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The following is as close to a transcript of  a conversation I had yesterday, as I can offer.

Me: (calling FuzzyLogic)

Person-X: Hello?

Me: Hi. Yeah, you free?

Person-X: …Uh, WHY?

Me: What do you mean–wait, do you not recognize me?! O_o!

Person-X: No.

(I feel compelled to add that Fuzzy often replies in monosyllables. This is something, I feel sure, that  would only be enhanced by her not knowing the caller. My logic thus perfected, I proceeded. Quite gleefully, too, I might add. You will want to remember this to rub my face in later.)

Me: !!!! Do you not have caller ID?

Person-X: Yeah. But I don’t remember everybody’s numbers.

Me: *Playing positively wounded, now* Well, you should know THIS one! What has it been, TEN YEARS??!

Person-X: Eh?

Me: O.M.G.!  Fine! My name begins with an ‘A’ and ends with an ‘I’ !* ( This last one ,spoken very triumphantly)

Person-X: Uh..

Now, suspicion dawned. Fuzzy isn’t the brightest crayon in the box ( I am, although you may beg to differ at the conclusion of this tale), but she can spell. This, along with several factors that an astuter being than I may have picked up on, if such a one existed, led to an “Oh” Moment. Then I hung up really, really quickly.

Person-X may now be safely revealed to have been Fuzzy’s brother or ‘FuzzBrother’, as we shall refer to him henceforth. Suffice it to say, nothing will induce me to call her on her land-line EVER again.

Moral of the story: Look before you leap. Srsly.

* No, my name isn’t really BWC. Sorry to disappoint.

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