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So. Its my birthday tomorrow! I’m turning 20, which is slightly terrifying because I’m well on my way to becoming a bonafide, card-carrying ‘adult’. Yup. I can’t even type it out without using sarcastic quotation marks.

Since this also marks the death of my teenage years, my (awesome) friends threw me a funeral! With a gravestone, flowers and eulogies to boot! They showed up at my house at 9:30 in the morning and sent my mum to wake me up with this invitation;


‘Ascent To Adulthood’ and ‘shed her teenage years’ and ‘The Hatchlings’!

So, my mom wakes me up and she and my dad lead me to our Home Theater room place (which we call the LT room which stands for ‘Listening and Theater room’. My brother and I came up with that when I was 10 or something and its just stuck!) in a sleepy haze. I enter and the whole room is dark except for the screen which is blue and a laptop screen with this on it;

Creepy, Funeral type music plays in the background, and there’s a giant bump in one of the curtains, which turns out to be BWC’s brother. BWC and Fuzzy are hiding behind one of the couches and my brother was hiding behind the door (most discreetly hidden, wearing a black jacket and a black fedora over his regular clothes! *shakes head and laughs*).

They come out and yell ‘Surprise’ and all that. Except I knew something was up yesterday, my mom is way too loud on the phone. At this point I realize that this was a funeral! I see the gravestone and the flowers and just crack up! So much awesome!

Oh! There was also a green/grey cake! With ’20’ in roman numerals, to make it go with the theme!

Then, the best part, the eulogies. These two and my other friend who’s studying in Singapore right now had recorded this beforehand and they played it for me today.

They said some of the nicest things anyone has ever said about me. I’m so lucky to have such awegreat (portmanteau of awesome and great!) friends.

Love you guys! *hug*


K, Bye!


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Hihi! I’m ba…ck! So. My creativity is just about dead and for the last month or so, I’ve been opening the new post page and then shutting it without wring anything(obviously). You can blame college (which absolutely Sucks by the way, but I won’t go into that or it will take up an entire post and the 3 readers that we have might decide never to come back). But, today I decided that I will post, no matter what and I went on over to mindbump.com and got this bump, that I really liked!

“Describe somethings seemingly unimportant or ridiculous that make you happy.”

Alright then, here’s a list of absolutely ridiculous things that make me happy;

  1. When two characters that I like in a book, movie or a TV show get together: Yup. Crazy and irrational. That’s me. BWC can certify this.
  2. Watching Friends: Even on mute! Friends will always, always cheer me up after a crappy day at college or whatever.
  3. Dancing around madly to a song I love!
  4. Washing my hair.
  5. Singing at lunch and in class.
  6. Getting up late on a Saturday.
  7. Chocolate or Chocolate Cake or anything covered in Chocolate.
  8. Shopping! ( I can’t believe I almost forgot that one!)
  9. The Rain
  10. Finding out that there’s no college because of rain!
  11. Sitting on the beach and talking with my friends!
  12. Going to Barista! Also; convincing my friends to go to Barista!
  13. Finishing a really good book.
  14. Having nothing to do all day.
  15. Getting a comment on the blog! 😉
  16. Coming home after college : I’m really glad that no matter how sucky my day gets at college, I get to come home in the evening.
  17. Planning birthday surprise things (Even if certain people ruin them by figuring out stuff in advance *glares at Adzzie*)
  18. Remembering school. ( Yeah, I sound like I’m 80, I know.)
  19. Finishing a crossword puzzle.

That’s it for now. I could go on but you guys might die or something. In other news, I got an iPhone! I am so in love with it. Also; Tap Tap Revenge! My new obsession ever since I discovered it. Its one of the very few games that I don’t completely suck at. That’s it for now. Later my people! I will try to post fairly regularly from now on, even if it is just rants or something!


OMG, I missed this!!

Just a note;

» mindbump «

1. a remedy for blogger’s block that also serves as a blog promotional tool;
2. the opposite of a “brain-fart”

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Color sprinklesBefore I start sticking to the title, few points on my current life status.

  1. I love “The Catcher In The Rye” Its brilliant. You HAVE to read it.
  2. I’m also bored as hell, watching Friends and Ellen on TV (whenever it comes)
  3. I have pre-college blues, even though mine starts next week.

Okay, so we’ve all seen various brands of TV being advertised on TV. And they all have pretty much the same thing to say, like our TVs have excellent clarity which is often followed by the images of 2 TVs, one their brand and another the rival (or unnamed) And their TV always has clearer images.

But my point is, you’re seeing those crystal clear images on the TV that’s being advertised on your TV, which basically means, your TV is capable of showing high quality images too! I mean true, there are minor differences in the clarity of images from one brand to another. But, seriously saying that their TV enhances clarity and showing those ‘clear’ images on peoples’ TVs is a stupid idea.

‘Nuff Rambling for now.

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