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Pirate Latitudes – the last book ever to be published under the name Michael Crichton.  It was released posthumously and I was super-excited for another M.C. book. His science fictions are truly amazing.

This last book, failed in all points. I had expected a lot out of this book and I was entirely disappointed. I’m sure veryone who’s read just one other MC book will agree, that this was just plain

It started out quite boring, and didn’t really hook me in. The plot wasn’t good, and well, the sequence of events were poor. I mean, to attack a fort is one thing, to survive against the kraken is a whole new thing. It lacked all the science and suspense of MC’s general style.  His style incorporates intense research into the subject which Pirate Latitude evidently lacks. All the statements seemed just there as words, not really forming a picture in my head. The words never gave me sense of believing the story. A lot of the dialogue was cheesy, like some sort of movie.The length was very short, unlike his usual long, content-loaded books.

In fact,  Pirates Of The Caribbean, was amazing compared to this.

I’d rate it 2/5.

I just hope that it had been some draft of some sort that he was working on.


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Color sprinklesOk, so basically, I decided to read this book by Belinda Seaward because the cover was interesting. Not in an OMG-it’s-so-good way, but just interesting. Also, the stuff at the back seemed quite good

I started with the first three pages and felt disgusted and sick because of the description of an amputated limb. This was (I feel) the only part where Hotel Julietdescriptions were good, even if it did gross me out. Honestly, the book sucks. The story line is that of a typical orphan who probes around to find the truths about her parents and then finds something that is either truly amazing or contradictory to what she’d’ve heard.

Belinda Seaward tries desperately to write in this particular style, which is sort of abrupt but pulls you to read the story. She seems to fail in this miserably. She hasn’t defined her style of writing and you can see subtle changes in the way she writes. Also, her characters are very loosely formed. I mean, she starts off with the people in a city-ish way which sort of changes. I mean, they are terribly formed that I don’t even have images or blobs or defining shapes of them in my head. It’s like these people would suddenly fall in love with the rural parts of Africa just because the bride’s dad sent them there as a mark of his disapproval.  The only reason, I skimmed through the pages of this book is because I wanted to see if there were interesting things to read about Africa. The one thing that I found interesting is the fact that Africans name their kids like Hope, Faith, Saviour, Memory and stuff like this. So maybe this is where Destiny Hope’s names inspired from.

If you ever see this book at a bookstore, no don’t get it. Please you’d be better off not reading it.

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