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“..Tant pis pour elle..”.So much piss for her.Wait,what?

And that, folks, is what I did yesterday(the translation, I mean).Not just that all day, like on loop but..close enough.So, apparently? Tant pis is’ too bad’.Nothing to do with, ah, ahem.

Before you declare me beyond medical help and OMG, RUN FOR YOUR DEAR LIVES!, I should tell you I was reading Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina- the words didn’t just float up to me, in which case I’d have had to agree with your ‘RUNnnn..!’ decision.It’s a good book too -otherwise of that little shock it gave me- although a little soap opera-esque.Still, I think I like War and Peace better although I read it ages back and don’t really remember much of it.I did watch the movie recently though.. ( Yeah, I know, stand me in a museum and call me a fossil! I tend to prefer older movies and adaptations because you get to see actual good acting, it’s more theatre-inclined than stuff that goes on the big screen these days.I mean, people are on there not just because ‘OMG! He’s so cute!’.OK, know what? I’ll call ya when I’m selling the novel.Although...OK,I’m zzzzippin’ it!)

Despite my ‘promise’, you should’ve seen more art on here today but for the fact that one sheet is,ah, shredded (let us have a moment of silence) and the other is to be.Definitely not for human- or any other, for that matter- eyes.*Grimace*

So while Fuzzylogic abandoned me, and xlucidsanityx went shopping (AGAIN!) somewhere in London I got to hmmmm… ahh.. let’s see… nope…uummm… shall we say, DO NOTHING?!

Hey, have you ever heard that saying, ‘Life, she be cruel’ ?

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