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You know what these past few days have reminded me of? School (oh,the agony!Lol).Because? I have a little strip of microscopic writing on my desk that reads ‘boredboredboredboredboredboredbored..’ (I haven’t counted yet but I don’t doubt that need will arise, next Physics class.On a completely unrelated note: isn’t it great that teachers aren’t active blog-readers?*muttering*Well,hopefully,at least..).Also, since you’ve all turned to be absolute-frikkin’- gluttons for punishment (nobody wrote in with one way for me to amuse myself.Well I hope you’re happy with yourselves!Hmpf) I’m turning this into a… <dramatic pause> Gallery!Hahh! That’ll teach you to disregard my sweet requests.A couple’ weeks of nothing but one-eyed art and you’ll all be offering me free trips to–well,anywhere really.*Cackles*Sweet,sweet revenge..

Ahem.Melodrama apart,this here is,er,Phoenix (she’s creative too!*eyeroll)

This time,though?No eyes.Does that count as an improvement,I wonder?And it’s in ballpoint for anyone that’s wondering ( ha ha).

Would you believe me if I told you I’ve had to restart this bloody thing at least 10 times just to get one post done? Very educational-in the sense I now know just how much my computer’s worth.. in a frikkin’ museum! I’ll be damned (we’re all going to hell anyway for giving in to temptation-chocolate-so why not just go all the way?) if I don’t auction it off on e-bay (what’s that you say? I get a paper clip in return? Ohmygosh this must be my lucky day! Yeah..you really don’t want to meet my riled alter-ego.Then again, you probably wouldn’t have to unless you’re my dysfunctional computer!

And on that happy note:



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