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Hello again..the blog’s been acting craZ all day! The three posts that were entered today by me,Laav and Adz kept disappearing and reappearing and the theme wouldn’t change and we couldn’t post anything new! Laav was over today so the both of us and Adzzie (over the phone) just about lost it that the posts we spent almost 45 mins each on had randomly decided to disappear! We then checked out the support thing hoping to drop in an email about the problem only to find that the support was closed! *headdesk* That ppl is the problem with living in India…U’re earlier than everybody else! Then we figured we’d check out the forums for help. It was there that we found out that everyone else was having the same problem and that the posts would suddenly appear and then disappear..It was a craZ morning. It seems to have stabilized now (Hopefully!)..phew!

In other news, we decided to make ourselves useful and make a video of all the fun times we’ve had all over the city…OK…Besant Nagar..Lolz! Adz,Laav and me went to the beach (our normal hangout) and filmed a lot of the places we normally visit and told all their stories. It was a lot of fun reminiscing. We were sooo craZ…still are.

We’re all alive and school is still a month away..

So yeah life is good..



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