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Hello, Subjects. Been a while, hasn’t it? What’s new, you ask?Well, not these opening lines.That’s for damned sure. The good old Bright Side, though, is that I’ve stories to tell for your entertainment. And on that note, I give you the Highlights for this month:

1.Lucid’s birthday:

I am aware that Fuzzy posted with birthday wishes and a summary of the crazy-ass birthday happenings on the Day of Lucid, as Sept. 12 shall be known henceforth. But I would like to elaborate with the gory background details.

Fuzzy and I had originally planned to film ourselves pretending to go clothes-shopping for Lucid’s birthday and generally being ignorant and hideous in our choices(as is only bound to happen when Fuzzy and I clothes-shop), thereby making Lucid (who is very not fashion-challenged) simultaneously laugh and fear her gift. Of course, we couldn’t actually present the girl with terrible clothes on her birthday, so the gift would have to be something entirely different. So far, so good, yes? That’s what we thought. Reality, though, had a very different opinion in the form of an employee at the mall of choice (Citi Centre, for those in the know.). He poured cold water all over our plans with an arched eyebrow and a “Uh, no filming allowed inside the mall.”. Not that this stopped us, right away, oh no. Fuzzy and I figured we’d film out of sight, in the changing rooms. That bright idea came to a screeching halt, however, when another employee told us we couldn’t both be in a room. The poor lady must have thought us very strange, indeed. I’m laughing out loud right now, just at the thought.Now, this was a problem because either of us talking to ourselves in the changing room (and the video did require our opinions to be actually funny) would not, we believed, have been tolerated too well, either. Which meant: Plan B. Plan B would involve asking random strangers at the mall to wish Lucid a happy birthday on camera. You can imagine how that went. First off, Fuzzy and I are socially awkward at best, so we spent several minutes studying potential subjects, and wondering how best not to come across as being entirely, well,..creepy. We follwed people up stairs, down escalators, out of cinema halls.. you name it. The first couple of people were fairly forthcoming. I cannot say we were optimistic for very long after, however, because we got several questioning looks and emphatic “NO!”s right after. We also found that, contrary to intuition, which suggests that groups of people would be less hesitant to appear in said video, the larger the group, the less likely we were to get okay-ed. We did meet some surprisingly enthusiastic participants, however, one of whom was all for singing happy birthday for us! I wish we had some way to link to these awesome people, but we did thank them repeatedly, so that’s that. The biggest disappointment was a girl in a Superman T-shirt who refused. I mean, you’re wearing a Superman T-shirt. DON’T wear Superman T-shirts if you wont wish Lucid a happy birthday, dammit! Apart form the video, we got Lucid a welcome-mat for her room(which is sort of second-home to me), a painting and a photoframe with a picture of the three of us. Rejected gift choices included (and I kid you not) apples (inside joke), pink socks, glittery Hannah Montannah sticker, pink bows,..let’s just say Reason is a good friend.

2. I read Into The Wild (Jon Krakauer). I’d watched (and loved) the movie by the same title about a year back. So I was pleasantly surprised to have found the book-version. I intend to review both here, within the week. So keep me to that.

3. I also bought Jack Kerouac (whose work I’ve been meaning to read for years)’s book Maggie Cassidy. At twenty-six pages in, it already lives up to its promise of being ‘spontaneous prose’.So, possible Bookmark edition, there (*insert chorus groan*).

4. I’m now watching Only Fools and Horses, an old BBC sitcom. So far, loving it. I also bought the first two seasons of The Office (UK version), which I look forward to watching.

5. Lucid and I had a week of tests, that we’d rather not discuss.

Yeah, I think that sums up this month pretty well. Unless procrastination gets the better of me (as it unfortunately has, in recent months), expect another post in the near future. Until then,bye. And do leave us updates on your lives in the comments section below.

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