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There’s nothing that’s more irritating than not getting what you deserve.

Yesterday, the Anna University results were out. Those that brought around a wide, glowing smile to some eyes; but to most, it tormented them. The grades on the sheets were placed, taunting us to dare question the correction system. Which is exactly what I’m doing.

No person, who is capable of securing atleast a 55% in the college tests can fail the universities. There are so many people who have failed just because some lazy, disrespectful teacher corrected the paper and decided to fail them.

As teachers, they shouldn’t let anything come between them and their correction. They should put aside their arguments as they look into the papers. They should be unbiased in their judgment.

Most of them here, though, don’t care for such things. I have no idea what makes a teacher fail students. What sadistic pleasure does it give them to fail students? Or is it their bloated egos? Or is it just plain indifference?

With tear-stained faces, people submit their papers for re-evluation with diminutive hopes. Not to mention that the re-evaluation committee seems to make quick bucks this way, with about Rs.700 per paper.

Why can’t there exist some sort of transparency in this crazed system?

On another note, I hate people who walk around parading their grades, completely insensitive to those around. I hate it even more when they rub it into people’s faces and act completely bitchy about it.

Yes, I’m referring to THE FISH people who exist in my life.

Well that’s about it. My ramblings for the day is done.

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