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Pirate Latitudes – the last book ever to be published under the name Michael Crichton.  It was released posthumously and I was super-excited for another M.C. book. His science fictions are truly amazing.

This last book, failed in all points. I had expected a lot out of this book and I was entirely disappointed. I’m sure veryone who’s read just one other MC book will agree, that this was just plain

It started out quite boring, and didn’t really hook me in. The plot wasn’t good, and well, the sequence of events were poor. I mean, to attack a fort is one thing, to survive against the kraken is a whole new thing. It lacked all the science and suspense of MC’s general style.  His style incorporates intense research into the subject which Pirate Latitude evidently lacks. All the statements seemed just there as words, not really forming a picture in my head. The words never gave me sense of believing the story. A lot of the dialogue was cheesy, like some sort of movie.The length was very short, unlike his usual long, content-loaded books.

In fact,  Pirates Of The Caribbean, was amazing compared to this.

I’d rate it 2/5.

I just hope that it had been some draft of some sort that he was working on.

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Well, here are my additions to Adzzie’s List
Twilight ( can’t help it-loove that book!!)
Anything By Michael Crichton (awesome science fics)
The Gift, The Riddle, The Crow..etc. (Books of Pellinor) by Alisson Croggon
The Game World trilogy (Simoquin Prophecies, Manticore’s Secret, Unwaba Revelation) by Samit Basu. It’s an amazing trilogy by an Indian author where the cliched ‘good-defeats-evil’ and the ‘go-by-traditions’ of Indian authors isn’t seen.
Pendragon Series by D.J. McHale
Poets Of The Fall, Jesse McCartney, Nickelback and…. rest as Adzzie sed.
I was sooooo bored that I decided to write this??? Anyhoo, cyaz l8r.


Sweeney Todd (there’s a hole in the world like a gr8 black pit, And its filled with ppl who’re filled with shit, And the vermin of the world inhabit it…!) 🙂

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