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Hey ppl, long time!!

My avatar’s on the right cuz I got bored of the avatar on the left alwayz. What have I been doing these holz??

  1. Go to school for spl class
  2. Rot in school
  3. Complain about school
  4. Eat
  5. Went to CCD for LucidInsanity’s and Zonkt’s combined B’day treat.. (Was FUN!!)
  6. Read, Read And more Read

So, 2 books i wanna mention Princess and Brisingr

PRINCESS – By Jean Sasson:

Jean Sasson

This book is just amazing. It recounts the hardships Princess “Sultana” (name changed in the book to protect her identity) has to face as a Saudi royal woman. Written by Jean Sasson as if narrated by Princess “Sultana”, this book is a must-read. You don’t feel, even once,  like someone else has written the story in 1st person. It starts with “Sultana’s” childhooh and how she grows up into a woman surrounded by the men who “twist the Prophet’s (Muhammed) words for their needs” ,the horrors faced by Saudi women, and the “Male Dominance” beginning right with her brother.”Sultana” is a bold character who tried to defy the male-dominated society right from delaying the wearing of her Abaya. She is at the mercy of the men who surround her life – father, husband, brother etc.  It makes you feel very lucky to have not had to face such things.

This book is well written, and is not exactly what you would call on feminism. It is basically that “Sultana” wants people of the world to realize their plight. And there is this one line from the book that I like:

“If no-one knows of my existence, does that mean I do not exist?” – Princess Sultana

BRISINGR – a book that I’ve been waiting for, ever since I finished eldest.*Spoiler alert*

I have heard of many negative reviews about this book saying that this book is just a filler to drag time and stuff, but I feel it was a good book on the whole, I mean not as brilliant as Eragon/Eldest but ok, quite good. It wasn’t a disappointment for me, mainly cuz i didn’t read too many fan fics and theories online.

This book basically deals with Eragon’s promises to the different people he has made and how he tries to fulfill them. Eragon’s loyalty toward Roran makes him determined to bring Katrina back. He also marries them both. (It’s kinda weird to imagine the younger brother performing the marriage thingy for the older one!) I found Roran’s story quite annoying. He was just kinda very annoying with his “leading the troop” and great battles and everything.Then there’s Eragon, who as an elf-human hybrid is weird to picture and I would have preferred him to stay human. The truth about Brom being his father was kinda expected and wasn’t much of a shock to me. I loved the whole forging of the swords chapter. It was brilliantly written, very picturesque. And I love the sword and the idea that it bursts into flames when u say “Brisingr” The stuff about Eldunari was also also quite good. Though, I did feel a little sad when Oromis dies. There wasn’t much of action (ok there was, but not as much as i expected) but the revelations of Galbatorix’s and Shruikan’s power, Eragon’s mother, Solembum’s words and all were interesting. Saphira, my fave character, was, as always, brilliant. I have nothing to complain about her. Her character’s so strong and beautiful. You can’t help but love her!

I would say u HAVE to read, even if it isn’t as amazing as the previous two. I’m waiting for the last one now which hopefully, will be as good as I want it to.

P.S. I made that pic that sez Brisingr 😉

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