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iconator_81974403b92ca32b5a67efe2d6bd16abI just watched the performances for Rock week and as expected Adam absolutely did Kill it. He has to win. The guy is so versatile and he has amazing range. Honestly, I’ll listen to anything he sings. Anything.

Reasons why Adam should win Idol:lambert

  1. His range.
  2. His Versatility.
  3. His ability to perform each song that he does on stage.
  4. He’s theatrical.(Its a good thing).
  5. Everything he sings sounds amazing. He’s not had one bad performance so far.
  6. He’s awesome and if he doesn’t win Adzzie and I will SIT on you.

I felt bad for poor Danny! He seems like such a sweet guy, a really good vocalist and he gave it his best shot but I have to agree with Simon about the scream. It was terrible.

Allison was fantastic. I didn’t catch what the judges said though. I hope they liked it too.
Kris was just whatever this time. Its not his thing.

I was in a dilemma as to who my Top 2 were.This year’s Top 4 are all really good actually. It was either Adam and Allison or Adam and Kris. But, then I heard the duets. I was like, Oh. My. God. It absolutely has to be Allison and Adam.
So, this week’s elimination¬† should be either Danny or Kris.

Finally, if anyone reading this can vote (We can’t, since we live in India) is reading this. VOTE LAMBERT!

See ya ’round.

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