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I wish we celebrated Halloween here. It would be fun, not just the candies part, but the dressing up bit as well.

I meant to post this sooner, but my modem decided to die and when it did come back to life, I forgot I had typed this out. Here goes!


So, Lucid here, went to the Hong Kong version of Disney Land and got us cute little  Mickey/Minnie Mouse ears as a souvenir. Look:

Now, you have to agree they’re cute. Right? Yeah, they’re cute as long as it isn’t attached to a shiny golden veil.



Last week, when we didn’t have college (Amen to that,) I was sitting at home, bored. Very bored that I decided to put the Minnie ears on.

That’s how I look with the ears on. It’s a pretty good representation of myself, if I do say so.And then, I decide to head to the store near my place for some chocolates and a bunchy of thing my mother needed.

That’s route I took. About 2 minutes of walking. See those grey circly things? They’re the random people staring at me which I didn’t notice.


I go all the way to the store, get the things I want, settle the bill with the shop keeper and return. I still did not notice the strange looks people were giving me. I did meet some neighbourly people on the way back and yes, I did wave to them.


I come home and this is what happens. (Yes, it’s blue because my room is blue.)



That’s what’s been happening to me.¬† I’ve been watching tons of Supernatural and Big Bang Theory these days. Because this month is when we have all those big-bad-uni exams.


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