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Well, so I told you I went to Paris and Switzerland right? It was really amazing. And so, here are the pictures. Paris first.

The Eiffel Tower. As stated in all texts, it really is a wonderful structure. It is best to see it in the night, when it is all lit and up and there are these flashy lights that add sparkle to it every hour.

The Arc de Triomphe. Another wonderful work of French architecture, with pretty awesome sculptures on it.

Views from the Eiffel Tower. It was brilliant. So, there you have the clouds, taken at around 10:30 in the night. It is a little odd, because I’m used to the whole ‘it’s getting dark’ by 7:30 pm. And the next is a French Government building and the last shows the distance to respective cities. The distance to Chennai is 8,047 km.

Need I say anything more? It is a magical kingdom, indeed! Oh come on, Disneyland is not only for the kids.

The Louvre. It has some of the most beautiful works of art ever. And I don’t mean just the Mona Lisa. In fact, La Giaconda (the Mona Lisa to you) is highly over rated. Infact, I saw pretty amazing paintings in the same Salle, that looked better than that. And of course, the crowd mills around the Mona Lisa exhibit and the Venus exhibit.

That’s your typical Parisien Corner. I mean, such corners, were always fantasized in my head, with the buildings sticking to each other and a cafe in every corner. To see it for real, was… interesting.

And now, switching to Switzerland. It is one of the most beautiful countries ever.

The UN building at Geneva is really amazing. The first picture shows a WHO meeting taking place. We were allowed to see it form the Journalists’ Gallery. It was quite an interesting ten-minute or so. The person was speaking on reproductive health and actually commended India. Plus, they have this room with a gorgeous ceiling, which has giant paint-stalactites on the ceiling in a splash of various hues. A picture can never reproduce that, therefore no picture for you. The second is a blurry picture of some of the artworks adorning the Italian marble walls.

Interlaken is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Our hotel was between these two rivers, so from the balcony you seem to be bound by rivers and one large stable with these sleek, majestic horses.

That’s somewhere en route to Interlaken.  Picturesque.

That’s the Chateau de Chillon. It’s definitely worth the visit.

And now, for a few more random pictures.

The Rheinefalls

Mr.Snow without his parts.

Err.. Flowers.

So, I had an awesome vacation, yup. I meant to put these up sooner, really. But then, college started and oh well, no whining in this post.

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Before You Read: This post was due to be posted arounnd the Second Of January (Hence the Christmas and New Year references) and was delayed because of the craziness that are the exams. So, here it is, better late than never right??


Hi hi!! I’m baaa…ck! Happy New Year to everyone. Thus ends a truly crappy year, though it will only properly end when March 24th comes around, which,by the way, is when my boards get done.

So, anyway I figure I had a better Christmas than the rest of the whiners and should really spread the joy!

We went to Kodaikanal which is a hill station down in the southern part of India where we live. The easiest way to get there is probably to take a train to Kodai road and then either take a bus up the hill or just drive up there. Its a beautiful place and I’ve  been going up there on weekends for as long as I can remember. A large portion of my happiest childhood memories are from when we visited and believe me we did that a lot! Those were the days,back when, I didn’t have to think of the weekends as ‘extra study time’. We would go there with my cousins and us kids would run around in the gardens  (gorgeous!), play with frisbees and beach balls (which bought every time we went there and then promptly lost), wear straw hats and get ourselves on sugar highs with all the cotton candy! There’s also a lake where you can either rent a boat and go around yourself or get a boatman guy who will row for you,which is OK , but the highlight of my brother’s trip would be the horse ride he would take around the lake. I, of course being the wimpy kid I was, did it all of once and was worried that the horse would bump me off the entire time.  A similar thing happened when I had the bright idea that taking a camel ride would be fun (In Dubai). All I did was attract weird looks with all the screaming I did and then proceeded to smell like Camel for the rest of the evening.

kodai13So, in conclusion, its a nice place to visit with little kids and lots of fun but its still in India mind you so don’t be surprised if you see the odd cow walking about on the road! Hopefully, no one thinks that Chennai  is the same, because we don’t really have cows on the road here, but a goat did get into our school once. Our PE teacher had to chase it around the ground. It was hilarious!

Here are some pictures I took from when we were there, it gets really gorgeous in the evenings, when its freezing cold.


Also, here’s a shout out to my brother’s blog over at I’m Talking , Hi Chinu! Go Check it out. He’s just as insane as we are.

So, L8r people and May The Force Be With you!

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