and is the oldest building in London. It was rebuilt again by Henry III in 1245, he was a great fan of architecture and it shows,the Abbey is an architectural masterpiece. The carvings,memorials and the statues beautiful. As you enter through the main door ( We were late, the last ones who got in. Thank Goodness!), the first thing you notice is the ceiling and the amazing way that it has been made and I just kept looking at it.There’s so much to drink in as you look around, the sculptures of the angels and the people they’re taking away to heaven or whatever. There was even a sculpture of the grim reaper pulling this man ( I forget who..) down!

It was like as soon as you entered, there’s almost perfect silence. Everyone is in awe of the magnificence of the place. There’s this aura of sadness about the place.

It was practically surreal coz I was in the place where people like John Keats,Alfred Lord Tennyson,Thomas Hardy,Rudyard Kipling,Shelly were buried (Poet’s Corner)!! I saw graves of Queen Elizabeth I, Mary I and Mary Queen Of Scots.There was writing in Latin, I wish I could understand it.

The Abbey was originally a monastery, so we went into the Chapter House of the original building and on the walls were paintings of Judgement Day which was supposed to happen in the 1500’s! Lolz! But still, it was amazing..

We also went to the Tower Of London and I saw the Crown Jewels. Also saw the Cullinan diamond, actually the pieces of the diamond. It was the largest natural diamond ever and the geniuses decided to cut into so many tiny tiny pieces!!

All this history is absolutely amazing! I’m currently reading The Lady Elizabeth by Alison Weir an its quite good so far. All this does raise the question, where is all of India’s history? We have, frankly a richer history yet it is not as promoted…

On an absolutely unrelated note, I bought a gorgeous new dress!!!! Yay!!!

So thts all 4 now..I’ll update about our trip to Auld Reekie l8r..


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Yay me! I finally managed to upload the pix frm the camera! None of the computers at my aunt’s place were detecting the dumb thing! But my laptop did!

And I have internet for the next 7 days!! At 10 mbps, which ,in case you are computer illiterate, means that it is very very fast! In India, if you get 1 mbps, consider yourself lucky. NEway, to the point now,

Click on the pix for a bigger view.

This is a tree outside our hotel. You should look at the full version. I Love this picture!!

We ate these. They are absolutely gorgeous! I love Tesco! The veggies there looked sooooo good, and the amount of chocolate and chocolate related things they had…*sighs wistfully*…Wish they’d get to India soon..

This is where we shopped yesterday. Its very close to our hotel and has just about everything.

( Can U find me??)

This is a view from my cousin’s room. I would love to have such huge windows in my room.

Actual proper view..

This is what I meant by all the houses looking the same. This picture was taken at 9.00 pm. Yes the sun doesn’t set here till 10.30 or so. That was the most disorienting bit. I had absolutely no idea what time it was!

Oh yeah, yesterday when we were at Debenhams and I was just looking for a jacket, my shoe heel decided to snap! Lolz! I had to limp all the way up and buy a new pair! They were my favorite peep toes..it was good though, when you think about it, I got a gorgeous new pair of Mary Janes out of it!

Yay for cute shoes!!

K l8rz ppl..

P.S. yes, I changed my icon.

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Hi pplz! I’m writing from my aunt’s place in Harrow in London. Its 6:20pm here in London must be past 10 in India. We flew from Chennai at about 5:30 am IST so I had to stay awake until then. This is the first time that I’ve experienced the “staying up all night” thing and let me tell you, it ain’t fun. By the time we went for the security check (we reached the airport by 2 am), I had red eyes and was falling asleep on my feet.

Things I learnt:

a. 10 1/2 hr flights are not a good idea.

b. Stupid plane ppl have no idea how big real actual humans are because the seats in the planes are for leetal alien things!

c. Do not fall asleep with your feet up for 6 hrs. Your knees will hurt like you’re 70!

d. Always carry a jacket on these long thingies coz its cold enough for an Eskimo. Bleh! I sneezed the entire time!

I was ecstatic when we finally got here! Then we had to go through the dog test. The dog test is ,after passport control, when you reach baggage claim and there are these huge black dogs that sniff you!!! And if you know me you’ll know I share Adzzie’s canine-o-phobia! *shudder*

e. I realized how much I really like this city. I might even call it my second most favorite city in the world, after Chennai. Although I don’t really care for all the repetitiveness. All the houses look the same. But the shopping rocks!(Adzzie, stop glaring at me!!)

P.S. I hate UK keyboards! The keys are in all the wrong places!!

So, not a very interesting day but whatever…


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I will have a good answer to that this year! You see, normally my summers are quite boring with the occasional weekend out because I don’t have near-death experiences like Fuzzy and blackwingedconvolution.*headdesk* God only knows how they manage to do that to themselves…What would they do without me? *sighs* Now, my Septembers usually more interesting, but that’s not what I’m here about. I’m visiting the UK for 10 whole days!! Yay! My dad’s finally decided to take a break (God he needs one!). I’ve been to London twice before but I’ve never really gotten out of there except for that one time when we visited Windsor castle and got lost on the way back but that’s another story.I distract myself far too much.

OK, So. Yeah, so we decided we would tour the UK and I wanted to go to Scotland coz I’ve read so many books with boarding school castles on a cliff overlooking the sea that I really wanted to see them.

I am soo excited!! I’ll post pictures and stuff whenever I can get a hold of an Internet connection.

Places I’m going to see:

Glastonbury– This is supposed to be the most probable place for the location of Camelot!! I need to read up on my King Arthur.

Stonehenge– Yeah duh! But Sooo cooool!

Bath – Old Roman city. Still has the Roman baths preserved, hence the name.

The Cotswolds – In the Midlands. They’re supposed to be the most beautiful part of England with a perfect country side with little villages and everything.

Westminster Abbey– I’ve never been inside only just seen it from the outside. So cool, I’ll get to see where Isaac Newton was buried..

Tower Of London– Ditto, xcept for the buried Isaac Newton part..

Edinburgh– The famous capital with the castle and museum and stuff. I love museums!

The Isle Of Skye – Its way up north and I picked it partly coz I like the name..Lolz! If I’m lucky I might me able to see the Aurora borealis, ie; the Northern Lights!!!

Shetland– Its a group of islands and from what I’ve seen absolutely beautiful! Its in the northern most part of the UK. The best part though is that we’re going there by ferry! I am going to be on a ship for 12 hours! The last time I was on a ship was when I was I think 3 or 4 and it was for like 30 mins. Not much of sea trip.

We might go to Aberdeen too but I’m not sure if there’s much to see there. We’ll see.

Did I tell you I loved museums? We visited the British museum of Natural History on our last visit and it was fantastic! I mean a half a day is definitely not enough to learn about the history of the world!

OK, enough of that. I shall now enlighten you to the plans that I am to implement in case blackwingedconvolution meets her (untimely) demise. This is for anyone who cares to organise her funeral in case I die first which she assures me is not possible.


1. Coffin must be in the middle of a Syntex tank( U knw the water tank thingies?).

2. Coffin must be black and graffiti-ed by Mike Shinoda.

3. Coffin must have a seat in front of it.

4. Black Roses must be used.

5. Fuzzylogic2000 must wear a pink tutu and come dressed as a fairy princess.

6. Sanj must not attend.

That is all I think. If the instructions are not follwed to the T, she shall haunt you to the end of your dåys and believe me you don’t want her bugging you for the rest of your life. Getting bugged by her for the rest of her life is bad enough! Lolz!

Thats all I guess..

Did I tell you I was excited?



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