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Yes,Revenge is my middle name (they used my initials on Idol, if you noticed!).And if you are Xlucidsanityx’s brother Revenge is my first name and my last name, too.Especially if you’re the kind of moron that describes me as being bunny-like.Granted, most of what you read on here is.. tame but that’s because I’m not about to “spill already!” (for lack of better words) where you can read this -and I imagine you do- ,am I?.That’s not to say any of this is surface-talk;there’s nothing I loathe more.But it also doesn’t say the brainless lot (did i mention a certain brother of Xlucidsanityx’s? ) are better off, either.Also: this is a group blog, not a journal.You know, just in case you didn’t notice.I mean,you know, unless Dora The Explorer is ‘you’ or something.

The aforementioned, who will not be named here, henceforth (unless of course you want to send him hate mail-feel free to do so!) learned just what happens to little boys ,mentally deficient cows that mess with me.Tried to kick sand on me, this one (notice how I say tried– ‘and failed’ is implied..) And what did he get to take home? Why, a mouth -and a lot else, I suspect- full of sand, of course! He stumbled around, blind as the dingbat he is ,and he’s lucky I didn’t have my way (suffice it to say that that included his banging into walls and stepping on rabid dogs).

If I was entirely honest, though (let’s leave that to the boring folks,right?Nahh..we’ll make this exception)? This is volumes more than I generally speak.I mean that’s actually laugh out loud-funny — you’d have to be luckier than hallucinating on Valium or something to hear me ‘chatter’.Unless I’m riled..in which case you’re probably too busy running for cover (Smart choice.I need to shop for more cookies) to listen, anyway.

There.I’m convinced that’s enough material for any psychologist-convention’s frikkin’ field day so, that’ll be it.If this really is being read at a convention? Apart from being entirely shocked, I’ll just spare you the pain -I’ve already been told (‘just the day before, in fact!’,she adds proudly) that I,ah, “need to shed your ties and bonds”,was it? And also: “Do you have a ‘Groupism’ tendency?” ( I think the lady was referring to my ,ah,preference for corners,shall we say? And the people I know.Notice how I didn’t add ‘And love’.Very educational,this here blog..).Again, lol-worthy.Remarks like that have me torn between wanting to laugh hysterically and fling something at the speaker.Before I get Anger Management recommendations :

See yaz.


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