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I am, now.

Everyone’s talking about Kindle now. I have to agree, Kindle Fire does look pretty awesome. Plus, it know exactly what it wants to be. Not some oversized phone that can do ‘oh-so-many-things’. Kindle Fire is the real tablet.

Plus, the name! I mean, obviously, Kindle Fire is such a well-thought name! XD

But, no I won’t buy the Kindle Fire even if I were given a gift card for it. (This because, I prefer the EInk screen. I don’t want to kill tire my eyes.)

Ever since I read about e-book reader and Kindle, I was sticking, quite vehemently, that normal books are far,far better than these imitations. And I still agree to it. I mean, nothing can replace the texture of paper between your fingers as you laze in your favourite chair (mine, being orange). And there’s the smell of new books and old, something Kindle can never become. Forget the economic/ecological impacts for a moment. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could just live with books for ever?

But then, recently, I saw the Kindle and it’s E-Ink. And it’s freaking good. It doesn’t strain my eyes like a normal computer screen. My eyes tend to water if I read from a screen too long. I’ve found myself reading a lot of books on the internets and as PDFs, and that’s when I began to realize the usefulness of the little Kindle. It’s light, easy on the eyes, plus load of books for free. The positives are there, solid and unyielding. And since I travel for an hour and half at least to college, this will be a lot less heavier than the usual books I carry. And maybe, my bag won’t be so heavy then.

So, why not live with both, right? A compromise. While paper-books continue to keep me captivated, e-books will start to feature a lot more in my little library.

I probably will buy the Kindle Touch. Seems like a mighty good option. As for Nook, well it has it’s own little nook. I don’t know much about it, but hey if it’s good, well, good then.

So, if you haven’t converted yet, DO.IT.NOW.

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