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Color sprinklesIt’s October and I haven’t blogged in a long while. Blame college for that. Now that they’ve banned cell phones I’ve no idea how to survive in class especially FoC. (for those who are fortunate enough not study under Anna Univ, it is Fundamentals of Computing, where you learn evolution of computers and such drab theory.) And our horrid internals are coming up.

Also, this year’s October brings in Diwali! Mega-w00t! Not because

1.I get to do “Diwali shopping” (In fact I hate that term. I don’t want to shop for Diwali.)

2.I can burst fireworks. (I’m probably partially an environmentalist but it’s more of the fact that I’m bored of them.)

3. I get a bazillion sweet-boxes (Can’t stand the excessive sweetness. Every now and then is fine, but don’t overload me.)

4. People say “Have a safe and happy Diwali” (Ruins their greeting, I say.)

5. It almost always rains during Diwali.

6. You have to get up early, not because you mom tells you to, but because you can’t get another wink of sleep with all the racket from the walas.

So, what’s so exciting about Diwali? HOLIDAYS! 4 whole days of nothing-ness! Yay! And since, it’ll be just after our internals, there’ll be nothing to do. And also, It’s a time for photography. I’d love to click pictures of firework display in the sky.

Besides all the college crappiness, I’ve tried my hand at making an apple pie.  It ended looking like a bowlful of regurgigated stuff.

Also, I’ve been trudging through Nicholas Nickleby because I feel like I’m in a phase for newer books.

On another random note, A.R. Rahman’s starting his “World Tour” in Chennai.

And never-ever order any dessert from a restaurant where they’ve put a nice triangular dessert menu-card without their prices. (My wallet’s considerably lighter now.)

That ends my randomness for now. See y’around folks!

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