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*Booming Announcer voice* After the sensational hit that was Fire Is Wet..

Fire Is Wet,

Chinu is an Idiot

Sanjana should die…eeee…..

The Chinky and the Adzzie present….




(Chorus) Jay Jay Bleu Jay Jay Bleu!
Eat Chalk and go and Puke!
Cat go mew, cat go mew,
Go catch the liver-fluke

Super hero goes and dies
All the world sits and cries
God takes pity
Stops the mewing kitty


Miss Polly, with the dolly
Thinks its a big folly
To give little girls such skirts
Especially when they’re flirts
All they do is Scuttlebutt
Kitty thinks its a bad bad rut
All they see is the looking-glass
When they might attend mass!


(Bridge) God gets bugged and sends a rug
To rule the world and kill all the bugs
But beneath their scary, pointy shoe-heels
Squished, they are, flat as banana peels
The caterpillars loved the pillars
They hated all the awful killers
Unfortunately nobody heeded the opinion
Of said hairy green minions


(Grand Finish (Yell like nuts!))GO CATCH THE LIVER FLU…..KE!

Now Available at all leading music stores and also ones that don’t lead..

L8r dudes and dudettes!

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