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The Confessions of Catherine de Medici by C.W.Gortner

This book is brilliant so far!


“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”
— C.S. Lewis


Random Quilled Rose

Quilling is interesting! I love how everything looks so much more whimsical because of the swirlys and I’ve discovered that paper glued down on its side is surprisingly stable. I shall try something more ambitious when I get back home (I’m on vacation at the moment!).

More Random Quilled Rose

Well, that’s all for now. I shall post more when I return.

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Ok. Let’s not.  don’t like Johnny Bravo either.

Remember, how I mentioned there are animals in my college? Well, after the first semester, we were shifted to another block, which thankfully was free of monkeys till now.

During this past week, this one certain monkey (see picture below) has been visiting our block, particularly our class room.

First time it came, we had a break and it entered our class through the door, and leaped onto the desks. When a guy tried to shoo it, it almost clawed him. And then, it walked off to a window and sat there, baring its teeth and yawning as if it ruled us insignificant homo sapiens. It was in class for a whole 10 minutes before heading out of another window. What was I doing all this long? I was lugging three bags, protecting them from that vicious, lunch-box stealing creature.

The second time was during our electronic hour, when it walked in again.The professor himself was too scared to do anything. As we moved around the class fearing the monkey and clutching our bags, the monkey paused at the window it escaped through the last time it visited. It tried forcing it open; the window was locked. And it headed back toward the door, where we were standing. We half ran out of the class and the monkey followed us until we made a full circle on the corridor. Needless to say, class was disrupted for atleast 15 minutes.

Today, it came in just after lunch.  I was on the phone with Lucid when I saw it enter. I probably yelled “Oh Shit! Monkey! Bye! ” and I cut the call. As people ran out of class, we stayed in to watch its antics. It seems obsessed with windows, I swear. It’s probably fascinated by it. Anyway, a few pictures later, it headed for us and once again, I ran out of class. That was when, another girl standing by the door of the neighboring class told me to get inside. I did and we slammed the door shut only to realize that there was a teacher in that class. Ooops.

And now, ‘The Monkey:’

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