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wakin-dreamSeeing as we received no hate mail and found no identifiable drop in the number of viewers since my last post -which I stole- I figured, hey, stealing from myself can do no harm!

This is why, even though I’d promised to take my pictures elsewhere and write REAL posts on here, you get this instead:


"Not Sunflowers"


"Piano" in HB pencil.

Yes.Piano.I have often been commended on my abundant creativity.

Cecilia (Atonement)

"Cecilia (Atonement)"

One of those I actually like.So of course, it would be the one that my scanner wants to ruin most.Sigh.Life. Etc..


And, at last, my old friend- The Fireplace.

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searching-for-meApparently, you can.

I should stop saying ‘apparently’ so much.Cybonk* me on the head next time I say it when it’s absolutely unnecessary.OK?

I took a chance and scanned this painting off of my wall– and lo and behold! It actually came out OK! I can’t believe it wasn’t just some crap-idea..Anyway, here it is in er, not person.

The Passion

SO, readers.Whatchu thinkin’, eh?

*Cyber-bonk.I’m sorry.No school for 3 days straight just makes me do funny things.Not that I’m complaining, no sir-ee bob!

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