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We had this Chief Guest at a school function once who said ( Why was I listening? Possibly with some futile hope of it’s actually ending I suppose) there’s three kinds of people: (No, not The People That Agree With me; Those Who Will,Soon; and Myself but..) 1.Bystanders – people that watch and do nothing

2.People who watch for gossip-fuel

3.People who don’t care to watch

( His words were,ah,how do I say-‘nicer’? but in essence, the same)

To my observation, category #3 is non-existent,#1 is sparsely populated but #2! Ah. There we have something !

See, last afternoon while on the bus back from school, we heard an ear-splitting shriek.Natural curiosity took over and people stuck their heads out to see “what!”.From the conversations that followed I gather that some poor kid got his foot stuck in a bike-wheel (ouch!).And of course, every third person on the bus had a dead cousin from the same cause.Honestly, why do people just seem to thrive on gossip? Fifty morons (I exclude myself, obviously) immediately begin to dissect the details of every past injury they received, their heroism etc.OK, so they weren’t- all fifty-doctors but if they couldn’t do much (jumping off a moving bus does not count under ‘Help’), why not just,ohh..I don’t know…SHUT UP? Act -II took place when we also saw an auto skid, topple over onto it’s side.Fortunately, the man wasn’t hurt.But, like trainees for a Synchronized Pressing Your Noses To The Windows contest, the whole lot were drawn to peer and dramatize.Yeah, I’m sure that gossip gives him 50 points in the hospital.Yay you all! Jeez.

Then there was a cremation-party- and boy do I mean ‘party’ – of drunken-looking people yelling and dancing.This is a very Indian feature (or South Indian? I don’t really know).Just -why? It’s disrespectful, noisy, blocks traffic, and leaves a trail of litter – you know, just in case you might want to trace back where they came from…in case they get lost like Hansel and Gretel,maybe.

Bright little ray of friggin’ sunshine, aren’t I? Anyway, what was your day like?

P.S : In case you haven’t guessed : my religion? Narcissism ( ‘I thought I was an atheist, then I realized :I’m God.’ )


How many of you think I should switch my avatar to ‘Misfit’ here : ? Raise my hand!

Update : My religion is now officially Non-Conformity.

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