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Well,  I have been blog-surfing (read procrastinating during the big-bad-exams time) and there were so many beautiful poems I stumbled onto as a part of the NaPoWriMo. So, yeah, I decided I’m taking a break to write a poem.

P.S. This is totally for the lulz-ness.

Microbio 101


The X is increasing;

not two peas in a pod,

nor are you punctuating,

But children playing ‘train.’

Little rods, squiggling

to be stained,

some not moving.

Tell me, are you

pink or purple?

You need to grow;

let me take a droplet,

do you like blood or

do you like chocolate?

Little blobs, shiny,

your growth leaves me

exponentially happy.

But tell me your name

else I must extract it out.


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Yup, that’s me.

<Procrastination Flow Chart>

Seriously.Because The Exams are looming closer (they couldn’t get any closer, actually), what do I do? :

Hmm..Exams getting closer..Must study..Must pass all

Physics– Chapter1.Sigh.I’m hungry.

” The definition of..” Is that mum calling? I’d better go see what she wants.

Sigh.One day gone, nothing’s done.Ah well, tomorrow’s a new day!

Stray.I never did get around to reading that book…Maybe I should take a break.I deserve one.

Oh!Oh! I should go post something on the blog- belated birthday wishes to LucidInsanity and everything..

Dang.FuzzyLogic beat me to it.Okay, let’s write about the stress of coping with exams.

And that is exactly how not to spend your weekend when your exams are staring you in the face.Take it from me, folks, wizened old gal that I am..

And now? I’d better be off because otherwise I am honest-to-goodness-ly heading towards Flunk Land.Pray for me.


Update :

The upshot of it all? After writing this one I managed to finish devouring yet another book  ( Hurricane from the Silverfin series for anyone who’s interested).This should be impossible, right? I mean, seriously.How can one person read books like that unless she’s at it all day, right?Especially when she has %@#^$*..Funnily enough, I did eat and I had guests over and I did fit in a bit of physics there ( kudos to me!)..Since when does me ole’ nemesis,Time slow down for me, huh?Huh?

OK.Definitely cranky.I shall leave now.

Remember what I said about the power of prayer!

* Exams.Gasp! I said the E-word   O_o

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