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Color sprinklesBefore I start sticking to the title, few points on my current life status.

  1. I love “The Catcher In The Rye” Its brilliant. You HAVE to read it.
  2. I’m also bored as hell, watching Friends and Ellen on TV (whenever it comes)
  3. I have pre-college blues, even though mine starts next week.

Okay, so we’ve all seen various brands of TV being advertised on TV. And they all have pretty much the same thing to say, like our TVs have excellent clarity which is often followed by the images of 2 TVs, one their brand and another the rival (or unnamed) And their TV always has clearer images.

But my point is, you’re seeing those crystal clear images on the TV that’s being advertised on your TV, which basically means, your TV is capable of showing high quality images too! I mean true, there are minor differences in the clarity of images from one brand to another. But, seriously saying that their TV enhances clarity and showing those ‘clear’ images on peoples’ TVs is a stupid idea.

‘Nuff Rambling for now.

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