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Color sprinklesWell yes, 14th July is Bastille Day, la fête nationale in France. Since I ran out of something to ramble about, this is what you get. Anyway, I know that this is celebrated by the Francophiles worldwide. And so, Pondicherry is no exception, as it was once a French colony.

Batsille was a medieval fortress and later was turned into a state prsion. It was taken by a French mob on this day in 1789. This marked the beginning of the French Revolution.

In Pondicherry, people raise the French and Indian flags and walk around the streets singing “La Marseillaise” (The French National Anthem) Pondicherry has a distinct French-ness about it in every turn – right from the ginormous statue of the Francois Dupleix to the little trinkets sold on the streets. And they have good home made chocolates to sell. And there’s Auroville, a very tranquil place to stay. It’s a very beautiful, relaxing vaction spot and has an amazing library (Which BWC keeps raving about!)

So, if you ever happen to live in (or visit)  India, you MUST see this place. (And no, I’m not paid to advertise this place )

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What the title says.

Pondicherry was fun.It’s a real sleepy place so if you’re looking to get away from it all, Auroville is where to be.Although personally? My,ah,’dream vacation’ would run something more along the lines of trekking and rucksacks, so yeah.:( What with the very limited tourist sites and everything, we sort of lived on the beach for a whole half-day;pretty nice beach too.We clambered down the rocks you see there, managed not to die and my dad got thoroughly drenched (he was trying to pull off some of the moss that grew on them for examination-doctors!)

Oh!Oh!Guess who got their question answered on foreveramber?

This here is Rubinman(The Dawg Wid Da Blawg) for whom I’m almost ready to shed my canine-o-phobia :

Rawr!Ha ha.

And now for the much-awaited explanations for my,ah,slightly unconventional funeral:

1.The syntex tank( ) – I drew inspiration from some historic dead-guy (whatsisname?) ,although his was a very-how’d you say,’normal’ (?) sort of a tank.

2. Black-duh.The rest is because I am a Linkin Park fan (but Mike’s the artiste, hence the privilege.)

3.This one’s from the time we watched..? Peace Maker,I think and my wife noticed how only one of the coffins’ occupants thought to install a seat.. And I’m obviously too important to be left out.

4. ‘Used’? Used ?! Dear girl, it’s practically admittance fee!

5.If you knew Fuzzylogic, you’d want to be there for it, too.On second thought, Tutu-Princess (*straight face*) ? Meet you at my deathbed!

6.Well,if you knew her…! (In case she’s reading this: Ohh..ah, hi!! Just my little joke,hee?)

Xlucidsanityx is right about the haunting.Absconders will be persecuted (no, not prosecuted) and generally tortured.<insert cackle>



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