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You didn’t think I was serious about the whole running away-thing did you? Well now you know better:

MY Island

MY Island

I believe introductions are in order? MY Island, meet Reader.Reader, MY Island.Bit possessive, what? But that’s because this is the Pet I Never Wanted and the Home I Never Had and awww.. just lookit that chair there! Melodrama apart, this is it, people.We’ve come to the Fork In The Road -and guess what? You don’t get to come to MY Island ( just in case the whole ‘Private Property sign wasn’t hostile enough).Because that defeats the purpose, you know? Which, for the curious of you ( although if you’re a cat, don’t say I didn’t warn you!) includes running away from It All ( Yeah, It All, like a shiny new band name or something),living on tropical fruits, going all cavegirl-inventor, and maybe making a movie out of it.From scratch.Like, build my own equipment and everything.Hey, I’ll still need to fight boredom ( we have a long, violent history.).

Anyway, don’t come looking for me, or Sharkie (the Shark, if it wasn’t apparent) will have more than boring old seafood for lunch, not that he’s complaining.

Yes, he punctuates.What can I say..Like Master, like Sharkie? So proud of you, *sniff!

Miss me ! :/

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Hello Peepal!!

So yeah..Hi!!! Yes we knw it sounds like pee-pal…Yay! I’m jumpy…..So umm…we’re 7 “peepal”..here’s a post frm every1..


Full Name:

Sanjana Iyer from Notre Dame Academy, Patnaaa

Post: Resident person to bug


Full name: Aditi Iyer

Post:Doesn’t matter-so long as u worship me,we’ll get along fine.


Full Name: Laavanya S(hanku-daddy)



Full Name: Aparna (better known as Yabarnas af the carner yend one)

Post: H…yper Woman!!! To the rescue!!


Full Name: Saranya Menon …Soon to be Iyer

Post: Wife of Adzzie /Chocolate Gourmet

Surudhi Maa

Full Name: Shruti C.

Post: The offendee….ALWAYS! (don’t kill us!)


Full Name: Snigdha  (Snugguchungygurl)

Post: Hair consultant

That last one’s me btw…I’m awesum!! Yay!

Ok now..Adzzie wants to speak:

..which means u will all SHUT UP.Yes,this is a rule.Don’t worry..doesn’t happen too often..he he. Now u noe y u wanna worship me always,dontcha?

Sanj sez:

i wanna watch a movie…!!!!!…..n snugguchungygurl is against it … 😦

…..n laav is takin mad foot pics!!!

marthe wants 2 speakkkkkkk!!!!!

okkkkkkk……………..sanju has proved time & again that she is insane………& i’m hungry & wanna skate& learn martial arts(my friends r rollin’ their eyes…………….& i’m going 2 eat& now lavvie wants 2 bug d rest of u 2 death so i might as well give in b4 i lose sanity………

Yay me!!!!! ( i love london from the suite life thingy on tv) so… “narak mein jao”

That means go to hell… n adz keeps taking mad piccys of me… “come feed the rain, coz i’m thirsty for ur l;ove” i love that song..

And now… i’m gonna eat.. SO let snuggu take over,

OK ya..everyone seems to want to eat..nd they’re all over at my place and I have to feed every1…Oh go die..Serve yoursleves if U wanna eat..ok stopping I knw U don’t wanna hear abt us eating…I talk a lot don’t I..abt nonsense mostly…yes I knw..who am I talking to NEway?? Who’s reading this…. i’m rambling..Ok Done..Bye..

Oh W8…

We have piccy things 4 everyone..so yeah..

U knw what? I’ll post l8r..every1 wants to eat..Bye..

Er,apparently i’m supposed to say bye too,so.

bye!!!….m hungry…….

Yeah………….kk BYE

FYN, MARW!! (universal lingo– here it means bye.. lol)

PS: Surudhi and Saru aren’t here today..so yeah..guys post sumtime..L8r..

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