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Hola pplz!!

“The Zonals” is this inter-state sports events (here in Tamil Nadu) conducted by the TN state education and guess what I’m in??? Nope, no points¬† if you guessed throwball (which is the answer, btw). The there is this “clusters” which is conducted by CBSE (go look it up if you don’t know) and is national-level.

The problem is the State Board ppl say that we, CBSE students, have an advantage over them in the sports thing cuz we have 2 sports thingamabobs. Which means we might not be allowed to enter the zonals which includes selections for the state team. How unfair? It’s not the same : state-level and national-level. We should be allowed, like it isn’t only the state board students who should be allowed. Besides, they have a huge advantage over us in academics. Seriously, all they have to do is read their textbooks over a zillion times and “mug” it up cuz nothing comes outside the prescribed textbooks, while we suffer. ūüė¶

All this because, Blackwingedconvulsion and I have to go for the state selections thing and they announced this new problem ,apparently only about 4 days earlier. *Protest!Protest!Protest!* But we get to bunk school tomorrow, so yay!!

Are there more ppl out there like us??? say Aye!

C yaz

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Hate to turn this into a rant-site but seriously? I’ve been saying for a while (over a year now, I believe) that what I really need to do now is : run away.In the likely case that I follow this up, this will be my last post. O_o.Weird thought. I mean, you know, unless I find a browsing-cum-old people’s home.. with free dark chocolate.. OK.Really not helping things, there!

‘Runaway’ (obviously) :


On a happier note, I (finally) get to play throwball tomorrow-the single match of the year, the joy!But,hey- it’s something.

My Cranial Jukebox is currently jammed on : Fade To Black, Metallica. Yes, ancient we are (No, Yoda, we are not !).

Oh, and since I haven’t seen Marthe: Version-Ouch! , I currently¬†¬† picture this twitchy-nosed rat with two diagonally slashed off teeth forming a little triangle..Comic,really! Ah well, look at the bright side (*snorts derisively*) : You lost a tooth, but you gained a space for a straw!.Yes,this also goes under the head ‘My (creepy) Fascination For Old, Dead Men’ (NO, not really !).From Tom Sawyer.I think. That or this is my hazy mind’s way of dealing with things.If it’s the latter : I’m disappointed (and how!).Nothing even remotely dramatic? I must be farther gone than I’d imagined heretoforth!

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