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I know Lucid posted about words a (long) while back, and here’s another post on words.

Words are just gorgeous, n’est-ce pas? Some words just sound beautiful, the way they roll out of the tongue. Take supercilious for example. It sounds so perfect, right? And immaculate. It just sounds like what it’s supposed to mean!And creative word play is always entertaining. Word play always reminds me of The Sims’ ‘Loading’ texts. They’re always hilarious.interesting.

And if you haven’t adopted a word from www.savethewords.org, do it now. I have the word stiricide – falling of icicles from a house. Doesn’t it sound just right? What if someone decided to stand under falling icicles with the aim of killing themselves? Would that be a stiricidal suicide?

I bet you’re wondering “Why on earth is FuzzyL talking about words?” So am I. It sort of began with reading The Selfish Gene and then, I was looking at some of e.e. cummings’ poetry and all this spiraled into words. I find etymology very interesting. It sort of helps you understand how languages evolved and developed. And understanding the languages is one way of understanding another culture. See, it’s a wonderful train of thought!

And here’s another wordle!

Dasvidanya, folks!

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